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How To Hear your Intuition

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I have been invited to be a weekly guest contributor over at The Spiritual Daily and to kick off my first post, I wanted to share with you all, one of the techniques that I teach my students when it comes to learning how to tap into your intuition.

Read on for the article and to learn what your intuition sounds like…. especially if you are feeling a little down and lost and searching for something that can help you.

You’re sitting in your car in the most annoying traffic jam ever. It’s bumper to bumper and it’s not moving at all! You start fumbling around with your music controls to try to find something that will make the commute less painful. Finally, you find a song that you know you have heard before and you have fallen in love with it again. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, it’s your jam. But, there’s a problem, you can’t remember the name of it and the info is not coming up on your screen. You really want to know the name of the song so that you can add it to your playlist so it’s going to bug you to not know the name of it. The whole way home, all you can think about is trying to remember the name of the song to no avail.

Fast forward to later. You are home cooking some dinner and have finally been able to stop trying to figure out the name of the song. As you are stirring your spaghetti sauce in an almost meditative state, something suddenly hits you. The name of the song. A little voice pops up in your head and it gently but assertively tells you what the name of the song was.

We’ve all been there right?

Often times in life, especially when things are leaving you stuck or blocking your progress, you can feel lost. You’ll try to grasp at anything… any piece of hope or information that you can find to get you unstuck. The problem is, you only end up feeling more confused and out of touch with yourself.

Here’s a little secret! One reason why you may feel this way is due to the fact that you may be disconnected from your own inner wisdom and guidance leaving you to feel alone and trapped in situations that can bring you down. 

If this has gone on for a long time, you may not even realize that you even have an inner guidance system that can help you. Maybe you have never been taught about it, maybe you heard about it but fail to recognize how it works in YOUR life.

Whenever you need to, you have an inner voice that mimics the example I have given you about the song and is a clue to what it may feel like when your inner guidance is trying to help you on your path. The example that I shared with you about the song is important to you if you have ever felt out of touch with yourself because it serves as a clue to tell you how this voice really sounds in your life. It may have evaded you in the past. You may have never paid attention to it. Or maybe your fears, anxieties, or your ego and thoughts may have blocked it’s true nature.

A simple reminder for you is that this inner voice you seek, it’s not something you have to force, like trying to remember that song. It is a voice that is assured and matter of fact. It comes through when you are least likely to expect it but what it has to say is quiet and has the exact information that you need or may have been looking for.

When you are trying to tune into your inner guidance… your intuition, I want you to remember how it sounds when you finally remembered the name of that song. That is how your inner guidance may sound to you. Over time, when you honor this voice, that may at first seem quiet, it will become louder. The more you trust and obey it the more it will be there to help you. It will tell you the best outcome for ALL involved so there is no need to fear it. 

You listen to it, trust it, act on it, and then a funny thing happens. You find that on the day-to-day it will get louder, and you will notice it more and more. It becomes effortless to be connected to yourself no matter what is going on in your life. You don’t have to feel lost ever again.

You deserve a life connected to your true self and have something that you can count on to always lead you towards your heart’s purpose. If that connection is currently missing in your life, there is an answer. In July, I will be hosting a 2 day workshop. It is live online and the purpose of the workshop is to teach you how to to tap into your inner guidance so that you know there is always an internal system to help you get thru life when it may seem confusing. You will also learn how to protect your energy from other people’s negativity or other environments with bad vibes so that you can recognize what is truly your’s vs what’s not.

Weekly Horoscope for July 1-7, 2019

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I can’t believe it is pretty much fffing July! This week is a pretty active week. We have a new moon eclipse on July 2, some sign switches, and official Mercury Retrograde starts at the end of the week. As I have told you, the way thru this all and the true information and guidance that you will need to turn to when you feel lost and feel like you are our of alignment is your intuition…. your inner voice.

In July, I will be teaching you what that inner voice is and all the basics that you need to know to use this very powerful tool to help you stay on your path and purpose. When you get off track, this is what you need to help you find your way again.

I will also be teaching you how to protect your energy from other negative, lower vibrational people and places and teach you how to recognize what is your energy vs someone else’s.

It is a 2 day online workshop and once finished, you will get access to class videos and materials. You will also get those if you cannot attend the live workshop.

You can claim your spot here

Now onto the weekly horoscope

That pesky feeling of insecurity between the old and the new is still there and causing confusion and an unsettled feeling. The need and desire for new information that you may need and want to feel better and feel settled may still be lacking. Sometimes it can even feel like your mind may be trying to not only look for information and new ideas, but to also brainstorm anything you can do to help freshen up what is outdated in your life, create change in your life, and maybe find ideas and thoughts that will help get rid of the heavy feeling.

Yes you are meant to walk in your purpose, but with everything being so dang confusing, it could be causing so much tension, especially internally. You may be getting glimpses of clarity but they may not seem to last long so you then feel like you are on some rollercoaster, whether it be a mental one or an emotional on…. or BOTH.

On top of that, you could be trying to work on changing some things, but then you find that it may be easier to stay in your comfort zone or stay up in your head without taking action or all of the other things that won’t help right now…. everything except checking in with your inner guidance because it is so subtle that you almost feel like you don’t trust it because you don’t see evidence of it’s truth in your outer world.

If truth bombs are hitting you left and right with Neptune retrograde, then you could me feeling anxiety and your mind may be racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what’s going on or next steps.

Mars is moving into Leo highlighting that tendency that I spoke to you about to either be all up in your ego or to use your powers for good… creativity, love, fertility, inner child work, and more.

We have a powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer minutes after noon pacific time on July 2nd. I will be doing a separate post about it or running my mouth about it somewhere.

I have been speaking, repeatedly, how you will need to break free from things that are keeping you from healing and breaking karmic ties and these things could be linked to your family and your DNA. Shakeups in the home may threaten your security in some way. This could be something as simple as needing to turn your attention to something home/family/health based that you didn’t expect or it could be something deeper, like learning how to feel whole and secure in your own skin. This could even be positive. Like an inheritance shakeup… remember, it depends on your own personal transits.

I also, weirdly, see some mommy daddy issues or male female issues…

You may have an opportunity to unexpectedly move or change something but here’s the deal, with Mercury retrograde, if it is a new opportunity that you must grasp, you must be extra careful that you look at the fine print because it is typically not advised to start anything new during this time. It’s like, do you expand and grow and move towards your truth or do you stay safe and secure in your little bubble.

While you still have these chances to step more into your truth, they require you to be the catalyst to co-create the life that you want, but things seem so damn confusing.

I see purpose, legacy, and goals that can be working against family and security so there may be a need to find balance. You don’t want to be all crazy about what you want but instead of digging your head in the sand and hoping that things take care of themselves, you do need to show up and put some healthy effort into your life and how you want it to change. Instead of hustle hard, i see hustle smart.

Again, the divine and your intuition are trying to help you step into something that is aligned with your truth but you may not really know or understand what that is so as corny as it sounds and as frustrating as this may be…. trust the process.

You may have to tweak and stumble and experiment before you will understand what it is all for. Please hang in there, Fall thru Winter will reveal a lot and next year will be a very different year than this year. Unless you are doing the same ole with the same ole people and choosing your comfort zone. Are you?

Midweek, a lot of energy is sitting in Leo. This is a time of celebration in the states. Have good safe fun. There is so much ego mixed in on this day that one wrong turn being overly confident on the booze and the fireworks and it won’t be pretty.

Spend some time in the very early morning hours focusing on what it is that you want to co-create and focusing on… visualizing the things that you want and desire in life. You can even physically do all the things. Even though I am telling you this, you may feel like you HAVE to do something anyway, like an unexpected urge.

Friday may seem a little rough after a day where you can potentially have so much fun so I would advise you to maybe take it easy. It’s like we had a sweet little short reprieve then real life comes back. I don’t see anything super heavy though so just take it easy.

Energy nearer the weekend is really positive for healthy detox, decluttering, etc. This could be any environment that needs it. Your body, your home, your mind. The energies I see have the tendency to give you a worried, anxious mind so try to take it easy. Do things that are good for yourself and your family. Keep your schedule free and your mind open because you may have an inspiration or opportunity that assists your very positively but you would have to act on it.

A lot of times there is a tendency to want to wait until Monday to start something new or turn over a new leaf, but the weekend is the perfect time to refresh your life, your environment, and your mind. As you are doing this, watch the tendency to be super picky, a perfectionist, or hypercritical. Watch for analysis paralysis. If there is something that you could be DOING then you need to do it. Even if it’s baby steps.

You don’t need to necessarily go all out with new stuff, but you should be taking some steps to do some stuff, just be prepared that with Mercury Retrograde officially on July 7th, you will have a lot of checking,adjusting, and tweaking to do.

I hope this horoscope serves you well and I hope you check back to see my thoughts on the new moon eclipse. In the meantime, if you are feeling weird, lost, confused, and struggling, don’t be afraid to join me for class

Until Next Time,


Intuition 101- Two day online workshop.... Coming in July

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What: The workshops will last approximately 2 hours or less and will be geared towards tapping into your intuition and protecting your energy. Each workshop will be approx 1-2 hours (depending on class participation) and will include Q&A sessions at the end. You will receive access to all videos and any slides or other materials used in the class at the conclusion of the 2 day workshop. For an idea of the agenda, please watch the video above.

When: July 16, 2019 & July 17, 2019 at 8pm CST

Where: Online webinar/zoom style format. Link to log on will be emailed before the class. You click the button below, pay for your seat, receive a link from me before class, and get ready to join me on the class dates for some information that can help change your life.

Why: Your intuition is the key to finding the answers, guidance, and direction in life when life seems to be spinning out of control, you feel lost, and you feel out of touch with yourself. You also need to know how to protect your energy because if you are drawn to this class, you may find that you absorb other people's energy and take on their problems. You may not be able to understand what's yours and what's theirs so you get sucked into negative energy when you shouldn't. This can make you, again, lose your connection to yourself. You don't have to live like this and by learning more about yourself you are able to live you life more in alignment with the life you deserve on your true path and purpose.

Self Mastery Membership Coming Soon!

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Many of you have been asking me for a long time about re-launching my membership site and I am listening! I am very close to launching it and working out the logisitics because I am passionate about bringing you value and I want to be of service to you. I know, for sure, that the mission of the membership will be self mastery. I believe that you should live an empowered life. I believe that means prioritizing your spiritual knowledge and your personal development to integrate the both of them to live your most successful life.

I know that many of you feel detached from living the life you want to the fullest and that you are knowledgeable about some parts of personal development but sometimes put your spiritual practice on the back burner….. or

You don’t integrate the things you learn. That is why I feel passionately about the mission of this membership being self mastery.

When it launches, it will be launched at the lowest price it will EVER be to welcome the founding members that are ready to take a chance and grow and mature and create something special in a sacred community of likeminded individuals. It will only be available thru closed enrollment periods.

You asked for me to bring this back and this will be for you with me engaged every step of the way.

If this is something that you are interested in, I invite you to to join the waitlist and you will be hearing from me soon.

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Weekly Horoscope for June 24-30, 2019

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I’m so glad to be back but I did enjoy my vacation and time spent with my loved ones. I am also pretty happy about this week. Even though you will still have to contend with some shady energies, hello Neptune, you still have some really great energy to take advantage of this week. Let’s get into the specifics shall we?

There are going to be two things off the jump that I will need you to watch out for as you start off your week. Like I just said, full clarity still eludes you so confusion may still be persistent, especially as it relates to your love of self and feeling secure, your self esteem, or even your financial situation. What is even more in need of your attention is that by wanting to make an uncomfortable situation go away or be solved, you may compromise yourself in love and in financial situations by making decisions that are not in alignment with your values.

You may have some feelings and emotions that come up so that you can deal with the truth, not try to pretend like your issues don’t exist or keep making quick and bad decisions without having a deliberate vision of your future in mind. You need to grow up or rise up and you have a lot of deep healing to do. You are being pushed to decide what truly needs to be a part of your life and what doesn’t have a place… for better or worse. Things, bad habits, suboptimal parts of the self, deep issues…. they need to go!

You are being pushed and this week there is some great energy that will assist you in being direct and assertive (not pushy or bossy) with those that you care about or environments or situations that are important to you that will help you with this growth. Communication and fresh ideas could lead to positive and helpful maturation and if you can get our of your feels, there is an chance to deal with any tensions and have things smooth over. While this could be emotional, it is also an opportunity to excel and grow.

Even if you notice difficulties, working thru them ,instead of hiding and pretending, gives you a much needed boost of confidence in yourself. Facing things head on confidently and assertively will make you more attractive to the things that you want to manifest and situations that are meant to enhance your life.

You link up with a possibility to add a checkmark or a notch to a better future for yourself on your belt. As you start to stabilize how you feel about yourself and embrace more authenticity and envision your dreams deliberately, you get to pair this with assertiveness and, in turn, create a lasting and positive situation. This is also your chance to speak up for something as long as you do it respectfully and have your ducks in a row.

Midweek is also a fun, exciting time or opportunity that you can manipulate into something very positive or at least have a fun time with those you care about. I even see great energy around beautifying your home… within reason and budget.

Right before Mercury goes retrograde next week (BTW, consider this week the start of it), Mercury will move into Leo with a determination and force to add fun, love, creativity, and even fertility to your life. It can also drum up ego issues so be ready for those. I want you to use this power for good so you need to focus on the former, not the latter. More to come.

You get a chance to loosen up and free your mind from anything that has been holding you hostage and develop new ideas around change. It’s time to have a strong backbone and sense of direction about something you really want in life without being rigid and pushy. Of course, it won’t be fully fleshed, but again, you are being given help to take a step in the right direction. It is all on you!

Watch as you inch towards the weekend because this is an especially strong time when those feels I warned you about could get the best of you again and cause you to lose all your sensibilities. Have fun but keep your wits about you. You can benefit from romance and trying new things. You can manifest something positive and optimistic for yourself. You can take steps to get out of your comfort zone.

Things that would normally seem hard are easy but you must manage your energy so that you don’t overdo it.

You can take positive steps towards freshness, fun, and a new you. I feel like it’s an unusually fertile time in the midst of heaviness. A time to learn and grow and have the things that you need come together to help you learn to be better and do better. YOU will have to find the balance on what stays and what goes.

Just be realistic and continue to check what is coming up against your values, intuition, and mind and like I have been saying lately… If the the calculated risk makes sense, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Here are a couple of podcasts to help you out for further exploration:

Until Next Time,


P.S. Many of you have been asking me for a long time about re-launching my membership site and I am listening! I am very close to launching it and working out the logisitics because I am passionate about bringing you value and I want to be of service to you. I know, for sure, that the mission of the membership will be self mastery. I believe that you should live an empowered life. I believe that means prioritizing your spiritual knowledge and your personal development to integrate the both of them to live your most successful life.

I know that many of you feel detached from living the life you want to the fullest and that you are knowledgeable about some parts of personal development but sometimes put your spiritual practice on the back burner….. or

You don’t integrate the things you learn. That is why I feel passionately about the mission of this membership being self mastery.

When it launches, it will be launched at the lowest price it will EVER be to welcome the founding members that are ready to take a chance and grow and mature and create something special in a sacred community of likeminded individuals. It will only be available thru closed enrollment periods.

You asked for me to bring this back and this will be for you with me engaged every step of the way.

If this is something that you are interested in, I invite you to to join the waitlist and you will be hearing from me soon.

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Why You SHOULD Tell People Your Goals

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I posted a new podcast episode here, so if you want to listen to that, I encourage you to do so.

I have decided to summarize the podcast episode here for those of you that like to read or that may be hearing impaired.

It’s a long one so settle in

I read an article on Medium where this gentleman was talking about why he thought that you should not share your goals. I agree and disagree. Especially with the energies that I see an astrology telling us that our success assistance with forward movement is going to come through not trying to do things alone.

In his first point, he just provided research and facts that said that if people share their goals with other folks, then what tends to happen is that people will gas you up to the point where you already feel like you've achieved your goal. That in turn can cause about a 90% chance that you would be less likely to achieve your goals. He argued that the Wright Brothers were more successful than Langley because Langley spoke openly about getting airplanes in the air, and in turn was heavily backed and failed. The Wright Brothers were more private about their goal of flight and therefore more successful.

I think that you need to look at all different factors when you are sharing your goals with other people. One of the factors that may have influenced the situation was that this was a business goal. That can mean dealing with something that is proprietary, that you want to have trademarked that you want to get copyrights and all that kind of stuff, of course, you do not want to share your goals publicly with the world. But there is something twofold about this situation that is a blessing and a curse. Langley was more vocal about his desire to put airplanes up in the air, which gave them funding and backing and support. That also means that he may have lost some of his creative genius and freedom. Something that the Wright Brothers may have not had to contend with as heavily. Langley telling others his goal opened doors to a level of abundance he may not have had if he had chosen to keep his mouth shut…. what may have been the kicker is that the investors he chose may have impacted his final product not him opening his mouth.

If you need to share your goals, because you have a business, or you have an idea that requires support, and requires a startup, and it requires funding and backing, you absolutely are going to have to, at some point, involve other people in the conversation. If you want to partner with people, if you want to maybe use their products to help get your product off the ground or gain investment resources, there is no way around this. There's no way that you're going to be able to build your brand in secrecy at some point. If you think that you’re going to accomplish your goals on your own, I'm going to tell you that that could lead to some unnecessary struggles and pain points that you could alleviate had you aligned with people that could support you.

The second point is kind of piggybacking off of the first point. This gentleman mentioned if other people notice your goals and talk to you about your goals and gas you up about your goals, especially if that goal is tied heavily to your identity, then it causes something inside of you, that makes you feel like you already accomplished the goal, or it makes you try less hard to achieve your goal.

My rebuttal is centered on intrinsic versus external motivation. I believe that at the end of the day, the most successful people in life are the people that find their motivation. intrinsically. It doesn't mean that external motivation is not important. But what happens when you are purely driven from what other people say, whether that be good or bad, is that they then have influence over how you choose to show up for yourself, when you are trying to achieve and accomplish a goal. And if you base what you decide to do in life and how you show up in life, based on external validation from other people, whether it be good or bad, you are setting yourself up for, I would say, more strife, disappointment, , flattery, and less authenticity,

At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel and how you validate and value yourself, and how you motivate yourself in the world that you live and breathe in. When you don't have that help via a supportive environment or your spouse doesn't support you or people think you're crazy and you allow that to impact your feelings, I believe that this is where you really need to step back. Because like I said, it's a bonus when you have people in your life and in your world that believe in you. But at the end of the day, where you should be looking for motivation and validation is from yourself. And if you can't learn to be a self directed, self motivated, self validating person, then you are going to run into a lot of troubles as you work toward achieving and accomplishing your goals.

Not only should you find validation and motivation within yourself. But also learn that if your don’t have external support, you can use that as fuel to go even harder.

Or if you have people cheering you on, that doesn't mean that you push off the take your foot off the gas, that means that you have some positive energy to help propel you in the right direction. So you should be using this as fuel for your fire not to back off the gas if you're trying to achieve a goal. Sharing your goals could bring people out of the woodworks that are willing to support you and in that support, you gain what you need to be able to move forward and to accomplish a goal.

The author recommends is something that Tim Ferriss talked about at one time regarding embracing fear setting. You don't share your goals. You come to grips with the fears that you have around your goals and you list out each fear that you have for accomplishing your goal. You then figure out how to overcome them. I am a big fan of this and encourage my clients to do this in our coaching sessions and I even employ this in my life... but what that's called is good old fashioned planning and preparation. So if you embrace fear setting over goal setting, that doesn't make any sense, because then how would you know exactly what goals that you want to achieve? And how would you keep them in the forefront of your mind? They're both equally important. Goal setting and “fear setting” are important. but I wouldn't call it fear setting, I would call a part of goal setting as identifying your goals, but then you also write out some things that could derail you from your goals and solutions to those things.

I, again, don't think that this is a driver for keeping your goals secret. You can set you up for necessarily struggle and strive because if nobody knows what it is that you're trying to do, you miss out on an opportunity for supportive people to come in and to help you and to give you information. You may not believe that as possible but I work with clients everyday that have decided to open up about the goals they want to achieve. They recognized how getting help was what they needed to unlock success faster and in a handpicked supportive environment. You may have been burned in the past when you've told people about your goals, but when you align with the right person, you will find that they will sometimes know who you need to talk to, what you need to read, or what you need to do to continue to push your goal forward.

When you choose to not share your goal with anyone, you find that you will have to look for all this information on your own, you may have to struggle on your own, and you waste a lot of time doing things and trying to figure things out that would otherwise be solved if you were embracing a more collaborative spirit around your goals. Just because there may have been failures in the past doesn't mean that there's not somebody out there that does believe in you that does want you to succeed and that does want to support what it is that you want to do. Don’t get discouraged trying to collaborate or find your support just because of a few naysayers. because when you find the right person, things will click your journey to achieve your goal will get a lot easier.

The last point made in this article was that instead of sharing your goals with other people, you should just surround yourself with your competition, because it can make you want to go hard and make you up to 90% more successful than you would have alone because you'll be pushing harder. Hmmm….. maybe, but maybe not…. we’ve all tried those group coaching sessions that did nothing to help us move the dial towards our success. Yes, I do think that if you want to level up in life, you should be surrounding yourself with people that also want to level up in life or people that have already leveled up in life, there's a lot to learn from people that are striving to do better and be better. And there's is tremendous value in learning from somebody that has already completed their journey successfully and have overcome what you are going thru. That type of help is invaluable and worth opening your mouth and investing in collaboration.

I do agree that you should surround yourself with competition. However, I wouldn't word it like that, I will word it like you need to surround yourself with competitive people that have a goal oriented, solution oriented, nature. They're motivated but they're not necessarily your competition, because I feel like there is enough room out here for all of us to achieve whatever it is that we want. Without competing with anyone, we all have our unique spin on stuff. And so if you tap into those unique characteristics, there's no need to compete. They are competitive but not competing with you.

The author says, when you are with these people, you still don't tell them your goals. I say that if you are around people that are like this, you absolutely share your goals, because these are people that know what it takes to get stuff done. Even if they don't have any expertise in the area that you are working on, at least they know what that success success oriented makeup feels like and looks like and they can motivate you along the way. What do you think mastermind groups are for? Successful people invest heavily in masterminds to be connected with driven people that want to succeed in life. And if you show up to those type of situations, and you don't want to share your goals, what is the point, right? Or if you think that you are above it, I dare you to talk to any successful person and you will find that they did not achieve success ALONE.

This article was very triggering for me because it gives a false sense of independence on your own self which can be severely limiting when you are trying to achieve big goals from only your perspective or experience level. I think that if you are falling victim to this mentality, you may miss out on an opportunity to create success for yourself in an easier way than if you had tried to do it alone.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure you leave them so that I can read them and I do answer everything. You don't have to do things alone nor should you. If you are aligned with somebody that is supportive and that wants you to succeed and wants you to be geared toward motivating yourself and finding value and validation internally, then you can accomplish anything. Even when you feel like the world around you is not supportive. You deserve success. You deserve to move forward. You deserve to accomplish everything that you want.

Until Next Time


July Live Classes at Yashica's Intuition- Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde Lessons

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I will be holding 2 classes….. on July 1 and July 15 …..to discuss some powerful astrological events happening in July.

It is the start of the 2nd powerful eclipse season of this year. Eclipses are known for impacting your life in a very powerful way and sometimes bring in fated events. I want you to know how these will impact your life. 

Mercury Retrograde (adding to all the other retrograde planets) will also be kicking off and is notorious for disruptions but I will be telling you how to work with this energy not against it. It can be a positive time if you are in flow.

Details: Live Classes July 1& July 15 at 7pm CST (Replay will be available). Will email class details closer to the class. I will also provide downloadable worksheets.

Can't wait to see you in class!

Weekly Horoscope for June 10-16, 2019

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This week has some drama scattered in along with some positive opportunities for you to dive in and experience growth and fortune. Let’s Dive in shall we!

The unfortunate part for this week is that if you have been all in your feels or been interacting with people that have been acting extra or emotional, that is not going to change. You and others around you are still experiencing life thru the lens of the emotions rather than logic. That can be positive or negative. Because you are more apt to act on emotional triggers, that can be beneficial for your dreams, divinely inspired projects, and romantic pursuits. You could be open to trying new things that could open the door to fortunate experiences for you.

I’m sure you are well aware of how letting emotions overtake you in a negative way can impact your life. When you aren’t using your good senses, your discernment, you can tend to get carried away in your emotions and act in ways that are uncharacteristic for you.

I know every time I talk to you I probably sound like a broken record but I told you this energy would be persistent, balance will be the key. You are going to continue to have to toe the line and be open to shedding the old all while creating a new and stable foundation for yourself. Something that is built on you aligning more with something that is your purpose or calling in life. This is not a small task so hang in there and don’t give up.

If you are feeling stuck, connecting with a trusted advisor could be beneficial for you. If you feel like you are too shy or embarrassed to talk to someone or look for help thinking you got this, I encourage you to listen to my latest podcast episode on why I think sometimes you should be open to speaking to others about your journey and goals. This opening up could be beneficial for you.

If you aren’t hearing any of that, at least check things with your internal compass because you may find a unique thing or piece of information that aligns with you and helps you in some way. These things/information tidbits will be very helpful for you so don’t get sloppy this week. Show up! You have the power and support that you need in some way to make the changes that you need to make. Are you going to take it? Inspirational messages and more are going to open up something expansive and optimistic for you in some area of your life but you have to stop living on autopilot and show the F up!

Know that anything that is worth fighting for is not going to happen in a day or a week either… excellence and growth comes from months of vision and persistence and action. If you missed the live lesson I did inside of my new facebook group, make sure you join so that you don’t miss all the awesomeness going on in my amazing community. The replay is up if you want to catch it…

Anyway, I also want you to keep some time open in your schedule to intentionally tap into positive energy thru manifestation techniques. If you feel an urge to act on anything instinctive this week, do so if and only if you have checked that thing to see if it is in alignment with your values, goals, and ethics. You can’t ask others or look outside of yourself. They have their own stuff going on. Plus they will think that whatever you are thinking may be a little too strange. I think if you weigh all options, it may be OK to take a calculated risk and that risk may pay off so be open to things that may seem a little silly or out of character for you and know that you are doing things for you right now… not anyone else. Outside of consulting with a safe and supportive advisor and, of course, God…. do what’s right for you.

Emotions, like I said, are strongly influencing you ,so again, I ain’t taking the blame for no foolishness, use your common sense.

You may notice inner tension or tension connected to your relationships with other people this week, especially if you have been unwilling to examine deeper issues that have been prohibiting growth and a higher sense of purpose inside of yourself and in your relationships with others. This is your chance to course correct, if you are brave enough, because the new, fresh perspectives that are coming in can lead the way to more positive, forward movement. Don’t be afraid to shake something up that needs to be shooken (Is that even a word?…. I’m rolling with it). Just please don’t be impulsive.

This week, you can also find yourself fighting with issues related to trust, power, control and other shadow energies to process. This is happening because you are being given the opportunity to see things with fresh eyes and shift. You need to allow this because it will lend itself to some powerful insights to help you transform and rebuild yourself in a way that is more powerful. Let yourself be inspired.

You get to work thru some deep shit right now (yay) and get an opportunity to get in touch with yourself and get acquainted and comfortable with who you are . Powerful emotions and intuition can drive you into powerful actions to give your rebirth fuel. Allow things to continue to change and transform and grow and expand. Be open and flexible. The universe is pointing you to a new and powerful truth. Allow.

Opposition and resistance will still be there this week and I feel like it is trying to tempt you to stay in your comfort zone because that feels easy right. But you will stay there stuck and scared and lacking belief in yourself. Your value and self worth will continue to feel like a struggle inside of you. You won’t know what’s true and it won’t get better. No matter how much you don’t think things can change or how many times you may have tried and failed in the past, even if you don’t know what the hell is true or solid anymore, you must move forward and trust the process. You will feel like you don’t have the resources you need to create what you desire but with some mindset shifts and breakthroughs, if you seriously invest in yourself and your growth, there is help there that will assist you to step into a new way mentally.

The week closes with Father’s Day and it is not as blissful as Mother’s Day was. Sorry Dads. Family issues could surface or your Dad may be acting like an ass or issues from the past may come up. Family triggers could be irritated so in order to make this day feel positive, you may have to dig in deep and find your positive attitude. There may be some extra effort expended around compromising and trying to stay light and fun and trying not to let any triggers carry you away.

So as I close out your advice for the week. Show up and let yourself be inspired!

Until Next Time,


I have a powerful investment opportunity for you. This is a chance for you to make big and lasting changes in your life. There are pressures inside of you as well as life’s pressures that could be making you feel unhappy and stuck. You may feel frustrated in life because you may feel like you have tried in the past to move forward on something but felt disappointed when you didn’t and may be at the point where you want to give up or have given up. I want you to listen. You can do this. You can change, you can move past issues and you can live a life where you don’t have to deal with you life the way it currently stands. If you are ready to change and you need help I have something that can help you. I have opened up 1:1 coaching because I know sometimes, you may run into issues you may not be able to solve on your own. If you have never considered coaching,you may be missing out. My sessions provide you with a place to talk about your problems in private and have me work with you to come up with solutions to your problems that will allow you to have the confidence and the knowledge that you need to move forward. If this sounds like something that could help you. I have made it so easy for you so there are no excuses. The methods I use are proven, you don’t have to purchase expensive packages, and there is follow up support INCLUDED in your coaching session so you are not alone, I will check in on you after our initial session to make sure you are succeeding. You have no excuses not to choose yourself.