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Uranus in Taurus

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Uranus entered into Taurus May 15, 2018 for the first time


Uranus is the god of the sky and rules Aquarius. It is a planet that is focused on change, on what's in store for tomorrow. It is not so keen on doing things the way that they have always been done and likes to think outside the box and shake things up. Uranus is linked to innovation and change... to technology. 

It is a highly intuitive energy which I describe more as having instant downloads of information and insight or genius. That ah-ha moment that came from out of nowhere.... that's is what I feel like Uranus is like. 

Uranus moves extremely slow, orbits are over 80 years long, so it spends a lot of time in each sign.... about 7 years. 

Just imagine this energy touching that special point in your chart.... it will end up making you feel like you need to break free and maybe do the unexpected in some area of our life.  What I love though, is that Uranus is moving into an earth sign so some of the craziness that we have experienced may feel a little bit more grounded or settled.

Because these bigger outer planets effect society at large, note that we will be in for some unexpected shakeups as a whole, areas that are widely expected to be impacted are the financial market, perhaps agriculture, wealth, using technology for pleasure, beauty, art, architecture, music and more. 


I am amazed at how much attention this transit is getting. Probably because we hear the words disruption and surprises and we all want to shit our pants. I get it. I am going to touch on some things I think that will happen individually, but first let me mention some collective things. Because Taurus is an earth sign, that will be one place, literally, where this energy will cause disruptions. There may be changes in agriculture, sustainability, weather patterns, quantum sciences (my intuition), and more. We will also probably see changes in money and all the other things that I previously mentioned. Uranus is a planet that touches the collective so it will shape society at large.

Individually, the single most powerful thing that I want to point out that I feel is possible is a disruptive, innovative force around quantum physics that will allow us to be able to realize how we can further shift and manipulate energy/matter in very powerful, forward thinking ways. This, I feel, will give us the ability to manifest in different ways and alter or activate our DNA in order to change the shape of the "past" as well as the "present".  Because the New Moon in Taurus accompanied this transit, it is assisting this change by further thrusting us into a very powerful karmic shift. This is not something everyone is talking about, but I feel like its time to learn about the true pure form of manifestation and since the energy is irritable, this is a powerful time where we need to pay attention to our creative energy because we can either manipulate this highly charged energy for better or for worse.

Aside from the larger things that I mentioned, I feel like we will be re-evaluating where our value and sense of security lies. Do you place these things in people and environments outside of yourself? Do you base your worth and value on things that don't really matter in life? Where is it that you lack your own inner security or self worth? These things are up for grabs to be shaken up so that you can wake up. 

I don't want you to think it is all scary. Because Taurus touches on real estate and money, perhaps things may have to go thru some ups and downs but in the end you are smarter with money, work a job you love, have more money than you ever dreamed of, you have the home of your dreams, and your self worth is thru the roof. You are integrating and respecting the things that are more valuable to you and getting more serious about creating security for yourself. I feel like most disruptions tend to feel worse when we don't want to recognize that we are living a life incongruent with our higher purpose.


I love astrology right, but I am not what I would call a die hard astrologer so what I am calling a trine may not quite mathematically be one, but at least for most of this year, whenever Uranus is in Taurus (remember he will go back into Aries for a bit), there is an opportunity period that we all need to pay attention to. We have these golden moments to help us make the changes that we need to make or accept the shake ups of life, with more ease and grace. We are able to see the higher purpose and feel grounded that our life is moving towards the better even if it sometimes feels out of control.

This energy may give us these boosts to step into our life purpose so pay attention to this energy because this is when I think we will bring in innovation, manifestation, and creativity to mold something tangible in our life linked with our higher calling. You will almost feel like you are being thrust on your life path. I will always try to talk about these moments in my weekly videos or here on the blog. Pay close attention towards the end of this month and again around the middle of Scorpio season especially. It is a very serious energy but if you can stick with it, you will love what is possible.

Check out this tarot reading with 5 tips to help you with this energy then keep reading below for more tips.


  • Get back to mother earth. Tap into crystals. Become more earth conscious. Learn how to get off the grid a little more.

  • Think quality over quantity in all areas of life

  • Examine your values, self worth, and inner security... not just the outer stuff

  • Be open to change and reform. There may be some sharp up and downs while we find the balance between what stays and goes... between tradition and the new...between being free vs being grounded... it will balance out, but there needs to be a healthy middle ground. think about how this applies in your own life


  • if you want a career in tech or anything cutting edge, now is your time

  • Journal, you will be getting downloads and sparks of genius related to your hopes, dreams, and life purpose. Keep track of them and then manipulate the hell out of this energy

  • Start respecting your resources. There is an opportunity to gain a lot but also lose a lot.

  • Is your job in alignment with your true purpose and if not how can you close the gap and get closer? This energy supports that.

  • Keep your eyes open for the stubbornness of those that don't want things to change or the other extreme... radicals..... I don't think we are out of the woods of people taking things into their own hands but it may be done differently.

  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.






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