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Weekly Horoscope for April 1-April 7, 2019

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You will be starting off the week with this touchy planetary aspect that could bring emotionally charged feelings along with an increase for impulsivity. You may feel like something is holding you back from something you really wish for and strongly desire. You can grasp onto an opportunity to try new things though so look for the plus in keeping your eye on the prize even if you cannot take the leap yet. You can take small steps to start incorporating something in your life that you normally would’t. Keep your eyes and ears open as we jump into the week because there is an opportunity for something unexpected and beneficial. Your intuition is running on high and will be a useful tool to help you navigate this energy,

This energy will start to lighten a little and you will start to feel la little more playful or fun. Maybe curious and inquisitive. Your mind will move from a place of tapping into that deeper instinctual nature into a place where you are more focused on intellectual pursuits and will do best focusing on things that are more mysterious…. things that need to be figured out. You will have more insight and increased intuitive perception that you can meld with the inquisitiveness this energy brings so that you can integrate it and make it more useful in your life. However, if you don’t have discernment about whats coming in, confusion could result. This may be a time to be open to new ideas etc, without acting on anything with permanence. There is good energy to channel creatively into expressions of romance or creativity.

Deeper feelings and emotions come to the surface sometime around mid week. The dark comes to light. The hidden is exposed. What these transits also bring with them are a positive energy to change things that need to be changed and shed any light on things that have been ignored or out of your aura of awareness. This is a good time to dig into your spiritual practice. Watch drugs and alcohol and also watch your boundaries. Keep yourself safe because you could lower your inhibitions in times like these and not be pleased with the aftermath. It is a good thing that the boundary related to this energy is a little thinner but it also has a consequence of loosening boundaries.

You have these deep energies starting to align this week that are calling you to focus on growing and healing yourself. The more that you pay attention to yourself, the more you are able to start to like what you see or at least feel more comfortable in your own skin. The focus, especially the closer we get to the weekend, should be on you and how you can continue to learn and experiment to increase your growth, learning, and self-maturation.

On Friday we have a wonderful new moon in Aries. The new moon is, among other things, about fresh starts and new beginnings but I feel like this moon will immediately feel like this new action oriented feeling you may feel in your spirit and soul will be tempered by structure oriented Capricorn. Although you may want to do something new and fresh in life and want to act., when you do you will have to act in a way that is coupled with longevity and staying power. Yes you need to expand and grow and make something happen. You have to be ready to act. You also have to be ready to have the willpower to go the distance though, so that is the energy you are feeling.

Sudden events may be linked to this new moon as well as increased emotions and fluctuations in energy. You may realize that you have the resources you need to move forward or be given the resources you need that can be helpful by providing assistance or forward momentum in some area of your life.

You have some great analytical aptitude marrying up with willpower and determination. The energy as you close the week is very enjoyable and light and that makes it a good time to get out and about. Not only are you feeling good and nicer and compassionate, but you are also in touch with the divine so that impacts romance and creative projects very favorably. Advice, intuition, and intellectual energies are all working together to have you end the week with increased clarity and insight.

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