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Jupiter in Sagittarius

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On November 8, 2018 Jupiter entered the sign of Sagittarius to stay until approx Dec 3, 2019


I spoke a lot about the energy of Sagittarius in this blog post corresponding to the full moon that was there over the spring time of this year.


I spoke a lot about the energy of Jupiter in the Jupiter in Scorpio video that covered the period of Dec 2017 till this transit took place on Dec 8th. I also posted an article during Jupiter’s retrograde period to give you all a little bit more information on Jupiter. It would be wise to go back over and reflect on the information from that video as you start to prepare for what this Jupiter in Sagittarius period has in store for us all.

Now we are moving into a period of Jupiter moving into an area that it feels much more comfortable in, unlike Scorpio. In this area in the cosmos, Jupiter is thought to be especially lucky… but as I always say, too much of anything is not always a good thing so let me help break it down for you in a simplistic way.


As I stated, Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius and is thought to be lucky in this area. At it’s best, this transit can feel warm, fun, and outgoing. It is an energy linked to wisdom and truth and a higher type of learning and maturity. It is visionary. It is the guru. There may be a pull towards things having to do with travel, adventure, and authenticity. Spirituality can be highlighted. I also feel like this is the break free moment for that next adventure in life after undergoing a deep transformation in which you have evolved into someone totally different. You can’t go back. This can feel scary or it can feel limitless because there are no boundaries and you are able to help shape your own rules and life philosophy. It’s like jumping into deep water and not being able to feel the ground beneath your feet. This can feel good to those of us that want to break free… all we have to do is swim…. for some of us, to not feel grounded is to feel extremely insecure.

This seems so fucking long ago, but sit with me for a moment….. remember a long time ago when I spoke about Saturn in Sagittarius? That ish started way in 2014 or so and lasted until 2017. I knew it was rough and I told you we were destined for something great coming into our lives but it would not be immediate. From about 2014 till now, you got broken down so that you could live life more authentically and Saturn in Cap is making you work hard for that spark and that vision that was revealed to you but as your unconventional astrologer, I like to throw in my intuitive hits, and I feel like if you haven’t backslid… if you have hung in there…. you are going to start to see some of why things had to happen the way they did a while ago and you will start to see some rewards.

This is where I put my spin on things though, I feel like if you felt like you could still be the same person you were before, in the same relationships you were in, on the same level you were on….. Jupiter in Sag is gonna be a beast. Jupiter will highlight and exaggerate everything it touches. Your lack of honoring yourself and your life path…. your inner guru….. that is gonna be looking you square in the face and It wont be pretty. I am not saying this to scare you, I am saying this to let you know that you don’t get to not do the work and then wonder why you are in pain and misery and in the same station you were in life a long time ago. You always have the tools at your disposal to shape your life, and is never too late.

So what did you sow in that period of 2014-2017 that could be coming back to reward you? Did you deal with the shit you needed to deal with or did you manifest the side of Jupiter that just wants to have a good time, not pay attention to the details, not do the hard work, and then pretend everything is ok? On that note, although simplistic, I hope you have a bit of understanding of what we might be in for. Now I will leave you with some ideas on how to make this energy work for you!


  • Jupiter in this area can highlight the need for planning and methodical thinking because if you don’t do this, there is a tendency to get ahead of yourself, bite off more than you can chew, and end up exhausted. Pace yourself. Plan 2019. Stay grounded but think bigger for yourself. Dream the impossible. Make your 2019 goals limitless. Look at the big picture, but also remember the devil is in the details.

  • Go back and reflect on where you were during the time periods that I mentioned. What did you go thru? What shaped you during that time? Where did you need to mature and grow and expand your world beyond your comfort zone? Are you still growing or have you grown stagnant? What can you do about it?

  • Is it time for you to expand your educational opportunities or add some cultural enrichment in your life? This is a good time (BTW… I feel like the world may become even more seemingly divided because there are going to be those of us that open up and evolve but I feel like dogma can also be highlighted…. where people cling to their truth so much they refuse to stay open to other possibilities…. which may cause struggles…. don’t let that be you).

  • Know thyself (the theme of this type of energy…. I may even add know thyself so that you can in turn know others)... how can you get back to you, your truth, your inner compass.... and stop expecting the outer world to give you the answers? Occult study, esoteric study, spirituality, religion (minus dogma), alla that stuff... good time for it!

  • Save up for that trip you have always wanted to take, that class you keep putting off. The world is becoming increasingly smaller with the improvement of technology. Plane tickets are cheaper, there are free classes online, you can work from anywhere in the world. There may be other travel innovations that could make your dreams closer than they appear. Start your blog, write your book, tell your story! Capitalize on this.

  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.




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