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Weekly Horoscope for February 4-10 ๐Ÿ•‰๏ธ New Moon in Aquarius ๐Ÿ•‰๏ธ (2019)

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This week starts out with some very positive energy by way of the New Moon in Aquarius occurring on February 4, 2019 at approx 3:04CST. You can go read about that here because I am not going to recap that energy here, only tell you about how the rest of the week will play out.

After all the energy that the New Moon brings in, you will then be hit with some potentially highly charged emotional energy. Your sensitivity is heightened as well as your emotions and you must take great care to not approach life from this imbalanced, fragile state because it can make you a bit delusional. You are better off pouring this energy into some of your long term goals, tasks, or aspirations. Avoid serious situations because of the increased potential that you are not seeing things clearly. This is a good time to work with a trusted healer if you have heavy issues that you need to address. Watch drugs and alcohol and keep a close eye on your boundaries. Be mindful not to overindulge this week. It is easy to lose yourself and try to escape or over exaggerate the experiences you have at this time. Donโ€™t take this next wave of energy too seriousโ€ฆ channel it into something productive instead like a divinely guided project.

You may be self-centered and wrapped up on how you feel about something and your own needs and desires. Perhaps you have an increased need for putting action behind your feelings and its building and building and you want to know how your needs can be met. This may feel extremely uncomfortable and anxiety producing so I am going to ask you to really pour into yourself positively and only focus on what you can controlโ€ฆ YOU. You may feel tired or run down so I would suggest that you spend some time pampering yourself after everything that has been stirred up.

Closer to the end of the week, you just arenโ€™t feeling other people. You are not at your best energy or in the greatest mood(potentially) and it could negatively impact your interactions with others. Watch for the tendency to sink into depression and start feeling sorry for yourself. You are NOT a victim. One thing that YOU can do that would be extremely helpful is to focus on new insights and mindset shifts and be open to seeing other perspectives because this could help snap you out of this energy and help you start feeling some relief immediately,

If you do end up having an outburst or causing an embarrassing disruption, you will have an opportunity to smooth things over if you humble yourself. You will have to take the first step. The good thing is that something should be at least out in the open and exposed and with this greater awareness comes the ability to positively transform in some area of your life.

Lastly, I also recommend applying some of this fighting spirit that builds this week into constructive projects or even some physical activity like exercise or chores. You can also act on your personal instincts and insights as long as they apply to YOU and YOU only.

As always, I wish you a great week and until next time.

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