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Saturn Retrograde 2019 Effects

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Here is a replay from IG Live where I talk all about Saturn Retrograde

Saturn will be retrograde from April 29-Sep 18 and the main theme that you will notice or the main question that you need to ask yourself is

“Are you happy with the legacy that you are building?”

Saturn is linked to Karma. You can also think of Saturn as a stern authority Figure. I spoke about Saturn in Capricorn here and I also spoke about the last time Saturn went Retrograde. Make sure you check out these articles for a deeper understanding.

Have you been on your grind? Have you been taking care of your shit? There is something in your life that you cannot continue to gloss over or keep your mouth shut about. You need this thing to be taken care of before you can move on. You need to masted this before you can move forward. You may feel like you are being tested and this is not easy and it’s not sexy, but I promise you, if you stand in your truth and do what you need to do, it will be worth it.

If you want to act dumb or not do the work, Saturn is like that stern parent that caught you slipping…. caught you doing something you shouldn’t have been doing…Now what? What are you going to do about it?

I don’t want it to all seem scary because if you have been doing the hard work to put your name and your mark on something, expect positive karma from your past actions.

Don’t believe what people tell you and pay attention to details during this time. Rely on your own strength, will, guts, and determination.

Get rid of broken shit!

There is some destiny or fate tied to this transit because Saturn will meet up with the South Node so be prepared.

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