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Weekly Tarot Reading for the Week of November 26, 2018- Align Your Life

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The theme for the message of the week comes from the Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell and this week you are being called to align your life. There are so many changes taking place in an active cosmos. So far, I have only been able to catch you up on two of them… Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Gemini but there is so much more going on. Neptune is going direct, Jupiter conjunct the Sun bringing something positive, the nodes changed signs (will talk about this later), and so much more.

You are being called to task to look at your life and examine if the things that are present in your life are in alignment with your authentic self. I really spoke about this in the 2 articles that I just mentioned but all the messages point to you changing and moving into a new cycle of life and being able to examine who you are becoming and who you once were in order to check and adjust to make sure you are walking on your middle path.

To support this bigger theme, I pulled supporting cards to add this message (9wands, 5 pentacles reversed, ace wands, fool reversed):

I automatically feel like you may be feeling energetically beat up and like you just want to give up and do away with it all. You have goals and you have hopes, but it seems like life has been taking so much effort and energy and the light seems so far away that it can seem like you are losing optimism and just ready to surrender and give up. Now is not the time though. It is time to dig deep and muster all the grit that you have and plan an attack for anything that threatens to take you away from what was meant for you in this lifetime.

I see this hopelessness that threatens to take away your joy may be because you are wanting to give up right before you reach the finish line. Don’t feel alone, don’t give up, don’t let feelings of lack and worry defeat you. Stability is coming…. but sometimes things much destabilize before they settle into a solid foundation on which you can build. Trust the process! If you want to go in that dark place where you feel alone, you manifest it in the physical, a space where you are broken and alone…. even though I see help around the corner for you, you won’t see it because you can’t allow.

The Ace of Wands tells me that what the hope is will appear as a flicker…. not a spotlight…. so if you don’t keep your heart open to this flicker you may miss it. By not giving up and surrendering, by fighting and pushing thru the darkness, you increase the chances that when this flicker of hope presents itself to you, you can recognize it and pour your passions and desires in it to have it grow.

I see that there is a block to a new start and it is mainly because there is something still holding you bound up in the past. Once you can recognize and release it, you will find yourself more in alignment with your true life purpose. Keep your eyes open for help with this process because it is here, even if it means humbling yourself…. knowing that you don’t have all the answers, but trusting yourself because you will NOT be given more than you can handle…. even if you feel like you are drowning now.

If you are struggling, the one question I would focus on this week to start to get back on the right track is:

What is no longer in alignment with who you are?

And the second question I would ask is…. what are you going to do about it?




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