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Weekly Horoscope for May 13-19, 2019

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You will start off your week with some powerful energy available to you because your intuition and your rational mind will be in a mash up that works very well together. You will be able to wade thru all the bullshit you have had to take in recently and think more practically plus your intuition will be running at full capacity and be easy to tap into.

Make sure you keep the notebook from last week handy!

There is an easier and more social atmosphere in the air. This could make you feel a little lazy so it’s best to keep your to-do list to the bare basics so that you stay focused on what you NEED to do but not to stress about anything else so that you have time to chill. These feelings of wanting to back down a bit could feel stronger for you if you have been in serious mode…. maybe you need a break.

In a good way, I think you are really trying to see the good in things you are going thru and bury the serious or heavy burdens or responsibilities that you have been feeling lately. This is not a bad thing because I see you feeling stronger in the fact that you are able to start working thru what you have been uncovering the past few weeks but don’t want to be immersed in it in an all consuming way. You are still having this underlying conscious break to leave the past behind and keep moving forward.

You are still feeling this overwhelming need to understand the deeper subconscious layers to your situations while also being able to process the conscious things running around in your head. While you are doing this, be kind with yourself (and others) because this is a process of critical thinking and picking things apart to understand them more, but you could overthink things and overanalyze stuff so much that it could make you more prone to criticizing yourself and others instead of trying to stay neutral and grounded. Just try to understand what is going on from that space. If you approach this opportunity from being neutral and grounded, you will be more able to embrace new parts of yourself in a practical and systematic manner without having to drastically change your life. It’s a long game!

Venus will move into Taurus this week. That’s a more comfortable space for her and right off the bat, she is setting you up for some of the positive manifestations from the new moon. You may get a pleasant surprise regarding something you’ve been able to see in your imagination. It is a very positive energy. You can get lost in your passions (responsibly). For this energy, what you would need to watch out for are tensions in relationships where the truth needs to come out. You will also need to pay attention to your internal balance and harmony and work on restoration in that area. On the flip side, if you are playing it too safe, there will be something that may come in and cause a needed shakeup. It depends on where this is hitting your chart.

You will notice pockets of good times for connections, especially around Thursday. Connecting with others could be beneficial not only to you, but also to the people that you may decide to connect to. It is a good time to put yourself out there. Tapping into this energy allows you to speak more freely from your heart without feeling embarrassed, held back, or censoring and second guessing yourself. Think about what area of your life could benefit from this and make sure you put it to use, because there are certainly ways that this energy could be prohibitive.

You could notice incongruence between your mind and body or your mind and soul so this is another thing you may be working thru, but guess what… you will be able to see the things you need to see. You will be bold. You will be a leader.

Speaking of supportive connections… there is an ability to negotiate with others or work from the heart and pour yourself into something that can produce lasting results. Capitalize on Thursday during the day, because the cosmos then take a dramatic shift in the evening and will leave you wanting to be alone and some moodiness may set in as the Moon gets settled into Scorpio.

Closer to the weekend, you have this tug of war where your mind is slow, steady, and centered and focused on maybe family, home, or grounding… or you could be internally changing the way you think in some way. This is going to allow for some deeper connection and understanding but it could make you feel a little stuck again. Patience Buttercup!

The shift into the weekend brings some emotionally sensitive and divinely inspired energy. Carry your notebook around. You have powerful access to your mind and deep understanding. Negatively, you could also be prone to emotional clinginess, jealousy, obsession, and manipulating people or situations to feed your ego.

Where you can take action is by not sharing your feelings with others if it is not the right relationship or time to do so, but working on these things on the inside. Until you process things internally, it is not right to involve other people. This is mainly something that impacts you and trying to share this can cause stress and even cause unexpected outbursts or actions. However, if something needs to be said, let it be said!

If you are in a space to have fun, that is ok if you can keep your boundaries, but don’t expect anything to materialize into a deep connection.

There is a Full Moon in Scorpio so make sure you come back to the blog in a little bit for more information on this.

The bottom like is, chill…. relax…. don’t push…. rest!

Some of the tension can bleed thru to the close of the week, Sunday, so again take care. You also have to make sure to be very flexible because unexpected things could arise that you will need to be prepared for. As things continue to unfold, you are just struggling to expand and find your truth and worth and value and look inside yourself….. the answer is not in others. Although you have support in this to heal yourself, it can, again, be disruptive in power struggles and other intimate relationships.

Here is a video overview with a bonus tarot reading in case you want more:

I hope you use this message for your highest and best good!

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