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Weekly Horoscope for August 26- September 1, 2019

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Whew. It has been a long time since I have last spoken to you. Most of you know where I’ve been but for those of you that don’t know… my uncle was sick and then passed. I took some time off for that, but I am happy to be back just in time to talk to you about the weekly horoscope and the special new moon happening on August 30.

The week starts off very interestingly because I feel like there may be some tension or something that may trigger something you are trying to heal or your sense of identity. I see this trigger as something that is trying to get you to break free from a comfort zone or some other deep seated pattern so that you can try something new that would be helpful to you. 

Since Virgo is so prominent in all these opportunities, you may find you are able to open up or be honest about something that leads to an unexpected opportunity for you. The way that I see it is that if you can act bravely and bold and put yourself out there, you seem to have some very favorable energy surrounding you that will help you out quite nicely. Where this can be particularly beneficial for you is by putting yourself out there and socializing, it can be great in your relationships, or you may notice something of financial abundance. It’s really weird because I see this being most beneficial during the daytime hours (depending on where you live) because it seems like in the afternoon, a flip is switched where you may feel quite the opposite energy and may need to keep it low key, particularly on Monday night.

While you know you need to grow, expand, and learn new things, you may have to fight your urge to stay with the tried and true. It’s like you know there are positive things that you can have but you have to dig deep inside to find the momentum to keep pushing forward towards what you know is good for you. My best advice for you is that even if you feel like you are losing your hope and optimism, you must almost force yourself to stick with something that will lead to your truest desires. If you can stick with it even when you don’t feel like it, you may be pleased at the breakthru that you may be able to experience early in the week.

I want to warn you that there is lots of passionate energy this week that is there to help drive you towards your urges, but you must take care to direct that passion and energy in a positive direction for fear that it quickly turns into anger or frustration and causes you to act out of character. You can sometimes feel like you know the answer but by acting prematurely on mistaken “instincts” your impulses can get you into hot water. Channel all this passion and desire into the things that you want to manifest or your creative power. If you need some tips on how to do so, catch the latest episode of my podcast.

Since we are moving into New Moon energy, midweek is a great time to wrap up some projects, examine if you are on track with the direction that you want to move in, and start thinking about what it is you need to do, who you need to become, and what you want to call in for the next moon cycle. I wouldn’t start anything new, I would concentrate on tying up loose ends so you can move forward lighter and more free and make way for new things to come into your life. I think there are many times that you will feel inspired this week so having a notebook with you at all times will be very beneficial this week.

Right before the weekend, Mercury and the Moon will be moving into Virgo. Virgo will help give you that bit of practicality that you need to understand what you need to more deeply understand more about yourself as an individual and what power you need to tap into in order to create major change and transformation in your life. This can feel scary but will be super beneficial for you. Anything you need to detox or release, let it go! There is so much possibility for change this week. I am so excited!

This is all inching you towards the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th… the second New Moon of the month. Instinctually, you may feel like there are changes that you need to make even if you cannot find a logical reason for the changes. Trust and go with them once you feel aligned in your heart and your head. I have developed a wonderful FREE course to help you learn how to trust your inner self and connect with positive energy that allows you to live life as the best version of yourself. If this is something that you think would help you trust and strengthen your faith, I would love for you to take this course.

This moon is connected to some powerful energy of surprise so it is hard to tell exactly how it will impact your life. All I can say is trust what is unfolding because it will be the driver for bringing you into alignment with your purpose. So much is lining up to help you align with pure love, the work that you do, better daily routines, better health, and more. You will be given the opportunity to tap into something very powerful and if you are willing-- you will see that you will be able to create something solid for yourself. You will have to work hard to stay positive and not be so hypercritical about things. If you are prone to anxiety you must not let that take you away from that which you really want in life. I cannot stress this enough, luck is on your side but you have to help out and make a daily routine and schedule that matches the life you want for yourself and helps you become the person you want to become. It must be the best version of yourself.

I think the universe will help you by showing you these unexpected surprises which let you know you are on the right path and then in turn, you are able to dig in deep for more hard work and patience. You are able to see that your hard work will be worth in and you will be able to continue to do what you need to do to continue to reap rewards. 

The energy may seem serious and practical but this is what helps you ground your desires and your thoughts into real tangible wins that you can cross off of your goals. 

This week you must be open to all opportunities that open up for you and be willing to examine any areas of tension in your life and deal with them head on so that you can capitalize on the true power of this week. If you have been doing the work towards becoming your best self, this week will seem so positive for you. If you haven’t, you will have many things come up that will open your eyes to what you need to deal with but because I see so many unexpected lucky opportunities, you don’t need to be hard on yourself if you haven’t because there is still ample time to turn things around.

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