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Full Moon in Zero Degrees Gemini November 2018

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On November 22, 2018 there will be a Full Moon in Gemini at approx 0 degrees at about 1140pm CST

Before I begin speaking about the energy of this very special full moon, I would like to invite you, as always, to begin to self reflect on how the New Moon that happened in Gemini over the summer energetically shifted you. I feel like it is important to link the past with the present and the now in order to be able to understand yourself in this lifetime. It was shortly after this time that I had to suddenly decide to move from Seattle and things quickly started to come together after that. I am now feeling a little bit more settled as I begin planting roots in a different area of the states.


This is some interesting energy for me to even begin to interpret. I mean the moon is basically making an ingress into Gemini. That’s a big deal. At zero degrees, things are critical, fresh, new. It signifies a new cycle…. a new evolutionary phase. Maybe even a crisis point, which aren’t always bad but most certainly takes us out of our comfort zone. But as I think about Gemini, its energy is so flexible, so non-committal, so flaky sometimes. Plus Mercury is retrograde… so I am basically intuitively feeling this out as I type this message. I barely have notes.

I mean this is a crapshoot right. There are definitely possibilities for unexpected breakthrus that can seem positive or negative depending on the receiver or giver…. not a magical message right. So the highlight is on communication, siblings, neighborhoods, commerce, learning new things, but with Mercury doing what it is doing, I am not confident how this will play out. I can only say it depends.

I would definitely try to keep holiday conversation light an surface, but for some of you that have a connection you can trust with the people that feel familiar to you, it could open up a new level of relating to each other that causes a very positive evolution or new beginning in the way that you will relate to one another. Open communication is almost always the key, but it certainly needs to happen at the right place and time and between the right people.

I feel like we almost have our mind operating not fully functional in the mature, highest octave that it could be operating in. I think that can pave the way for us saying what we think we feel or landing on a position we think we are certain of even though we are still mentally fleshing things out which could cause unintentional confusion. We are receiving an upgrade or download so that we can explore a new way of thinking and relating in some area but at the same time rewinding other parts of our mind to gain greater understanding and wisdom. Its a weird place to be sitting and because of that, I recommend internal communication and processing until this period passes because things may change several times before they are fleshed out or fully understood. And considering the fact that we are all going thru something new and major that is not fully formed yet, it makes me more inclined to suggest that we think before we speak, ask lots of questions, watch what we say, and relate with the utmost integrity. Just be curious and open to learning. Listen more than you speak.


  • I would encourage you to read the article I just posted about Jupiter in Sagittarius because this is a perfect time to dream limitless but focus on the details that are going to take you to that next step in life and help you accomplish something you would have never dreamed of.

  • Be open to learning new skills. You will usually have signs that it may be time to learn something new. The minute you think you know everything about something is the moment you stop living. I say this for all things…. see things and people from a more fresh perspective… even things you have done or tried before…. things or people you think you figured out, those could be opportunities to propel you so stay open.

  • Be out and about. This is no time to be sitting alone in the home. This is a social time to hang out because illuminations could come thru other people. It doesn’t have to be something big, just even around your neighborhood would do.

  • Step out of your comfort zone. Out of the place that feels secure and familiar to you. It may be time to shake things up, to be flexible, to expect the unexpected… in doing so, this is where part of your blessings from this full moon may lie.

  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.




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