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How to Get Unstuck- One of the #1 Reasons Why You Might Be Stuck

yashica crumpton
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I decided to just wake up and word vomit, so excuse the morning voice. I felt inspired because I was speaking with close friends and family over the weekend and one of the conversations came up around feeling stuck. There were a variety of reasons for this feeling and I know that we have all been there before. What frustrated me was the fact that, in almost all instances, it was because there was a fear around owning our own situations and environments and not doing this ONE thing that I think is the reason why we continue to stay stuck.

Stop waiting for people in your life to choose you or choose for you.
— Yashica

So as you listen to this downloadable audio, think about how you feel NOW if you happen to be in a situation where you feel stuck and how it could feel, in a short amount of time, if you choose a different course of action.

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