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Saturn Retrograde April 2018

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Saturn began its retrograde in Capricorn yesterday, April 17, 2018


Saturn is going to be retrograde from April 17, 2018 till September 6, 2018 and to understand how this will impact you and how you can use this energy for your highest and best good, it is important that I give you a little bit of background on the energies involved in this retrograde. 

I have spoken about Saturn in this Saturn in Capricorn article, when it first dipped into Capricorn in December 2017. Saturn is all about order, discipline, and self-restraint. It is about creating something real in the world, thru hard work and mastery, that aligns with your true purpose that you were put on this earth to fulfill... your legacy. 

Saturn is not here for the games. I always say that Saturn is like that stern male energy in your life that wants to instill hard work, earning your keep, and becoming a contributing member of society into your psyche. He ain't with shortcuts or trying to push your way to the top. Try to take shortcuts or do things in a way that is not part of your larger plan? Prepare to be checked!

Saturn retrograde is the perfect opportunity to go back and re-tweak and refine some things in your life. It could also be a time where there may be some karma that is implemented based on past actions. Those of you that really need to sort some stuff out, especially if you KNOW you have some growing to do and are refusing, you will have some lessons come up. Immaturity, disrespect, and living life without a plan are all up for grabs. So is negativity, worn out ways of thinking, and structures and boundaries that are past their prime. And Pluto retrograde is coming right behind Saturn.... but we will save that for a future post.

You could feel like things are slowing down in some area of life and while you may see it as something negative, look at it as a time to reap rewards for some hard work you have done and reassess if you are still on the path to manifesting something practically in your life.


I spoke about how Capricorn's energy closely aligns with Saturn's making this the prime time to work toward a life legacy, focus on a mastery that can benefit you for most of your lifetime, or to step into your true calling and purpose here on this earth, in a very matter of fact, unsexy but beneficial, practical way.  

I have been talking extensively how we may be feeling the need to grow into something. We want to mature and to evolve and create big things for ourselves. We could be feeling this pressure to grow up or to start to live the truth, experience, and knowledge that we have worked so hard on over the past 3 years. When Saturn goes retro, we are given this extra bit of time to focus on something because it is extra important.... pay attention.

Now think about the Karate kid.... now we have this Mr Miyagi energy, that stern energy that was shaping Daniel into the Karate kid, really up all in our grill making us wax on and wax off and calling us to task if we have gotten lazy. All the shit that Daniel thought was stupid.... member what happened if he didn't do it? Now think about Daniel felt when he finally realized what that wax on/wax off had to do with his bigger goal of learning to fight.

That's Saturn retrograde. If you have done the work, it will click and you may even experience some initial reward. This is only the beginning and if you keep it up and focus on mastery, it will get better and better. If you thought you could fool Mr Miyagi.... look out. If something does come up to show you where things need to tighten up, don't dispair, put on your big girl/boy/gender neutral pants on and figure the shit out! And do it with a good attitude. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Daniel didn't always know why he was doing something, but we all know that he reaped the rewards once he surrendered and honored the process. 


  • Ask yourself: Are you working towards mastery? Towards something sustainable? If not, get it together!
  • Tighten up your bad habits
  • Get rid of stuff that is not aligned with your future that you envision for yourself
  • Get your attitude and your mind right. Thoughts become things? Have your thoughts become negative? Have you lost your happiness and optimism? What can you do to get it back? 
  • Learn the true science about how to manifest your goals. It has to do with learning mastery of manipulation of resources as well as the mind. Holla below if you want me to talk about it. 
  • Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take calculated risks. Especially if your heart is guiding you to do so.... that connection to spirit and heart is heightened. Trust yourself. 
  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.






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