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Weekly Horoscope (Tarot) Reading for the week of January 28-February 3 , 2019

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This week is going to be very interesting. It starts of with Scorpionic energy left over from the previous weekend causing us to go deeper. There is an opportunity to increase deep intimate connections… to create stronger foundations whether that be a connection with your divine self or someone that you deeply care about. Sensuality and sexuality are heightened. Logic and Intuition are also in alignment (think left brain and right brain working together if that makes more sense). There is a need to balance the things revealed and messages coming in so that you are then coming to conclusions that are accurate and useful. Until you do that, you may not interpret things as they fully are even though you have a great capacity to do so. This is one of the main challenges I see for this week, especially as we move closer and closer to the weekend.

Your eye may be on conquering something and that could be extremely sexy, as I just mentioned. Without being heartless or negatively manipulative you can strongly push something forward. You have an opportunity to translate your goals into a living breathing manifestation. This means that you can dig into some divine energy to gain some progress on a long term goal you feel is stalled. There is passion but there could be a tendency to be borderline aggressive so make sure that you channel it positively. There is also an amazing opportunity to reconnect with your sense of self.

Experimental tendencies could crop up and cause you to be willing to shake things up or do things unexpectedly to soothe something deeper from your subconscious side. There could be a need for you to find better balance in your life by examining the deeper occurrences in life that cause you to act in ways that are not in alignment with the life you picture for yourself. Because of these present energies, you may feel anxious or like your mind is racing a mile a minute making sleep and or relaxing quite difficult. Watch your triggers this week!

As you work through this energy, if you are able to channel this energy to your favorable, productive desires, you will be on your A game and be able to pour into projects and pursuits and the results of your focused intentions can be very positive. You will have to work with this energy to capitalize on it. Getting out and about can be very helpful and very inspirational in some way. I recommend mid-week as a good time to do this. It should be light and playful in order to work out to it’s highest potential for you.

There is a lucky opportunity. Pay attention. Hard work on long term goals will pay off in the future and in order to tap into this divine energy, I really stress prayer and meditation this week. You have an eye for beauty and creativity and embodying these energies will work well for you. You may see many deals when you are out and about so make sure you are mindful of your resources. Some of the opportunities I see for you may not be how you would expect them to be so make sure you are staying open and flexible and decreasing any limiting beliefs that hinder you. One thing I see….. maybe the only thing I see…. limiting you is your mindset. To align with divinity you will need to stay inspired and optimistic while not losing your realistic view of life and what it really takes to meet goals. This weekend, particularly around Saturday, you may have positive energy linked to finances and these would be things that are unexpected. This would most likely be the result of you circulating in your community so if you couldn’t get out Wednesday, Saturday afternoon-early evening is also a good time….. Brunch anyone?

Because of this intense internal desire paired with frustrations of not moving forward on your planned timeline, what I feel may be a learning or growing opportunity for you this week is linked to you trying to push, fight, or control some instance in favor of your own agenda. Again, channel this energy internally or thru projects. Yes restrictions are tough to move through, but you can’t give up. You must dig in deep and apply grit to the situation this energy may be related to.

As you move into the weekend, make sure you take time to cleanse your energy. While you are working through your own stuff, you may have been so open that you make have picked up on the energy of other places and environments because energy is open EVERYWHERE. Don’t try to mitigate this by closing off your compassion. Just be cautious of how you proceed. You could end up causing hurt and pain if you don’t channel this energy of yours or others appropriately.

If you feel like you have been pouring out your heart and soul into something and feel like you aren’t receiving the same love and desire in return or the results of your efforts feel like they are falling flat, be easy. In this emotional state, you could feel forced to do something uncharacteristic to get what your subconscious desires. Outbursts and other pressure release actions could go either way. They could be extremely healing or they could cause temporary damage so just saying. The good thing is, for better or worse, this could open lines of open communication and deliver action oriented energy or expand your curiosity to branch out of your comfort zone.

For a quick summary, check out the video below!

As always, I wish you a great week and until next time.

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