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Weekly Horoscope for June 24-30, 2019

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I’m so glad to be back but I did enjoy my vacation and time spent with my loved ones. I am also pretty happy about this week. Even though you will still have to contend with some shady energies, hello Neptune, you still have some really great energy to take advantage of this week. Let’s get into the specifics shall we?

There are going to be two things off the jump that I will need you to watch out for as you start off your week. Like I just said, full clarity still eludes you so confusion may still be persistent, especially as it relates to your love of self and feeling secure, your self esteem, or even your financial situation. What is even more in need of your attention is that by wanting to make an uncomfortable situation go away or be solved, you may compromise yourself in love and in financial situations by making decisions that are not in alignment with your values.

You may have some feelings and emotions that come up so that you can deal with the truth, not try to pretend like your issues don’t exist or keep making quick and bad decisions without having a deliberate vision of your future in mind. You need to grow up or rise up and you have a lot of deep healing to do. You are being pushed to decide what truly needs to be a part of your life and what doesn’t have a place… for better or worse. Things, bad habits, suboptimal parts of the self, deep issues…. they need to go!

You are being pushed and this week there is some great energy that will assist you in being direct and assertive (not pushy or bossy) with those that you care about or environments or situations that are important to you that will help you with this growth. Communication and fresh ideas could lead to positive and helpful maturation and if you can get our of your feels, there is an chance to deal with any tensions and have things smooth over. While this could be emotional, it is also an opportunity to excel and grow.

Even if you notice difficulties, working thru them ,instead of hiding and pretending, gives you a much needed boost of confidence in yourself. Facing things head on confidently and assertively will make you more attractive to the things that you want to manifest and situations that are meant to enhance your life.

You link up with a possibility to add a checkmark or a notch to a better future for yourself on your belt. As you start to stabilize how you feel about yourself and embrace more authenticity and envision your dreams deliberately, you get to pair this with assertiveness and, in turn, create a lasting and positive situation. This is also your chance to speak up for something as long as you do it respectfully and have your ducks in a row.

Midweek is also a fun, exciting time or opportunity that you can manipulate into something very positive or at least have a fun time with those you care about. I even see great energy around beautifying your home… within reason and budget.

Right before Mercury goes retrograde next week (BTW, consider this week the start of it), Mercury will move into Leo with a determination and force to add fun, love, creativity, and even fertility to your life. It can also drum up ego issues so be ready for those. I want you to use this power for good so you need to focus on the former, not the latter. More to come.

You get a chance to loosen up and free your mind from anything that has been holding you hostage and develop new ideas around change. It’s time to have a strong backbone and sense of direction about something you really want in life without being rigid and pushy. Of course, it won’t be fully fleshed, but again, you are being given help to take a step in the right direction. It is all on you!

Watch as you inch towards the weekend because this is an especially strong time when those feels I warned you about could get the best of you again and cause you to lose all your sensibilities. Have fun but keep your wits about you. You can benefit from romance and trying new things. You can manifest something positive and optimistic for yourself. You can take steps to get out of your comfort zone.

Things that would normally seem hard are easy but you must manage your energy so that you don’t overdo it.

You can take positive steps towards freshness, fun, and a new you. I feel like it’s an unusually fertile time in the midst of heaviness. A time to learn and grow and have the things that you need come together to help you learn to be better and do better. YOU will have to find the balance on what stays and what goes.

Just be realistic and continue to check what is coming up against your values, intuition, and mind and like I have been saying lately… If the the calculated risk makes sense, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Here are a couple of podcasts to help you out for further exploration:

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