Yashica's Intuition

Intuition 101- Two day online workshop.... Coming in July

yashica crumpton

What: The workshops will last approximately 2 hours or less and will be geared towards tapping into your intuition and protecting your energy. Each workshop will be approx 1-2 hours (depending on class participation) and will include Q&A sessions at the end. You will receive access to all videos and any slides or other materials used in the class at the conclusion of the 2 day workshop. For an idea of the agenda, please watch the video above.

When: July 16, 2019 & July 17, 2019 at 8pm CST

Where: Online webinar/zoom style format. Link to log on will be emailed before the class. You click the button below, pay for your seat, receive a link from me before class, and get ready to join me on the class dates for some information that can help change your life.

Why: Your intuition is the key to finding the answers, guidance, and direction in life when life seems to be spinning out of control, you feel lost, and you feel out of touch with yourself. You also need to know how to protect your energy because if you are drawn to this class, you may find that you absorb other people's energy and take on their problems. You may not be able to understand what's yours and what's theirs so you get sucked into negative energy when you shouldn't. This can make you, again, lose your connection to yourself. You don't have to live like this and by learning more about yourself you are able to live you life more in alignment with the life you deserve on your true path and purpose.