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New Moon in Aries Thoughts

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We just experienced a powerful New Moon in Aries on April 15, 2018 that I just realized that I didn't talk to you about so I am just updating you on some energies. The new moon energy is powerful for about 2 weeks so you still have time to capitalize on it before we experience the powerful Full moon in Scorpio.

Before I get into some tips and tricks, here is a new moon ritual that I like that you could try.

  • I feel like this marked the "real" beginning of the new year. The start of everything. The stepping out, the mastery. It's go time.
  • We have some really heightened intuition and spiritual energy to help us. Use it!
  • Mercury is linked to our mind and it is now direct and I think it will help our understanding of the new things that we need to embrace. It is still a little behind, so be graceful with yourself if you don't quite understand things. I hope you are realizing though, if you do what is needed, you WILL be rewarded


  • This new energy is a bit ahead of what your mind can process right now but remember you are not alone. I want you to also note that you are enough, you are whole, you have everything you need available to you. YOU ARE ENOUGH


  • Get into the spirit of change. You are able to make profound changes that can impact your life for a very long time so take this seriously.

Stay alert and be calculated but brave. There may be some volatility but stay woke and stay aware! There is an important shift in progress and I will talk to you about it. I already mentioned Saturn Retrograde but there is Pluto going retrograde, Chiron in Aries, the Sun moving into Taurus, and much more. 





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