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Weekly Horoscope for April 29-May 5, 2019

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We start off the week with heavy hitter Saturn going retrograde. Make sure you check the blog for my thoughts on this. I did an IG live on the topic but the replay is posted here on the blog. I also spoke about Pluto Retrograde earlier in the week and that will also be important to you for about 5 months. They are going retrograde in the same sign so this is something to pay close attention to.

You may have an opportunity to stumble across something that will be beneficial to you as we step into the new week, if you are willing to be open to unexpected insights and/or opportunities. These unexpected portals of energy can help awaken you to your deepest desire. You can take visions of something and manifest them into your reality. There is this dreamy, ethereal energy available to you and it has a heightened ability to combine with earthly energy to create something beautiful and as long as things are safe, this energy is golden. You will have to be the catalyst for this energy to materialize into something beneficial. The beginning of the week is also a good, positive time to initiate something that you may want to go in your favor.

You may still be sensitive but because the connection to the energies of others combined with your own stuff, you may not be seeing things clearly and you can easily pick up on things that aren’t for your highest and best good. Watch you boundaries and safety. On the positive side, this beautiful energy is something that you want to tap into if you want to escape reality in a healthy and safe way…. it can be very sacred for you.

Watch you passions and other strong energies because they can lead to some uncharacteristic actions this week. You may feel a little off balance as you try to wrap your head around the deep feelings and emotions that you may be experiencing right now.

You know there are things that you need to deal with and you will be able to dig deeper and examine those things on a deeper level to deal with what can no longer be ignored. These intense feelings that lead to subconscious examination will be beneficial for you because you will be able to breathe fresh life into that which is dying and needs a rebirth, but you will also be able to also release that which needs to die. If you deal with the pain instead of trying to numb it, you will have an opportunity to move forward positively in some area of your life. The opportunity to see yourself in a new light and be flexible to restructuring your approach can impact you in a positive way. You are being called to try new things and be flexible but you still must commit to something if you want to create anything of lasting value for yourself.

You are trying to find balance between all of the different things spinning in your head VS. getting focused and disciplined to stay the course to building something lasting for yourself. You are maturing as a soul but your mind is grasping at any information that it can take in to try to understand what is going on. While it sounds scary, if you give yourself some alone time and grace, this process should feel a little easier than it has felt in the past. Some of you are uncomfortable with admitting that you may be all you can control…. you may try and force an internal process on an external circumstance or relationship and cause unnecessary friction. What you are going through right now is all for your personal growth and your maturity and expansion. Your ability to adopt new ideas and beliefs will be beneficial to you walking more in alignment with your truth and purpose even if it doesn’t feel so good. You are undergoing mental change and transformations that may be private for right now.

As we move closer to the weekend, you will start to feel more fun, daring, and noncommittal. You may want to shake things up and the overall energy is very egocentric, which is not going to get along well with authorities or other people trying to stop your shine or get in the way of your own personal agenda. You could be prone to quick, impulsive bouts of energy but lack the lasting power or planning needed to follow things thru to the end. This could also feel like bursts of energy coupled with feelings of being tired. Pace yourself.

Overall though, as we move into the weekend, you are feeling more secure and comfortable, on a personal level, than you may have felt in a while. You have the chance to shine bright and can be popular but in a sea of other people also experiencing this ego focused energy at the same time, it can also cause some disruptions among others. The Moon teaming up with Uranus can make for some impulsive incidents stemming from deep within that can be triggered by your ego. You will need to be true to yourself during this time but you will also need to find a way to express yourself authentically and in a respectful way.

On Saturday, we have a New Moon in Taurus so make sure you check back on the blog for my thoughts on this new moon. The energy that this transit ushers in will open up a potential opportunity for you to create something real and practical based on some divine insights that you have been given. In fact, this whole week is good for that. You must meet the universe halfway on these chances that I speak of. You have the opportunity to rise above any difficulties that you may be experiencing and maturely move forward to master yourself and the environments in which you exist.

You can be on edge because you have to work to readjust and rework your plan considering the things being revealed. You may feel disillusioned with the direction that you have been traveling in and need to reorganize your life around the new ideas and the chances for rebirth and rebuilding that are being shown to you. You must know that Taurus is calling you to take practical action, not just think about the things you need to do or the things you want to have. Yes, you need a vision, but you need action, growth, and maturity. This is a chance to create something big and lasting for yourself. Don’t let it pass you by!

Here is a brief video overview and tarot reading if you are short on time or want more information about this week.

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