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December 2018 Horoscopes

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Still don’t have all my supplies but I don’t want to leave you hanging, so for this week’s message, I decided to do monthly horoscopes for the month of December. If you like this idea let me know in the comment section and with enough popularity I may add it to the rotation. These are generalized horoscopes for December 2018. Our weekly horoscopes will resume shortly and remember to check back weekly to get news on the biggest transits effecting the current energies and other life hacks:

Yashica’s Intuition’s December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Aries- I like this month for you. The overarching theme for you is to trust your gut. It is going to give you information to help you move towards resolving difficult energy and put you in a position where you have something to celebrate. This month has positive energy and breakthrus written all over it, but they won’t come from being surrounded by the outside chatter and hustle and bustle. You must spend time in introspection and steal private moments for yourself just as much as you spend time in the hustle and bustle because it is in these private moments that things seem to come out of nowhere to give you the clarity and insight that you need to add more positive energy into your life.

Taurus- The overarching theme for this month seems to be really digging deep and finding the strength and determination to keep moving forward when you feel like nothing is happening, like abundance is slipping away, and like your creative energy is going nowhere. I can see it. You are being tested. I will be honest, the first half of December may make you lose hope. For you, I see you are so so so close so if you can muster all you have, and not give up, and keep using manifestation techniques to get what you want, you will see something come in that will help you. It could be financially. It could be a big wish you have been hoping for, it could be a period of contentment, and for some of you it could even be money. You, just like Aries, have intuition working on your side so please don’t forget to use it as a tool. You also may need to get a handle on your finances…. overindulgence could be part of your issue so watch that.

Gemini- I don’t know if you have been feeling sick and or just overwhelmed with drama and mental overload but It will start to get better. There is an opportunity that will open up for you, maybe around the time of the new moon this month, that you must act on. Around this same time Mercury starts to go direct so I am sure that will help you. Watch out for losing your optimism. You must learn to be what you want to have in your life because now is not the time to push things. I also see that some of you would benefit from a new approach with a pesky male energy in your life and you may be given an opportunity to get people out of your life that cause you unnecessary drama. Don’t be afraid to release, to try new things, and think new things because this is what will be beneficial for you this month.

Cancer- You have a big decision looming over you this month. I don’t see it being life altering, but still important. For some of you, it links to a feeling of lack and worry that you are experiencing. It could be related to opening up and being more vulnerable. For others of you, it could be stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you may think will be disruptive to your resources or finances but in the future, it proves to be positive and illuminates you not having to settle. You may find that if you come up with a solid plan, you may be able to get by with less resources than you need and be pleasantly surprised. I know for certain, whether you answer the call or not, December is asking you to step out of your comfort zone but it is up to you to take the leap.

Leo- You start the month off much like Geminis do…. tired or exhausted or mentally overloaded. You are on the tail end of that drama, thank goodness, and I think it’s because I clearly see the answer to all your drama. It seems like a eureka moment comes in to get things shifted in a different direction…. it’s the start of a shift for you. I think that what comes thru could even be a bit surprising for you and you find yourself in a state or worry or anxiety…. for no reason, I may add. You are in a great place to step into a new frame of mind so keep your eyes forward. You will be celebrating or at least having more fun at the end of the month. If you are hosting the holidays, don’t try to go grand, just keep your focus on what is important and simplify your ideas down to what matters most…. sharing space with likeminded people. Don’t make December all work and no play.

Virgo- You are the first sign that I want to tell to watch the socializing. Be light, fun, and free when you are doing it. Make sure you do have some fun and not be all business but at the same time, if you are leaning towards playing too much without any seriousness, it’s gonna bite you in the butt… I’m just saying! You have a lot coming at you this month so it will be your job to dodge all this stuff like the Matrix movie. People may not be playing nice with each other. You may want to be alone but feel trapped because you have to interact with others. It’s going to work itself out in the end, but you need to be very discerning and walk a fine line in the you vs others department.

Libra- This is an exciting month for you. There is this little ball of energy coming in at the beginning of the month to bring light to your life. You may be able to finally gain some traction on an idea you had to make more money and start to step up the resource ladder. You will have to be the spark to help the energy come into your life but once you put action behind this thing you want to manifest, it will be positive for you. If you are putting out feelers and feel like you aren’t getting traction, it may be because I see the biggest breakthru towards the end of the month. What you need to mostly do is direct your intentions towards the things you want to manifest and send those things positive energy and after a short gestation period, things will pick up.

Scorpio- Clearly you are juggling something. It could be issues involving other people. They could be sapping the life out of you being that you are a natural counselor and problem solver. You are slowly and solidly making headway to move into a more positive energetic area. The new moon and other astrological energy should be able to help you integrate some things that you have needed to start to complete pieces of the puzzle in your life that haven’t seemed to be making any traction. Take advantage. Your intuition will help you with any blocks you have to understanding why things are going so slow or why you are having struggles but I want you to NOT give up, you are moving forward even if you can’t tell. Make sure you make time, especially at the end of the month, to relax and nurture yourself and the things that are important to you and get away from it all.

Sagittarius- December is a time for you to get clear about what it is that you desire in your life and thinking about getting rid of those things that don’t fit the bill. You have a very special new moon in your sign that could help you begin to turn your life around but it needs your help. What do you desire? What do you need help healing and who can help? Who is in your life but making it more difficult for you and how can you let them go? Do you need a new job….. how can you get the ball rolling? Expansion is the name of the game and the sky is the limit. I see that things will feel burdening and overbearing. The holidays could feel rough, but the most important thing you need to do is keep your eyes and your intentions on where you want to see shifts in your life…. that is where you are going to get the biggest bang for your buck this month.

Capricorn- You have a major decision to make this month. For some of you, it looks like a positive exchange with a male energy…. maybe even a gift you never expected. If you are not making the decision, then fate is making one for you so make sure you are only sowing what you want to reap. You are primed for a playful and emotionally happy month. Where your struggle may come into play is if you have to plan holiday events or if you or someone you love is keeping secrets. This is not the time. Be open and on the up and up because you will quickly see the consequences of anything other than. Otherwise, its a good month with positive energy and I see someone else linked to this good energy I speak of or else I just see you emotionally content once you decide that you don’t have to be serious all the time or carry all the load.

Aquarius- It’s a pretty solid month for you. Always be expanding and growing though. Never get to stagnant or comfortable. Just when you think you have made a solid secure place for yourself, you find that you will be forced to learn something new or try something new. Be open because it seems positive and the only thing that would stop you would be your frame of mind about the things that pop up in December. You can end the month on an emotional high if you can break free from some old things/people/ways and move forward….especially if you have been too comfortable. If you are having difficulties with another, talking or forcing the issue won’t work. All you can control is yourself and working on that will shift some energy. Don’t be afraid to be free.

Pisces- I see a person for some of you that kind of comes in quickly and you may be worried about this person, but trust... they are the catalyst for some positive forward energy. Just say yes. For the rest of you, you are in a clear state of mind and on track to advance some ideas. I want you to make sure that any information you act on is fully fleshed because I see impulsiveness or immaturity in your energy so you need to be very deliberate. Other people can help you so don’t think you have to do it alone and if you feel worried or have negative issues, you got this! If you can afford to take a short trip…. I think you can if you are creative…. take it at the end of the month. You will thank me later.




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