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The Key to Happiness

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No one or Nothing is responsible for your happiness!

I am going to say it again! 


Even as I type this today, from a space where I truly believe and embrace that statement, I still can’t help but think that it sounds a little harsh. It is not the way we were taught right? I grew up looking for happiness outside of myself. I looked for it from my first husband...yes he is now an ex, from my parents, and from my career. Not once did I look inside of myself and for that I suffered for many years.

Happiness, to me now, is satisfaction and contentment with life. I don’t think life has to be always good or positive to be happy. That’s subjective anyway, right?  Life is not always rainbows and ice cream cones. There are some real challenges and conflicts that you will go through. It is not because the universe is purposely trying to make you “unhappy”, it is because friction and pressure are the very things that cause some of the most beautiful things to materialize. Think about diamonds and pearls…. not the Prince song… but for real, there are some beautiful things that result from a not so beautiful process and I don’t think that’s by accident.

To have happiness in your life is to accept what is right now. Not what happened in the past, not what might happen in the future, but what is unfolding right now before your eyes. And to come to a space of true acceptance and contentment such as this... that happiness is created in you. It is created through your perspective and your chosen interpretation and subsequent actions related to the environment in which you are experiencing. 


You were given all that you need when you were born to tap into happiness--you. If you find that you don’t have it, you must look at yourself. I know that sounds easy to say, but it is as simple as being content with who you are for better or worse AS A WHOLE not regarding a temporary circumstance that you may be going through. Anything other than that is giving your power away. 

Your job is not responsible for fulfilling you, your lover is not, your children aren’t either, nor are your parents. The circumstances upon which you live in and the people you surround yourself with are free to be who and what they are in that moment…. unless you have a magic wand… otherwise, it is up to you if you choose to give your power away and react to these instances and allow them to impact the BEING of who you are negatively AS A WHOLE.

So, this is not to be dismissive of your feelings, or say that happiness is always being positive with a smile on your face no matter what, it is showing you that everyone experiences ups and downs but the impact that these have on you and your happiness, with full awareness that you are not immune to these things, is up to you.

What are you going to choose?


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