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Weekly Horoscope for March 18-24, 2019 🕉️ Full Moon in Libra & Sun in Aries and more 🕉️

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Some of you that interact with me on social media are already aware how I feel about this week. There is a lot going on with the Full Moon in Libra at approx 0 degrees, Spring Equinox in the US, Sun in Aries, International Astrology Day, and more.

Sooo….. to start of the week, it could start off on a very emotional foot. The moon is in Leo and it doesn’t want to be serious or focus on the needs and concerns of others. At this time, I feel like the energy is very self focused and fun oriented. Because of this, you will have to try hard to be serious/organized when it is needed. I also think you will have to watch for tendencies to over indulge and ego trip. You will be working on finding balance all week so it’s important that you spend some time grounding to keep your feet planted on solid ground. You may be working on balance between the self and others. You may be working on aspects of life where you will need to turn within….. getting lost in the deeper more emotional aspects of your life…it could be this vs letting things bring out your more bigger bolder parts of your self.

How can you feed your emotions maturely? You don’t have to drown in yourself or keep things deep inside but you also don’t need to let it all fall out in a bit of an explosion. There is a middle ground where you can feel comfortable in your own skin and experience and express what you feel from a stable and grounded place. This week is ripe with opportunities because you are able to recognize problems this week and think about ways to reconcile them without picking yourself or others apart.

You are vulnerable and moody and will be looking for ways to soothe yourself. This is a good week to connect to spirit. Foster your connection to God. Other things that will be helpful to you during this time would be turning to words of encouragement. It would also be helpful if you would recognize that all the feels being stirred up…. they are to show you that positive change is possible and it is coming in. You will need to be especially patient and open to the possibility that something positive is coming in.

You need to know that you can be yourself and maintain who you are while also developing connections with others. I say this because I see another theme this week around healthy connections and healthy boundaries.

I think the Aries energy that comes in around midweek will being in a sense of freshness and freedom that will allow you to adapt a little more easily to the new changes that may be going on underneath the surface. Because it stirs up a passion that is also often oriented to the self, you may find that you will have to try hard to adapt to others and be flexible to the needs of others. You are wanting something new and different and better. It could be something you feel deep in your soul or it could be something as simple as wanting to switch up your look or how you show up in the world. Don’t do anything permanent or crazy if this is the case.

As you are moving thru this tug of war happening all week, I do think there are opportunity points where just as quickly as things seem off, they can easily become more balanced. Sometimes a pendulum swings to different extremes before it settles on an equilibrium and i feel like this is what happens. It is important to not get to attached to what you see happening and what you feel. If you have felt things drumming to the surface that were making you feel like you were on an emotional rollercoaster, try to save any serious conversations for midweek and beyond because this is when things feel more settled.

Some other things that may surface for you this week are such things as work life balance. Do you work too much? Or… do you play too much? Do you dream too much without having a proper plan of action or do you spend all your time focusing on the day-to-day without spending time actually dreaming?

As you are going thru these things, you will have this increased energy/passion that can be directed towards accomplishing goals and creating the new you… because you are evolving whether you notice it or not. There is also positive energy sitting in your sensual sector so here is another way to direct your passion.

The Libra energy comes in with the full moon is trying to get you to also notice some other factors that need more balance. Are you refusing to note the truth and walking in illusion and delusions? It is bringing in truth and karma.

The earth energy that comes in as the week progresses is very positive and grounding so you should use it to your advantage and channel all the passion and soulful energy into something that you want to manifest on the physical plane.

You also have these windows of opportunity to understand cues and personal reflections more accurately and turn them into something favorable for you. You can deal with things more maturely than you could in the beginning of the week.

Another window of opportunity could come thru connecting with others that, while different than you, are similar in values and views and provide support and encouragement. You may find that thru internet connections.

Stepping into the weekend you will carry the Libra moon power in to help you recognize that you may need to cut some things out of your life, destroy some things….. all maturely….. or look around you and realize that there are many positive things about your life that you just need to pour into a little more because they could be exactly what you would want them to be.

It is a very good time to close the week with some healing work, spiritual work, or intuitive work. Pay attention to messages that may be revealed. The energy is very open and again you may slip into an emotional state but I feel like it will be different for you than it was at the beginning of the week . Your soul and your mind are connected so you have access to a deeper understanding and to both conscious and subconscious juicy tidbits.

As you are moving thru the week, especially a week like this, when all the pieces are not connecting or you feel turned upside down or lost… remember that what you are experiencing as you try to find your new footing during all these new cycles or energy or find answers to what confuses you in your relationships …these can be more clear instantly. When you get a personal reading, that is what you are investing in…. YOUR truth, YOUR answers, YOUR energy. You reduce your confusion and the time you spend trying to wade thru it alone. I have openings for readings. To purchase my most popular reading you can click the link below. I have it reduced for a limited time so now is the time to stop struggling and get the help you deserve.

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