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Weekly Horoscope for May 27-June 2, 2019

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weekly horoscope may 27-june 2

Before I start talking to you about this amazing week, let me take this opportunity to check in with you and see if you heard of the new Facebook group that I have opened up called Yashica’s Intuition Consciousness Collaborative. I started this group because I want to offer more. I am a certified life coach among all other things and I wanted to create an intimate, safe space where you will feel supported to move towards a more successful life for yourself. It will be rich with spiritual information and self help information to help you take control of your life and gain the confidence you need to level up. I will be kicking things off in the group June 3, so if this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, join here. I hope to see you there! Now……

What a week you will be stepping into right before the New Moon coming up in Gemini. This week makes me happy because although it starts off a little hairy, if you stick with the energies, going into the weekend will be very positive.

Let’s jump in so I can tell you what I see!

First off, in the US, it will be Memorial Day on Monday and that will be a good day to spend a great time with family and friends, making sure not to make the day about you and your feels (because they will be all over the place) and focus on honoring those that have passed on.

There is misalignment between your thought and feelings…. your heart and soul vs your mind…. not only is this a mind fuck, but it’s one that you can’t ignore because everything inside of you feels like it is going a mile a minute. This could feel like anxiety, lack of self confidence, and feeling like something about you or your situation is not good enough. This will be normal and even though it feels very real while you are feeling it, I want you to not take it serious. You have to not be down on yourself or your situation and not act on these feelings. Instead, what you need to do is process these things internally.

The only way I would feel like it would be safe for you to share your feelings is if you are able to do so in a safe, nonjudgemental space with someone you know can understand you and that you are able to trust. Being open and vulnerable in this kind of way can actually help you develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with those that you care about. If you don’t have people on your side to uplift you or help you feel supported then you will need to keep stuff to yourself. No matter how hard that may be. Do NOT let being caught up in your feels lead you to do things that you would later regret.

You are confused and emotional but there is a way that you can work thru it but not without awareness and active effort on your part to sort thru the truth vs the delusions or fogginess that you may be experiencing. At times like this, there is a high tendency to be confused.

As you work thru your internal process, the answers that you find could be inspirational for you and help you feel more motivated to take the solutions you receive and apply them to something that will prove to be beneficial for you, your future, your goals, your legacy, your EMPIRE! Keep your eye on your mission.

This energy that I am letting you know about will start to get better as you move thru the week so know it won’t feel like this forever. You will find that, as the week progresses, you may be able to understand things that you didn’t previously or feel like you have more energy to work on some of your personal pursuits. This burst of energy may have you feeling more committed to yourself but watch that you don’t overdo it. If something has come to your attention involving your relationships with others and it triggers you, make sure to watch your temper and the tendency to pop off or act impulsively because you may not be seeing things eye to eye with other people in your life.

As Pluto and Saturn continue their retrograde, you can expect to be challenged where it comes to stepping up to the plate regarding your goals, your purpose, and your desires, but thru this comes growth, maturity, and evolution. You will be surprised that even though things seem serious and may be a bit heavy, it doesn’t feel as heavy to you as it normally would. Maybe that injection of energy and motivation to overcome all obstacles helps you with this. You know it’s time to move forward and you are ready for change. As you try to rewire your mindset, where I see that you may find challenges could be around sticking to your goal oriented plan and staying the course even when things seem so far away but I have faith in you that you can do this. If something is not working, be innovative, make some tweaks, bring in fresh ideas….. don’t abandon your long term goals though. You have divine energy supporting you heavily every step of the way so know that you are not alone. You must be brave to move forward and let go of any old ways, people, or places that are holding you back out of fear and move forward!

Now this is the part I was so excited to tell you about. Once Friday hits, things jump off!

Pay attention to your instinct closer to this time as it will be more clear for you to hear and understand accurately and it will be providing you with some good insights. These sparks of genius may be related to money or relationships. This could be a beneficial time for you to be able to invest in something of long term value for yourself but make sure you check it with your values, not your fears, not your monkey mind, not your anxieties…. your values. Make sure things are aligned with your goals and your beliefs and if so, don’t be afraid to try something new or risky if you want to (within reason). I see unexpected luck in family and home related matters as well. This is also a good time to work on breaking away from things that are connected to your self worth and self value that have been having a negative impact on your life. You can adopt new ideas (even if you tried in the past and failed) to help you but you have to get real to move forward.

Again, don’t lose your sense of reality, but don’t be afraid to take new opportunities and level up for yourself. I just feel good about this weekend being one of inspiration and action to accomplish certain goals so try not to get stuck in a rut. Get out of your comfort zone that is not serving you because this is a magical weekend to let go of what is in excess or unnecessary to make way for the new.

You can take fresh perspectives or insights that have been coming in to give you the push that you need to move towards your purpose and use these opportunities to help you heal and transform areas of yourself and your life that need growth and attention. You can make the lasting changes that you need to make to enrich some area of your life! Use this energy!

Here is a bonus tarot reading to add an extra layer to your horoscope for the week:

Before I let you go, I would invite you to consider something. This is a very powerful time in life where you have the opportunity to make big and lasting changes in your life. You may feel frustrated in life because you may feel like you have tried in the past to move forward on something but felt disappointed when you didn’t and may be at the point where you want to give up or have given up. I want you to listen. You can do this. You can change, you can move past issues and you can live a life where you don’t have to deal with you life the way it currently stands. If you are ready to change and you need help I have something that can help you. I have opened up 1:1 coaching because I know sometimes, you may run into issues you may not be able to solve on your own. If you have never considered coaching,you may be missing out. My sessions provide you with a place to talk about your problems in private and have me work with you to come up with solutions to your problems that will allow you to have the confidence and the knowledge that you need to move forward. If this sounds like something that could help you. Check it out!

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