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Saturn In Capricorn December 2017 Introduction: Astrology Report

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Saturn In Capricorn
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Saturn in Capricorn is an astrological transit that began in December of 2017 and will have an impact on our lives from then up until December 2020. I am sure that I will have many thoughts as this energy plays a role in shaping our lives, but what follows are some of my initial thoughts and opinions about this transit.

Leaving Saturn in Sagittarius Behind

Just to briefly understand the energy that we are leaving behind, I would like to briefly touch on Saturn's impact in Sagittarius. There comes a time when we go through a transformational period where life seems to blow up in our face as we gain access to deeper parts of ourselves and the intimate relationships that we find ourselves entrenched in. Because of this, life never feels the same. To be honest, the past 6 years have probably felt like this, but specifically, the past 3 years are where we are most recently coming out of and starting anew.

Saturn in Sag is all about truth and faith. Here is the kicker though... it's not the truth and faith that other people have taught us about or conforming to the truth and faith that may be "right" for the particular social structure that we identify with or have identified with for most of our lives, it is the truth and faith that we adopt after much philosophical examination of the experiences that have shaped us thus far. During this process we get to learn a higher way of thinking. We get to evolve into a more mature or advanced way of thought. We realize, through this internalization process, what is true and what is fake and here is the kicker..... even if we try to avoid what was revealed, our subconscious knows that we can never go back. In a very simplistic view, this is what our past few years have been all about.

Saturn in Capricorn- the basic energy of both

To understand how Saturn in Capricorn will impact us, I would like to briefly provide some info about Saturn and Capricorn

Saturn- Is a planet and rules Capricorn. Carries an energy associated with constriction, restriction, limitation, rules, authority, and structure. Saturn is all about boundaries, responsibilities, commitment, and self-control. Saturn is our stern parent that calls us to get to work and to work hard. I am going to call Saturn he. He teaches us hard lessons but promises us that if we do the work, we will be rewarded. Think of it this way, we will get our allowance if we do all our chores and do them right. No shortcuts. Some of these rewards will require tenacity and determination to stick with something no matter what.

Capricorn- Is the 10th sign in the zodiac. Capricorn is not scared of working hard to accomplish tangible results. Capricorn is fully invested in taking advantage of opportunities and working hard to manifest whatever opportunity has been opened up. Capricorn represents status, place in society, purpose, true callings, legacies, physical structures, government, family, and your reputation. Capricorn represents the movement from finding truth, exploration, philosophy, and/or higher learning and then taking those things uncovered and integrating them into your life.

Saturn in Capricorn- So as you can see, these energies are very harmonious and similar to each other. What this can mean for us, on a basic level, is that the structure and beliefs in our lives that don't serve us... fears and patterns that come from ourselves, our families, society, our darker sides... those have been called out and will continue to be called out.... which then leaves us open to restructuring so that we can build our life on more firm and solid foundations.

This is important because if we can be committed to something and put in the work.... if we can put ourselves out there in the world in service of that big thing that we want to accomplish.... without attachment to the outcome..... this transit promises reward in the area of life that it affects. This will be unique to all of us. I want us to pay attention to this because we can manifest big things for ourselves being that we are working with earth energy and unlike the energy of Saturn in Sag, which worked on something more intangible like our philosophy, we can reap tangible rewards.... as long as our actions are in alignment with the authentic self that was revealed. Our perseverance thru the next 3 years will be rewarded.

Suggestions on how to capitalize on this energy

  • Get focused
  • Harness true energy for manifesting- Manifestation is not accomplished thru rushing and hoping but thru aligning with a true purpose, showing up, and doing the hard work
  • Mindset is important- Napoleon Hill has amazing books about mindset. Here is one that is free if you have kindle unlimited.
  • Mastery is important. Work on doing something well and providing value to the human experience whether it be something personal or something more externally impactful. Here are two books about mastery, book 1 and book 2
  • Get a coach or mentor (I offer a very affordable and effective coaching package. Email me at yashicasintuition@gmail.com for more details)
  • Meditation and relaxation help not only with restoration, but also with focus and internal alignment.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information is helpful for you to feel empowered and work towards something big in your life. This is some big and very important energy in your life and I want you to go forth and be great. I know sometimes when everything is being turned upside down, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Never forget that by obtaining a reading from me, you will be given the information you need to sort thru all the fog and have some clear inslght into issues that hold you back and stop you from moving forward. You can learn more about purchasing a private reading here

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