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Weekly Horoscope for July 1-7, 2019

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I can’t believe it is pretty much fffing July! This week is a pretty active week. We have a new moon eclipse on July 2, some sign switches, and official Mercury Retrograde starts at the end of the week. As I have told you, the way thru this all and the true information and guidance that you will need to turn to when you feel lost and feel like you are our of alignment is your intuition…. your inner voice.

In July, I will be teaching you what that inner voice is and all the basics that you need to know to use this very powerful tool to help you stay on your path and purpose. When you get off track, this is what you need to help you find your way again.

I will also be teaching you how to protect your energy from other negative, lower vibrational people and places and teach you how to recognize what is your energy vs someone else’s.

It is a 2 day online workshop and once finished, you will get access to class videos and materials. You will also get those if you cannot attend the live workshop.

You can claim your spot here

Now onto the weekly horoscope

That pesky feeling of insecurity between the old and the new is still there and causing confusion and an unsettled feeling. The need and desire for new information that you may need and want to feel better and feel settled may still be lacking. Sometimes it can even feel like your mind may be trying to not only look for information and new ideas, but to also brainstorm anything you can do to help freshen up what is outdated in your life, create change in your life, and maybe find ideas and thoughts that will help get rid of the heavy feeling.

Yes you are meant to walk in your purpose, but with everything being so dang confusing, it could be causing so much tension, especially internally. You may be getting glimpses of clarity but they may not seem to last long so you then feel like you are on some rollercoaster, whether it be a mental one or an emotional on…. or BOTH.

On top of that, you could be trying to work on changing some things, but then you find that it may be easier to stay in your comfort zone or stay up in your head without taking action or all of the other things that won’t help right now…. everything except checking in with your inner guidance because it is so subtle that you almost feel like you don’t trust it because you don’t see evidence of it’s truth in your outer world.

If truth bombs are hitting you left and right with Neptune retrograde, then you could me feeling anxiety and your mind may be racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what’s going on or next steps.

Mars is moving into Leo highlighting that tendency that I spoke to you about to either be all up in your ego or to use your powers for good… creativity, love, fertility, inner child work, and more.

We have a powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer minutes after noon pacific time on July 2nd. I will be doing a separate post about it or running my mouth about it somewhere.

I have been speaking, repeatedly, how you will need to break free from things that are keeping you from healing and breaking karmic ties and these things could be linked to your family and your DNA. Shakeups in the home may threaten your security in some way. This could be something as simple as needing to turn your attention to something home/family/health based that you didn’t expect or it could be something deeper, like learning how to feel whole and secure in your own skin. This could even be positive. Like an inheritance shakeup… remember, it depends on your own personal transits.

I also, weirdly, see some mommy daddy issues or male female issues…

You may have an opportunity to unexpectedly move or change something but here’s the deal, with Mercury retrograde, if it is a new opportunity that you must grasp, you must be extra careful that you look at the fine print because it is typically not advised to start anything new during this time. It’s like, do you expand and grow and move towards your truth or do you stay safe and secure in your little bubble.

While you still have these chances to step more into your truth, they require you to be the catalyst to co-create the life that you want, but things seem so damn confusing.

I see purpose, legacy, and goals that can be working against family and security so there may be a need to find balance. You don’t want to be all crazy about what you want but instead of digging your head in the sand and hoping that things take care of themselves, you do need to show up and put some healthy effort into your life and how you want it to change. Instead of hustle hard, i see hustle smart.

Again, the divine and your intuition are trying to help you step into something that is aligned with your truth but you may not really know or understand what that is so as corny as it sounds and as frustrating as this may be…. trust the process.

You may have to tweak and stumble and experiment before you will understand what it is all for. Please hang in there, Fall thru Winter will reveal a lot and next year will be a very different year than this year. Unless you are doing the same ole with the same ole people and choosing your comfort zone. Are you?

Midweek, a lot of energy is sitting in Leo. This is a time of celebration in the states. Have good safe fun. There is so much ego mixed in on this day that one wrong turn being overly confident on the booze and the fireworks and it won’t be pretty.

Spend some time in the very early morning hours focusing on what it is that you want to co-create and focusing on… visualizing the things that you want and desire in life. You can even physically do all the things. Even though I am telling you this, you may feel like you HAVE to do something anyway, like an unexpected urge.

Friday may seem a little rough after a day where you can potentially have so much fun so I would advise you to maybe take it easy. It’s like we had a sweet little short reprieve then real life comes back. I don’t see anything super heavy though so just take it easy.

Energy nearer the weekend is really positive for healthy detox, decluttering, etc. This could be any environment that needs it. Your body, your home, your mind. The energies I see have the tendency to give you a worried, anxious mind so try to take it easy. Do things that are good for yourself and your family. Keep your schedule free and your mind open because you may have an inspiration or opportunity that assists your very positively but you would have to act on it.

A lot of times there is a tendency to want to wait until Monday to start something new or turn over a new leaf, but the weekend is the perfect time to refresh your life, your environment, and your mind. As you are doing this, watch the tendency to be super picky, a perfectionist, or hypercritical. Watch for analysis paralysis. If there is something that you could be DOING then you need to do it. Even if it’s baby steps.

You don’t need to necessarily go all out with new stuff, but you should be taking some steps to do some stuff, just be prepared that with Mercury Retrograde officially on July 7th, you will have a lot of checking,adjusting, and tweaking to do.

I hope this horoscope serves you well and I hope you check back to see my thoughts on the new moon eclipse. In the meantime, if you are feeling weird, lost, confused, and struggling, don’t be afraid to join me for class

Until Next Time,