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Weekly Horoscope for July 29-August 4, 2019

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I know that I’ve been telling you to hang in there and to embrace change. I know that I have been telling you to trust the process and that things will be for your highest and best good. I know that doesn’t take away the confusion or the stress that you are experiencing trying to be open to a change that you feel like you have no control over….. notice I said feel…particularly if the eclipses jumpstarted some things that have thrown you for a loop.

I think this week marks the beginning of things starting to unfold in a way that makes more sense. Pay attention to the fact that I said the BEGINNING. There are still things that need that need to unfold. I am still feeling like it will take the rest of this year to really feel more stable and I still feel like next year is a pivotal action year.

If you are new to me, you may want to see what my thoughts were about this year. You can try to hold on tight to things and control things, but the more you let go, the faster the process will go. Your job is to work on embodying who you want to be as it will be the catalyst for you to really live the life you want. Not try to control others or to try to dig your fingernails into something that you feel slipping away from you.

Do you really believe things happen for a reason? Do you really believe that what you see slipping away is the best thing that you ever had? Think about those things and your reaction to life when it is slow or not in alignment with your hopes or you feel scared…… is it really in your best interest to be so? To live life scared?

While you think about those things, let’s get on with the horoscope for the week and let it be your guide, as always, for you to help live a more empowered life. I give you this information, not so that you can read it for fun and pleasure. It is a way for you to notice the energies that are coming up so that you can stop self-sabotaging your success and start to live a life that is less stressful, less anxiety ridden, and more in alignment with the life that you truly want to live.

Now onto the horoscope

Some of the same old tensions about your self worth, old patterns coming up to trigger growth in you, and perhaps familial drama are not going away. So again, my promise is not that you will magically see the sea part and you have this suddenly better. What I will say is I see this as the beginning of a shift. You have the opportunity to approach these areas in new and different ways. To get out of your comfort zone. Calculated risks are what will help you create opportunity in your life. Staying stuck and not willing to change are going to close the door on some opportunities for you to step into your purpose.

What I see that I may not have mentioned for while, even though it was always in the background is also you knowing that you have what you need to create a secure foundation for yourself. You have to believe that you have a unique place in this world. You have to also realize that while it may feel like life is changing to the point of being unrecognizable, it sounds weird to say that you have to be a little self centered here…. in a healthy way…. what are you going to need in order to evolve and grow so that you can be better in your own life, in your relationships, in your career? Stop projecting your problems on what you see outside of you. They are only a lagging measure of what is going on internally. I love this saying on the wall at Orange Theory…. “Change comes from the inside.”

There are so many things that are being highlighted and called into question and these aren’t surface things. These are important and deep things. There are so many blessings right now that are leading you towards growth and change but it can feel like a pendulum is swinging wildly before you are finally able to feel balance.

There is a new moon in Leo this week that is a wonderful time for you to do all these things I have mentioned even if you may have been scared. It is a powerful moon to be brave and step into your power to help manifest the things that you want to create. You are being called to really examine how your ego gets in the way and see how you can shift the self sabotage you allow in your life… thru crappy relationships, limiting fears, anxieties, lies you tell yourself to help you play small….. and step into your power and your truth.

With Mercury also turning direct, it is a signal that you can wrap your mind around becoming this new version of who you always were inside. You get to put your ideas out there and really believe that you have the power to create whatever you want in life. To feel more free and fun about the things that sing to your heart and admit to yourself where you want those things and be brave enough to recognize where you don’t have them and stand up for yourself and invest in yourself and your ability to stop settling and grasp the opportunity to have what you truly deserve.

Whether you know it or now, the choices you make now, are a signal to universe related to the things you want to have a long lasting impact on your life. There is so much energy here to support you so while you may feel a tug of war inside or feel disconnected from the divine or your inner guidance system, it’s all still available to you but this is a time where your mind will start to help you slowly but surely. You will still be trying to use discernment to understand next steps and get your heart and your head on the same page. It will not be easy. You can choose to stand in your power or you can choose to let all this trigger you and cause disruptions in your life that are overreactive and mentally and socially damaging.

Stepping into the weekend, I see productive times to plan, adjust, work on things that matter to you, and take some time to withdraw to think about your next steps. You an organize your life, your home, your thoughts, and start trying to make sense of some of the things that you have been going thru. What has to be refined and purified so that your life has more meaning and purpose and structure?The the family and the foundations that will support you? The mature mindset so that you can keep your momentum going forward? This is a perfect time to recognize where you may have been trying to get things done on your own and have met blocks where working with a guru can help you.

I can see that for some of you, what you may see is that you may be taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back like that swinging pendulum and what I can see is some opportunity to pair up with someone that can help you make stepping into the energy that I see, easier for you. I don’t think you will see that until the end of the week. Maybe after grappling with things yourself and meeting roadblocks, you notice that there is some help available thru some partnership that may even be unexpected or uncharacteristic of you but it is beneficial so if this is something that you have been going thru, stop trying to do things alone. Especially if if’s getting you nowhere. Choose you.

I feel very strongly about helping you if you are self sabotaging and want to finally leave the past in the past and finally live a life of success. One that you know that you can have but for some reason, you feel stuck. Remember that I offer one off coaching sessions if you need a little help as a one time strategy session. I also have some open seats and have availability to accept new clients for 3 month 1:1 packages. If you want some help to push you forward on your path of growth and change. I’ll leave the links below.

Until next time