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New Moon in Aquarius February (2019)

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On February 4 at approx 304pm CST we will have a powerful new moon in Aquarius at almost 15.5 degrees

I just want to start off with saying that I love this new moon for you. There aren’t a large number of aspects negatively impacting this new moon so I predict that its overall influence will be positive in nature and something that is much welcomed.


I like this new moon because it is closely linked to our hopes and dreams. This moon will require you to meet the universe in a dance of co-creation in order to capitalize on the full potential of this alignment. The energy is fun and you are able to take advantage of more fun, lighthearted things such as hanging out with your tribe and having fun in your personal life, bonding is highly blessed.

The energy is also great for your professional life. There is a great potential for a huge spotlight to be shining on you right now. Sparks of genius are available to you that can propel you forwards in the direction of some of your greatest hopes and dreams. You may also gain a new understanding and deeper awareness regarding your path to destiny.

You can focus on your philosophy and personal truth, communications, hard work. and visualization of your long term goals.

Positivity is higher than it has been in a while and you may finally come to the realization that you have what it takes to apply focused energy towards the desired outcomes that you would like to create for yourself. You all of a sudden have this lust, desire, and vitality to become successful in some area of your life.

Innovation and originality are favored, so with the spotlight shining upon you, don’t be afraid to be your beautiful unique self. Also, make sure you stay open and flexible because opportunity could strike you when or where you least expect it. This is a favorable time for new initiatives and technology, so if you need to tap into these areas, take heed and take advantage before our next Mercury retrograde comes up.

You are wanting to tap into this energy if you want to increase your chances for success. Don’t let this pass you by for it is one of the best new moons of 2019. Tap into this energy and act on your pursuits that you want to materialize into success. Do it responsibly and realize that you can begin something in an area of your life that has an opportunity to soar higher than you ever could have imagined.

Here is a quick video to recap it all


  • This is a good time to put yourself out there for your tribe of likeminded people. It is a good time to be in the spotlight, but this spotlight is not your personal one…. this is linked to sharing what your unique purpose on this earth can do to uplift your tribe (humanity). What can you share with the collective.

  • Break free! what is holding you back that is worn or outdated that you have been carrying with you. Jobs, family shit, rules and regulations that don’t apply, friends that hold you back that you are honoring out of obligation….. all of that!

  • Be open to meeting new or different people because you may find in doing so, that you attract people that align with your values and quirks and make you feel like you belong to the family you wish you had.

  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.

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