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Weekly Horoscope for March 4-10, 2019 🕉️ Mercury Retrograde, Uranus in Taurus, & New Moon 🕉️

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Man what a week. There is so much going on this week. It kicks off with Mercury Retrograde then the next day, Uranus enters Taurus and we have a New Moon in Pisces! Check out the NEW videos for all that are linked.

We start the week off positively. There is a great opportunity here to be in a great sociable mood. You are probably feeling a little more optimistic than you have over the past weekend. This is a good time to work on things that expand your hopes and dreams. Another plus as you start off the week….. People are attracted to you and you are actually attracted to being around other people. Use this energy wisely.

There is energy in the air for unexpected things to happen to you…. maybe even a little strange. I feel like dreams and other clues, especially while out and about or while using technology, can give you valuable pieces of information that you will need to help you keep moving forward.

Mercury retrograde also occurs around this time in the sign of Pisces. I encourage you to look here for more information about it.

Then right after that, Uranus finally goes into Taurus. Long ago I wrote an article about Uranus in Taurus, and filmed a video right when Uranus tiptoed into Taurus, but now Uranus is settling for the long haul and I have also made a separate reading about it so make sure you check out the Uranus in Taurus video!

Moving thru all that exciting energy and getting closer to Thursday, you will have a good opportunity to focus on creative and spiritual needs through implementing a practical routine. Your connection to the divine is increased as you are still very much linked to all the divine happenings of the past few days. One thing I would like you to pay attention to is that you will have to tread lightly because there is a heightened possiblility that you may not be seeing reality clearly. If you work on honing in on your intuition, it will be helpful in guiding you on what is needed practically to grow to the next level and to heal, repair, and renew but the issue will be weeding thru all the noise.

I’m very concerned about you getting carried away or making permanent or detrimental decisons based on inhibited judgement. Be careful. Pray. Journal. You could decrease standards or overindulge which could lead to undesired reprecussions. You could more proactively use this energy by channeling it into your spiritual journey and soul emergegnce.

Renewal and deep psychological healing opportunities continue and if you can keep your emotions in check, you can see great strides in emotional connnections with others and inner growth. They must be aligned with you though, otherwise it will be more uncomfortable than anything. Again, I encourage journaling in the midst of this powerful energy until you can discern real from fantasy. It will be very helpful for self growth and healing.

You will probably go into the weekend feeling good in your skin which gels well with you and is a positive energy that impacts you hanging out with other people in a favorable way. If you have found it difficult to navigate the world this week, you will now notice a solid chance to spend some time on the things you couldn’t get to during the week…… Friday night is a good day to burn the midnight oil.

One weird thing is that this energy could wax and wane over the weekend. One minute you are feeling yourself, the next minute a lower energy could creep in.

This is a good time to examine yourself and the things you want to have for yourself and without being depressing or negative, come to some hard truths about what you need to do to transform. This is a marathon so be kind to yourself but to the right thing. Believe that you can have what you want and be who you need to be to reach your dreams.

Lots of Taurus energy comes in to close out the week! Psychic impulses are still high so continue to pay attention to dreams and other insights as they can be a guide for you to show you what you need to DO and when you honor and act, I feel like you will be plesantly pleased with the results of your inspired actions (Remember Mercury Retrograde so think about actions that fit this energy). Spend the closing of the week in your own quiet energy because you may find that while you are working thru your deep internal process, other people will only trigger you negatively so it may be best to stay to yourself.




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