Yashica's Intuition




Infinitely thankful for the reading, it was awesome, extremely helpful, exactly what I needed to hear, definitely worth it!! Looking forward to my next reading!- J. S.

She freaked me out about my life (it was a good thing.) I enjoyed listening to the truth.- D. P.

This reading was awesome and on point!!!! I love her calm delivery and it just feels like she's right with you in your home talking to you. I love her energy. The detailed explanation is another wonderful thing!- K. W.

Received a very thorough yearly reading, outlined into quarterly and monthly details. Reader stresses both intuition and practicality which was helpful, especially when a tricky financial situation manifested that I was warned about in the cards. I was able to avoid any negative outcomes by being forewarned and prepared to make choices that aligned with my reading. Well worth the investment- J.C.

I wanted to thank you so much for the reading and guidance you generously gave me. It was really interesting and insightful and I like your style of reading and energy very much. Your reading has definitely helped trigger some things within me and I am now reflecting on what has been brought up.L

I simply love your readings. I'm a huge believer in that you are successful if you can help just one person. And you, Yashica, have helped me pay attention, listen, and identify where the universe is guiding me. Thank you!- A.M.

I love your readings and am so grateful for finding you and the insight you have brought into my life xx- R.P.

I truly love your readings, your energy. You're not trying to solve people's issues but give them insight into what role the universe can and does play in their life--how to work it to your advantage. Keep it up and congrats on renting your new space! What an exciting journey for you. If only I lived in Seattle ;-) - Virtual Client A.M.

So grateful for your advice. in a situation where I had to let go of someone and you warning me about manipulation tells me i need to be ready for him to pop back up and cause confusion- 

"Thank you for your insights. Much of the things you mentioned are spot on.....Thank you for the discount and I am sure I will be using it again soon.  I wish you the very best of luck on your new journey. My thoughts, love and prayers are with you."  N.N. "Thank you again for doing this reading for me..Everything was SPOT ON..I also had a few love life readings in the past an perform some on myself an I got the same guidance..I had a great time exchanging readings between us an I really hope to work with you again in the future.. I recently subbed ur channel an loving the your daily readings so im sure we will be in touch....Many angel blessings 2 you my friend" Londyn    ***PLEASE CHECK OUT LONDYN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE*** Awesome Tarot Readings

"Thank you for the very interesting reading ;-)" D.S.L.

"thank you, that was great." Johnny

"I ordered a reading for more clarification of an important decision in my life and I could say that Yashica is a very accurate reader. She confirmed me many aspects of my situation, was very attentive to details and she provides deep insides for the given question. I definitively recomanded Yashica as a good tarot reader. She is accurate and professionals. Thanks Yashica for your guidance" A.

"I simply asked Yashica for a general love reading without any background information, and she accurately described events that started 3 years ago and are continuing to this very day, as well as a glimpse into the near future. I found much resonance in her reading and total confirmation and validation in her messages. I am ever grateful for her professionalism, thoroughness, kindness and generosity with regards to her messages of wisdom and guidance. Her reading was so very insightful and scary accurate ;-) I also appreciate Yashica’s care and attention to detail in the video she made for me as well as the pictures of the individual cards which she sent me for my own examination. Her responses to my feedback were also amazing. Beautiful Yashica ~ I send you much love, light, gratitude, appreciation and blessings" <3  

"I just listened to the reading I purchased from you and it really resonated with me... So, I am purchasing another to get my other question addressed." L.S.

"Thank you so much for the reading. It definitely helped a ton. I will try to stay positive and grateful! I'm sure you will hear from me again :) Thank you again.. It was a much needed reading" BP

"Thank you for your reading Yashica, you confirm some of my thoughts and were pretty accurate." E.L.

"it was great!! Thank you" F.T.

"Thank you very much! It helped me to set my mind for positive . I clearly know what to do now." H.T.