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Self Mastery Membership Coming Soon!

yashica crumpton

Many of you have been asking me for a long time about re-launching my membership site and I am listening! I am very close to launching it and working out the logisitics because I am passionate about bringing you value and I want to be of service to you. I know, for sure, that the mission of the membership will be self mastery. I believe that you should live an empowered life. I believe that means prioritizing your spiritual knowledge and your personal development to integrate the both of them to live your most successful life.

I know that many of you feel detached from living the life you want to the fullest and that you are knowledgeable about some parts of personal development but sometimes put your spiritual practice on the back burner….. or

You don’t integrate the things you learn. That is why I feel passionately about the mission of this membership being self mastery.

When it launches, it will be launched at the lowest price it will EVER be to welcome the founding members that are ready to take a chance and grow and mature and create something special in a sacred community of likeminded individuals. It will only be available thru closed enrollment periods.

You asked for me to bring this back and this will be for you with me engaged every step of the way.

If this is something that you are interested in, I invite you to to join the waitlist and you will be hearing from me soon.

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