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Full Moon in Capricorn June 2018

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On June 27, 2018 right before 10pm PST the moon became full in Capricorn at 6 degrees


Full moons usually bring closure or culminations. This full moon in in the task master of Capricorn and is jutting right up against Saturn in Capricorn. Some of the things that you have been working on since January, at the Capricorn new moon, may be coming into culmination and I invite you to check out some of these resources to get a better understanding of what may be happening for you. Although we have a long road to go, as discussed initially when  Saturn went into Capricorn maybe some of the beginnings of these manifestations will begin to take shape from now thru the eclipse season.... don't forget that you can preorder your eclipse report here.... we will be having 3 of them right after the other and they bring with them major life changing events.

This full moon is at about 6 degrees Capricorn. This screams of a more serious, challenging, responsible full moon. It wants us to be disciplined and focused. You will have to dig in deep, put your nose to the grindstone, and walk the middle path towards your goals, life purpose and such. Family and work could be tough among other things, especially with important male figures or authority figures in your life. You will definitely have to be strong and look for the silver lining but you have so much help to get things right, such as Saturn in Retrograde, and more, so hang in there. Rewards are promised. I've been talking to you about this for a while. You are working towards something karmically big so it will NOT be easy!

If you feel like things are too heavy, here is some more help by way of Uranus in Taurus to help you as well as Neptune going retrograde. You will be able to see thing gradually more clearly and I believe the upcoming Mercury retrograde will also be helpful. Don't expect things to unfold drastically, but do expect that you will receive unexpected breakthrus and insights that will gradually move you forward towards your next phase in life. The things with this is that you have to not only trust the direction/information. you then have to trust and put in the work. YOU MUST SHOW UP!

As with all full moons, it marks some doors closing and others opening, especially with us pretty much in the very early energies of the eclipse season. I have a series of journalling questions at the end to help prompt you to keep moving towards the open doors and relapsing and aligning with things that don't serve you.

This moon brings up that stern protector that I talked about in the other Saturn articles that I linked above and this person is sitting you down because they love you and they have your back but they want you to do what you need to do to break free and realize a hope or a dream.

Lastly, if you are not in a situation in alignment with something that is ultimately meant for you and your karma, this could feel extra heave but you are the one responsible for your success and growth! No one else is obligated to move forward with you on your unique journey. It sounds sad but true.... I hope it brings more empowerment to you! Do you, no one else can!



  • I am going to suggest journaling and introspection due to so many planets retrograde and the major eclipses coming up so I have some prompters to journal on during this time
    • How are you doing since Jan 2018?
    • Are you really ready for the things that you say you want? Your biggest hopes and dreams. If not, what can you do to get back in alignment?
    • Where are you not listening to yourself or trusting spirit?
    • Where have you lost steam on your goals and why?
  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.






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