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Weekly Horoscope for July 22-28, 2019

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Even though I was gone on vacation, a lot has been going on that you may have missed. You missed an awesome two day workshop where I taught other men and women how to tap into their intuition and protect their energy from negativity. I dropped gems that explained the psychological, spiritual, and biochemical links with intuition and empathy. Last week, there was a whole free oracle card reading class on my Facebook page. Also, inside of my Facebook group, I went live to teach them what true healthy empathy looks like and to teach them how to be compassionate towards the people they care about without picking up their energy.

So now, here we are, back in the swing of things…. Let’s check out what the week brings.

You start out the week with a little bleed over from the weekend plus the Sun enters Leo….. hey Leo season. The positive leftover energy is from a trine that opens up an opportunity for you to connect a few things. You may have a truth revealed, a deep truth about your soul’s purpose, calling, or desire and find that it helps you feel more centered and secure in your own skin. Another way that this may play out is by allowing you to relax and be less serious about life and have some fun, maybe with family or people that you care deeply about.

Some of those karmic ties that the full moon eclipse was helping you deal with have been starting to come to light so that you can deal with them and release them. Any help with addictions and unhealthy behaviors have an opportunity to be dealt with head on. All of these sound amazing to me.

You may feel a big shift between the start of the day on Monday vs the end of the day. What seemed like a more deep or collective focus, turns into a self directed focus and you may be thinking about what you can do, how you can act, to actualize all of the things that have been coming up over the past week or so. Here is the thing though… I want to tell you about some potential blocks so that you don’t run into any frustrations.

First of all, if you haven’t read my Mars in Leo article, read it. With some Aries energy going on during the week, because you are intentionally or unintentionally self motivated, that less beneficial aspects of that energy could be heightened but also, the positive traits of that energy can be heightened. You may feel very motivated and optimistic about the things that you want or desire for yourself.

The issue is that there may be perceived blocks and frustrations or else tension. You can’t just compulsively try to drive forward on sheer energy, force, determination, and hustle. Especially when retrograde season is forcing you to slow down and do the deep work to build something lasting. You may feel like things are trying to dull your fire because your patience can be really thin during transits like these but pushing more is not going to work. Where are you trying to do something and skip steps or not have a full plan put into place? Why must you refuse to make the changes that you know you need to make? You know what you need to know to move forward and be unstuck, but for some reason you won’t do it, yet you whine about why you feel stuck and not moving forward…. stop it.

If you are doing what you need to do, you may just find it frustrating that you have to slow down and not do things as fast as you would like or you may find that you don’t see eye to eye with authority and parental issues may be triggered. On a global level, as I stated weeks ago, tensions could be high there as well. Situations in which you previously found comforting can seem uncomfortable in this energy.

Where are you holding on tight to something that needs to change? Like a comfort zone? You may be stuck or are being stubborn in some way when you need to let go, be free, and shine your light. Loosen up a little. Have fun. Own your own and beautiful self in this world. Check your self worth and self esteem and shine your light. You have a unique beauty to share with the world.

If you feel like you are already shining your light, but still experiencing tension, you may need to look at how your ego may be compensating for any issues with your personal security and value and check those.

I sound like a tape recorder but you are at a time where you should still be journaling and checking in with your intuition above all else. You will have so many things coming in that can help you align with your life purpose and what is best for you but you have to be open to the fact that the help may not come in the way that you expect that it should. You also need to be open to the truth. Not a fantasy, not an illusion, the truth.

The truth in many different forms is going to be that thing that is going to set you free.

There are many opportunities that you can create for yourself this week to connect on a deeper, more honest, and possibly romantic level with someone that you feel closely linked to. The connection to your creativity and the divine is very high this week. There are also many opportunities, midweek, and beyond, to really work on any projects or things that you want to manifest. You will have outstanding support for this.

This is a powerful time for useful ideas and other information that will advance your desires or your self growth in some way but you need to be doing the work. Don’t ask me what that means. If you have to ask, you aren’t doing it. Are you showing up every damn day and doing everything in your power to create a better life for yourself inside and out? If you aren’t then that’s your answer. This is something I help my coaching clients figure out, so if you are stuck, I have availability. Check this link for more information.

To wrap up the week, you are just trying to gain some sense of balance to get ready for next week. How can you gain new insights and balance growth without things feeling so heavy and serious and missing out on fun? As the truth is revealed to you, what does that mean for you going forward? You know you need to change but WHAT do you need to do and learn to make that change?

As you search for these answers they may make you feel even more confused and overwhelmed but if you surrender to the process, you will find that in due time, it will all make sense. Learning how to recognize patterns, clues, and intuitive hits are the things that are going to help you call in more alignment and opportunities in your life. Learn how to do those things and you will have gained some invaluable tools to help you leave the past in the past and start moving forward.

If you want to get in on the juicy gems that I teach to help you with these things, you should join me over on Facebook in Yashica’s Intuition Consciousness Collective. It is a growing and engaged group that started in June and is growing by the day. I love to share insight and truth in there and they sometimes get exclusive access to things early.