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Weekly Horoscope for March 11-17, 2019 🕉️ Pay Attention 🕉️

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Coming off of the coat tails of an intense week with Mercury Retrograde, Uranus enters Taurus, and New Moon in Pisces!, we now have a week where the energy starts off more grounded but no less important. I felt like I should tell you that the theme of this week is to pay attention because the main struggle I see that continues thru the whole week is this tendency to have this tug of war between a larger vision and optimism vs practicality and details. Since details aren’t sexy, what could happen is making a choice to ignore them all together or haphazardly focusing on the details. That would be no bueno for this week because you could miss something. Speaking of details…. here we go!

We kick off the week with a deep need to feed your soul in ways that are pleasurable due to an abundance of sensual Taurean energy. You may find yourself only focused on things that make you feel good. This could include getting lost in social media and behaving in other ways that are self focused because you want to feel good and you want to get your needs met. I see some of you wanting to have your sense of self worth and self value validated via things outside of yourself. You could also be pulled to disrupt your normal spending patterns to feed some deeper emotional need you may be trying to fulfill. What you could do to use this energy constructively is to channel it into romantic and/or creative endeavors where you can see immediate results of your work. This is highly favored.

If you look deep enough, you have plenty of value to offer and if you come from a place of self confidence and self worth, socializing would be a good thing and perhaps lucky or valuable to you because you are providing value in relationships by sharing your lovely, unique self and the universe is going to reward you in return by matching that energy. Come from this space and everything will be fine. You don’t have to burden yourself unnecessarily with this pressure or tension that you may feel about where you are vs where you want to be. You don’t need to always worry about the how things are unfolding. Maybe sometimes you need to just do something and practically show up. Maybe for you this week, practical steps in the right direction is all that is needed for the universe to show up and help you out.

Another thing I want you to be aware of this week is a need to protect your energy. The soul is open this week…. still. There will be multiple opportunities to heal through open communication and adopting new ways of thinking but this is the kicker…. I see these opportunities as times to turn inward. These are times where I feel you should direct your energy towards inner healing. How do you speak to yourself? What do you think about yourself? How are your own views and your own energy blocking your ability to show up in this world as the beautiful, confident, successful person that you are meant to be? I am doing a lot of readings lately where I am noticing some themes in this area of our life and am pleased with the information that the universe is sharing with my clients. Know that you are not alone.

To tap into this energy, almost every morning this week is a good time to practice self reflection, deeper investigation, and all activities focused on how you plan on stepping out into the new you.

All this air sign energy is also bringing in the need for you to feel like you want to be intellectually stimulated on a new and deep level. Some of what you will need will be satisfied thru carefully crafted social interactions. Some of this intellectual information will just hit you upside the head like truth bombs and those could throw you for a loop. These bombs are meant to propel you on the course you should be on…. walking in truth and light. While some could be a little nerve wrecking and anxiety producing, try not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. All the universe it trying to do is get you to see that there are areas of your life that could and should be different. You don’t have to be all dramatic about it, you just need to recognize the need to adjust and tweak to build on more solid foundations.

Any annoyances or irritations that crop up are showing you the things that the new moon brought in from last week and is stirring things up so that you can release and step into something new. Especially if you’ve been ignoring something. As stuff is shown to you, it’s attempting to get you to follow your instincts that will then guide you towards your more authentic self and life. Embrace this opportunity. Spirit is helping you!

Because this is such a practical, productive week, pay a great deal of attention to making sure you are finding the perfect harmony between your greater visions (the big picture) and the minute details. If not, you risk missing something that could be very important…. the inner workings of something. It could also manifest vice versa, you could be getting all nit picky about details and losing the bigger vision and optimistic nature that comes along with expansion and growth mindset. Be passionate about something or someone but SHOW it through actual demonstration. Do the work.

I want you to have high hopes and dreams but know that in order to get to where you want to be, you will need to have these big hopes and dreams but they need to be anchored with concrete actionable goals. Lack of both will lead to mistakes, mis-steps, and miscommunications, especially as Mercury retrograde is trying to take you back thru your subconscious to pick up anything you may not have seen or missed…. things that are deeply hidden. You need this information to grow and expand… to move forward.. so PAY ATTENTION. This portal is open for you to explore deeper but not to get lost and forget to keep your rational brain about you. It is also an important piece of the equation. Mind body and soul.

As much as I think positive growth will come thru social interaction, i also feel like there are moments where you will want to take some time and connect with people close to you thru regular old human interaction like we did in the B.T. times….. Before Technology.

The last thing I want to talk to you about is the weekend. It is all business in the front and party in the back. You can jump into Saturday with some very favorable energy to support you completing projects or chores that you haven’t had time to complete. Don’t start new things. Try to tie up old things or put your attention into projects you have already thought or or maybe started but didn’t get the ball rolling on quite yet.

After that, the energy becomes less serious and more fun. You are more free and confident and feeling like you want to do things to make your inner child sing (i.e., play). The energy is playful and creative. In it’s shadow side, all the mental energy from the beginning of the week may have you prone to being impulsive and having outbursts because it may have left you feeling more unsettled. I promise you that if you focus on yourself and what you consider to be joyful for you, it will be the best way to step out of this energy.

As you wrap up this week, spend time at the end of the week chilling and preparing for the powerful energy that will be coming up next week so that you can step into it at your highest and best.

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