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Free Masterclass- Personal Boundaries

yashica crumpton
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Join us Sunday, Aug 18 at 6pm CST inside of my Facebook Group, Yashica's Intuition Consciousness Collective, where we will be discussing all things related to Personal Boundaries.

We have masterclasses every month. This month we will be talking about personal boundaries.

This is for the person that

🌟gives their all and wonder why you don't receive the same in return

🌟is in relationships and environments that feel depleting and draining

🌟 is having trouble speaking up for yourself and being brave enough to live your life how you truly feel inside

You will learn:

🌟 more about personal boundaries

🌟 more about healthy vs unhealthy boundaries

🌟 how to create healthy boundaries

There is no catch, no pitch, just an honest class and conversation about something that can help us all.

Click the link below to learn more