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The world can be a cold and lonely place. There’s all this information coming at you from every direction…. from people, some well meaning and some not, trying to tell you what to do and how to think. On top of that you have the pressures of society trying to mold you into what you should be and have you follow the next new trend. Well guess what happens, you do it! You do it because you have been conditioned that it’s the “right thing to do.” Then one of two things happen….. you either wake up one day noticing how out of touch you are with yourself and hating your life and what you have spent your blood sweat and tears pouring your time and energy into or you feel so overwhelmed, disconnected, and scared because you look around you and notice your truth and your current situation doesn’t look like what it’s “supposed” to look like. Now what? Now you feel overwhelmed and scared because you don’t know what to do to reprogram years of that crap that you have been sold or are unsure about taking the next step because you don’t know what to do and you are scared that to start all over or leave it all behind would mean that you failed. That was my biggest fear in life and I bet it is one of yours.

No one wants to be labeled a failure.

You are trying to do the best you can, but right now, you are feeling totally stuck. No matter how many books or webinars, or self empowerment quotes you read, or bible versus or spiritual quotes you turn to, at the end of the day you still feel stuck.

Nothing is working!

You may be comparing yourself to other women that seem to be fearlessly living their dream confidently. They seem to have it all together and seem to be #winning at a time when you are just struggling to put a smile on your face. It may even confuse you, like they have some sort of secret of manifestation ritual that you don’t know about. Something you haven’t figured out. Some secret society that you, once again, feel left out of.

Let me keep it real with you….. There ain’t no secret!

These other women with the success and confidence and fearlessness don’t have anything that you don’t have access to. What they have probably had was individual, specific feedback from a successful person or guide or mentor that has helped them by giving them the information and tools they need so that they can see what they can change in their own life to evolve and grow.

In my own life, especially when I was divorcing, had nowhere to call home, had to start my career all over, and had no support network….. in those times, I cannot tell you how helpful having mentors had been. Many are still in my life today. In such a short period of time… almost instantaneously in some instances…my mentors were able to shine a light on ALL of the things I that I needed to see to get unstuck and move forward successfully. When I trusted them and took action on those things, I experienced big shifts and they were ALWAYS for my highest and best good. It is the number one thing that inspired me to help other people. HANDS DOWN!

Because of my own personal growth and work with a mentor I was able to have the successful career making over six figures, obtain material things of my dreams, have a fulfilling career coaching and teaching people all over the world, and I married a partner that I could have never imagined in my most vivid visualizations. I believe in the power of coaching and know that a small amount of time can equal monumental changes when you most need them. This is what inspired me to start offering what I am calling Transformation Collaboration.

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For 90 minutes, I am your dedicated 1:1 coach and you have access to ask me ANY questions you feel will get you unstuck and empowered to take the right action. And, If you don’t know what to ask or where to start…. I am here to help you talk it out! We can spend our time together to get back you back on track and moving forward in a healthy, positive direction.

  • Maybe you are struggling with your mindset

  • Or you need a confidence boost

  • Or there is this one nagging issue that you can’t seem to wrap your head around and need help understanding it so you can know how to move forward

  • Or your relationship is crappy but you are too scared to talk it thru with anyone

  • Or maybe you are embarrassed like I was and just need a safe space to talk it out and figure out how to move forward

Sometimes a new idea and new perspective will get you on your way to success. Imagine how good it will feel to stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, and in fear. You are able to push past that mindset block that has you bogged down. You feel more informed and more confident. You feel more brave and your confusion melts away. You are able to finally feel more in control. You feel like you are living life again. Now is the time to end your struggle and tackle your issue with someone there to help you do it. After a collaboration session, you will feel like someone pushed a reset button. You will have steps so that you will know what you need to do as well as some ideas for how to do it. That heavy weight you are carrying on your shoulders is not holding you captive, for the first time, you may really feel like you know what to do to move forward.

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Here is how you get started...

It’s simple. After you purchase your session, I will send you link to schedule your initial session and send you an assessment package, all within 24 hours. You will return the requested information before our session. When it's time for your call that you scheduled, hop on via the information that I provide you, and we go from there.

Total Value: $390

Your Investment: The investment for this session is $97 USD

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You know that I want you to live your best life. It is my passion and it is why i go so hard on my blogs and my LIVES. I don’t want you to spend another moment in fear, lacking confidence, and overwhelmed when you can get the advice you need to get unstuck and have the knowledge you need so that you aren’t paralyzed and not moving forward. Ya’ll know I don’t lie… when I said this could change everything for you (providing that you take action on the advice obviously), I mean it. This is the first step, but it’s not a small step.

So now, if you are ready to leap, I am waiting help you!