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Yashica of Yashica's Intuition

Premier Reiki Master/Certified Life Coach/Certified Tarot Reader

Get ready to transform your life!!!!


That's me above with the expressive hands during a reading for a client

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Are you ready to try something unique that has been proven to decrease that daily feeling of overwhelm and stress that you are constantly feeling? Do you know you want to change your life but you feel lost about knowing where you should even start? Do you know what you are supposed to do, but need guidance on HOW to do it? I can help you with all those things, sometimes in only a matter of you taking a half hour of your time to put yourself first.

My passion is helping my tribe transform their lives with a holistic approach to spiritual healing. I get results (check the testimonials section linked above). I know how it feels to do everything by the book... the career, the relationship, or even children.... and still feel like there is this missing piece. This key to happiness that eludes us. That feeling like things are never quite right no matter how hard we try. I had chosen to walk away from a job that I was doing for over a decade that was stable, but it wasn't the one. My equally as long marriage crumbled and I had to walk away from everything that I built, plus my aunt and my cousin died. All this happened at the same time. I had never tried tarot or any other "New Age" stuff but all of a sudden I felt like everything else wasn't working. I was at my wits end. I finally tried a tarot reading and it transformed my life and led me on the path that I am on today.....And this is why I do what I do. 

For over 10 years, I have been offering tools and information to guide and empower those that seek my intuitive counseling as well as the perspective and insight that I bring to the healing/coaching sessions of my clients using reiki healing, crystal healing, tarot, & astrology. My signature sessions are often multi layered...pairing my intuition with the other tools mentioned and accessing the Akashic Records at times. The wisdom and insight you gain will allow you to grow and evolve as you navigate this thing we call "life".

You will feel more whole, aligned, and energetic as I help shift energy imbalances and clear energies that are not serving your higher good. Through a combination of earth energy, reiki, and crystal energy, I am able to better align you with light energy and positivity. 

All these combined gives you a holistic coaching session that not only heals, but provides enlightenment and insights that give immediate answers to your pain and suffering to allow you to start moving forward to feeling healthy and whole.

You not only leave feeling transformed and empowered, but you also have clear action steps that you can take to start on your path to happiness and joy! How many people can promise you that? I can, and I can promise it with total confidence!

Due to my Nursing and Psychology background combined with my love of Eastern medicine and esoteric practices, I provide a unique, balanced and well-rounded perspective like NONE OTHER to all clients that I serve.

I primarily have only seen exclusive clientele as well as a limited number of clients in person in the Seattle area, but am now offering VIRTUAL ONLY options.

 I only want to work with beautiful souls that are serious about taking charge of their lives and doing the work needed to completely transform their life and walk in their truth and joy. I have wonderful, unique gifts that can help you, but teamwork makes the dream work. I am passionate about helping you live a better life and if you want to work with me, you should be, too.

I know working with someone that cares about you and that has your best interests at heart is important to you.

I am the exclusive spiritual consultant for Manifesting Queens and have been featured on TuneIn Radio. Learn more below:

Exclusive Astrologer, Tarot Consultant, and Spiritual Life Consultant for Manifesting Queen Society. Click picture to learn more

Exclusive Interview with Tune In Radio

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