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April 2019 Horoscopes

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The full moon always kicks my butt and this one was no different. Nothing terrible has come about, just drains me of my sleep. For this week, I will be offering you a look into April 2019 with your horoscope.

As we step into the second quarter of the year, look back at the previous horoscopes in Dec and Jan and see what has come up for you. Share below. I would love to hear how far you have come.

Aries- You really need to come out of your shell or get out of your own way about something because there is an opportunity waiting for you and perhaps you are missing it because you are being wrapped up in yourself. I see this need to really own who you are and step into your personal power. Get out there. Stop keeping to yourself this month. Shine. Have fun! Be social. You have been making adjustments, whether big or small, to step into a new you in some area of your life and this is a great opportunity for you to shine your light in some way. You must know that to come full boar or to have fun doesn’t have to be extreme. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You have this big theme of also finding balance and in the course of finding who you are in relation to other people and how you fit into society, you are learning how to do all the things and be you fully without straying from who you are meant to be. There are beautiful parts of yourself that are going to be beneficial to other people if you open up to your authentic self. It won’t feel perfect, may even feel a little rough, but know that you are meant to nurture and share the very best of who you are and you will learn what doesn’t fit and discard that. If you have been having problems with depression or drugs, this is a good time to get help for you will be victorious in accomplishing a major milestone if you are willing to do the work. This is a good month that shows that if you stay focused on a goal, you will achieve the very beginning successes of something.

Taurus- Hello Taurus! Why are you getting in your own way. A seed has been or will be planted that will touch you and motivate you deep in your heart and soul. You will feel this thing. You are a Taurus after all. The issue is right after this initial feeling, it’s like things go from zero to almost 60 as you are called to then detach from something that you are deeply connected to…. perhaps a your comfort zone? You have to do this though. The only thing I see getting in your way at this point in YOU. Your mindset is a beast and you know it is. Consider this though…. although you are doing good, you are missing out on better and best and it’s all in the way you see things. All in the way you play small. All in the way you settle when there is a bigger better piece of the world with your name on it. So what are you going to do? If you decide to take the leap….. actually you are making it seem like a leap when only it is a step…. you will need to keep your plans to yourself, keep your thoughts to yourself. You may not have the supportive environment that you will need to move forward and sharing info and ideas will only result in feeling more trapped. It will be a good month if you can check that mindset, release what doesn’t serve you and adopt something that does, and move forward with that one thing in secret.

Gemini- You are definitely in your own head. What are you worried about? What’s making you anxious? Or perhaps you are just exhausted from lack of sleep and it’s impacting your rationality. At any event, you are not on your A-game as you step into April. It does tone down a little bit and happy moments do start to creep in. Maybe you find out that what was causing you grief was not too bad and you are able to see the good in a situation. You have several opportunities this month to work with someone trusted/do something easy and therapeutic in order to heal and manifest something great for your self and your emotional wellbeing so be on the look out for that so that you can nurture and grow those things and get out of your own head. Watch for unexpected outbursts this month as well. Make sure you are not making your internal turmoil a problem in your outer life.

Cancer- As I move down the line writing these horoscopes, I see new beginnings for everyone so far. You are no different. Perhaps because we are at the beginning of the astrological new year which signals new beginnings and new cycles. For you I see something interesting. This fresh energy is not only touching your emotions and feelings, but it is also touching your energy in some way. It is not an external exertion of this though for there is something that has been making you very anxious or worried, you are blowing it way up… I may add, but I think that you are finally inspired so much that you are apt to do something about it. Now it may take you a long time to come to terms with it. The whole month may be like one big internal truth quest, but if you are willing to look inside and do the work, things can turn around quickly where by the end of the month you are OK with where you are going and you see a light and hope at the end of the tunnel.

Leo- For all of you that have a high drama, attention whore in your life…. get them out now or at least put them in the friend/associate zone and keep them on a short leash! You also need to cut the crap when it comes to yourself. You must not be scared of your personal power Leo. This is your time to turn on your inner power and be an attraction magnet for the things you want. If you go thru the whole month secretly thinking of yourself as a magnet, you will have more control over the things you want because you will be able to channel this energy and your creative power into some solid manifestation….. a job, a better team, a solid network, a chance in the spotlight…. whatever you want. You must remember this magnet thing, too, because negative things will be drawn to you as well. This magnet principle works both ways so remember that. If you have low energy, spend this month healing and resting. Only do things, within your control, that fill your cup up. Manifestation rituals and meditations will be very powerful for increasing your magnetic power. Be the creative leo that you are and allow your fellow fire sign, Aries, inspire you to go to the next level.

Virgo- There may be a smothering or unloving, lack of nurturing energy that you may need to examine as you step into April. You also may have felt like you have been trying to create more abundance or more resources in your life and it may not be going how you would like it to. Look back at what I said about the numerological energy of 2019 and see if you are going with the flow of the energy. You will potentially learn something shortly after you start being more manifestation oriented in alignment with what God is offering you and it will be up you you to pour into this opportunity and this new thing you learn. It will put you in a very good position. It could come from a very intelligent feminine energy if that clue helps you. Whatever you pour into once you grasp this opportunity….. it will add you assisting you in turning around any blocks that you have, but it takes practical focused action on your part so keep yourself open for what you receive then baby this opportunity into something that will be very positive for yourself!

Libra- I’m telling you first off, beware of the fire sign male energy. Secondly, I am telling you to watch your ego and your temper. These could be the stumbling points of April for you. You may be letting drugs or alcohol play a part in this or you may not be willing to see the truth in others. You also have another thing to pay attention to. You are a very capable human being but you seem to let your disbelief stand in the way of attracting all that you desire. You are so scattered about everything that you almost get nothing because you are diluting your power. Stop that shit. As you inch towards your second full moon of the year, something super super rare, you will start to feel finally like your spring has sprung and you are able to move forward more boldly, but I want you to follow the advice I gave Leo because I feel your message is similar and ride the wave…. it will get better for you if you honor yourself first.

Scorpio- You may feel a block of energy stepping into April. Or a block of resources so stay vigilant. The good thing is, in the ether, there are the resources you need to restore balance so if you feel like you don’t have what you want or need, seek it out and it will be there to help you. Also, the resources that you to have, time…money, keep an eye on those things closely for I feel like they may experience some shake ups… ultimately they may feel bad but what comes in after the disequilibrium will be better that what you had. Maybe you will need to invest in something and it is not a good time or you will have to cut ties with something to make more room for balance. It will be different for each one of you so just a heads up. Be prudent. I see socializing being beneficial for you in some way and could be the catalyst for a major change to open up a channel of unlimited potential once you get into the end of the month. It could be compounded by the 2nd Libra full moon so keep yourself open for what comes in. All and all you have some powerful tools at your disposal to tap into but you have to be wise about how you invest in what is in your life now and who you invest in if you want this powerful energy to help you level up.

Sagittarius- If you are feeling confused or conflicted, trust yourself, you could be getting deceived and although you want things to be better than they are, I bet if you are still and surrender, the info you need for the clarity you are looking for will come. You have to surrender to not trying to see what you want to see or manipulate things into what you want them to be. Part of the block to clarity and helpful information could be because you look outside of yourself for answers instead of just trying to figure things out yourself. You are a very smart person, you are able to tap into a wealth of infinite energy that can help you figure our anything. You are also lazy at sometimes. You don’t want to use your mind too much or get into the weeds of things and it also causes you to miss out on the full picture so that could cause you missteps and confusion. Your theme for this month is to surrender and trust and there will be something that will come in and help you make a major change and transformation as you are ready to step into May.

Capricorn- OOh Capricorn. April is potentially awesome for you. I see love, harmony, manifestation, an accomplishment of a goal, establishment or pretty much something great materializing BUT….. and it’s a big BUT….. you must believe in your power and potential and you must USE it. Stop the worries and the doubt. You have what you need. This is a short, sweet message. Make April your bitch!

Aquarius- Your biggest event this month is about something major and new. A new journey or a new cycle. It could be internal so don’t always look for new, fresh things outside of yourself. There are 2 prominent female energies that could be integral to April, an emotionally in tuned and compassionate woman and a smart and intelligent no nonsense one. Both are positive forces so if they offer you information or positive energy, bask in it. It will be very positive for you. You sometimes are ok with delving into the weird and visionary parts of your mind but if you can marry that with your feelings and your intuition, April is going to be great for you. As you integrate these things, know that April can seem a little quiet for you but it is because you are in a period of a different growth where you are nurturing something so have trust and keep tweaking and adjusting. You will find a formula that is beneficial for you. You are never alone in April, there is always something helpful to keep you moving forward so stay open and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Pisces- You are trying to walk the path in this lifetime that you think was meant for you and you are doing a good job and on the right track. There will be moments that you will be a little bit confused and right in those moments, you will get the information you need to proceed. Here is the kicker though. You must trust and take the leap. Walk over the ledge. It’s like you are walking in the dark towards something that is new and very creatively inspired for you but you can’t see anything so you are just feeling it out step by step in the dark and I promise you, you will be ok. You will experiment and try things and not know what the end product will be but thru that curious open adventurous sprit that I KNOW you will adapt, you will find what you need. Make it fun because this is all about the journey for you right now. I know it sounds cliche but it is so true. You are being tested to see if you believe in your ability and your mind and your passion and if you can marry them all together into something new that has your name written all over it!

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