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Jupiter Retrograde March 8- July 10, 2018

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Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8, 2018 in the sign of Scorpio.


I just want to provide some quick and basic information about Jupiter. Jupiter is huge, so far being the biggest planet in our solar system. The King. Jupiter rules Sagittarius but also has piscean flavor being that it is connected to the 12th house as well. It has an energy of plentifulness that expands whatever it touches for better or for worse. On the positive, Jupiter wants us to grow and mature. To explore, find truth and meaning, and delve into philosophy.

This planet will be in retrograde soon, which on a simplistic level, is when the planet appears to be in a backwards motion rather than moving direct or forward.


I did a video about this already and you can watch it here. Some main themes include:

  • Sexuality (look at what has been going on in the news)
  • Detective work (again, look at the twists and re-examinations of old cases)
  • Detoxing- on a deep soul level
  • Intuition/Esoteric Arts- I am glad that the awareness is heightening even though I cringe when people call crystals "trendy". We are being called to not be scared and to tryst our hearts and embrace and understand inner emotions. There is a push towards the intimate knowing of self that bleeds into the intimate knowing of others
  • How can we put our heart into things without being obsessive or all the other crazy shit we may feel when we let ourselves open up and be vulnerable?
  • Jupiter is an outward energy & Scorpio is inner and wants to go deep so I think this retrograde will be helpful


I feel like this is great energy for the magnifying power of Jupiter to mix with the heart led changes and transformation of Scorpio in a retrograde to really bring things that need to be reborn in our lives to the surface. Because of how the energy looks, of course having to look inward can feel sucky, but I feel like the majority of us will want to do this, and will embrace this opportunity for introspection and detoxifying because it will feel good... like the right thing to do.

We will get extra time to perfect the cake we are baking. We are in the oven baking, but if we put a toothpick in to check for doneness, we aren't there yet. we get to cook important parts of our lives so that we are ready to share with the world our full authentic self. And if we missed a step in the recipe, or it is not turning out how we want it, we can tweak it and perfect it so that it does materialize into what we envisioned.

I think it is a good time to look for money that may not have been available to you previously. This could be thru budgeting or thru access to other people's money.  If you had been turned down for some sort of funding it may be a good time to re-examine that situation, especially before the Mercury retrograde that in my mind, starts next week.

Our optimism may be lower but this is a time to make things right. To make our own luck. Things can always be set up for us, but we still need to not rest on positive energy. We need to take action and be a co-creator in our lives.


  • Look over sources of funding or other shared assets for opportunities
  • Where are you on your spiritual path?
  • Correct mistakes, think about Karma
  • Purge yourself. Continue to make the changes and transformations you are called to make.
  • DO THE WORK!!!!!! Stop being lazy!
  • Esoteric studies & intuitive growth can be examined 
  • Reconsider deeply held truths
  • Dig deep into reproductive problems and sexuality (fertility issues..... take advantage)

Thank you for reading. I hope this information is helpful for you to feel empowered and work towards something big in your life. This is some big and very important energy in your life and I want you to go forth and be great. I know sometimes when everything is being turned upside down, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Never forget that by obtaining a reading from me, you will be given the information you need to sort thru all the fog and have some clear inslght into issues that hold you back and stop you from moving forward. You can learn more about purchasing a private reading here

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