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Mercury Retrograde in Aries- Lessons Learned

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I want to discuss this Mercury Retrograde in Aries that started March 2018 and how you can work this energy to succeed in life.

For the past few weeks we have been dealing with Mercury going retrograde in Aries. If you don't know what a retrograde means, I won't bore you with the details. Here is a great explanation of it.

It began on March 22, 2018 and is scheduled to end on April 15, 2018.... I always tell my peeps that it technically starts a week before and lasts a week after these dates.

Mercury retrograde, while it can be a pain in the butt, is a good time for reevaluating areas of our lives to allow our mind to catch up on things that we don't understand or may have missed. This Mercury Retrograde in Aries has left us with some valuable lessons learned. I want you to work this magic to stop feeling so damned stuck and live the life you want to live, so I want to call out the things that I think we need to pay attention to.

  • We had our planet of thinking, communication, travel, and more moving slower and not on top of it's game in an area (Aries) that tends to be self-oriented, impatient, impulsive, brave, warrior-like, and embodying forceful energy to get things started. Think about your mind trying to figure things out... to rework..... to re-do something about very important to the self and how it will be pushed out into the world paired with this energy that just wants things to happen. No bueno right? Think about this. What is the beauty of how this could help you? What could you be missing?


  • Have you felt stuck, confined, trapped, or restricted? Has your anxiety been on 10? If you have been trying to push and wondering why you keep butting your head against a wall, I need you to stop. This energy is not here coincidentally. I bet if you weren't paying attention, no matter how hard you pushed, you still felt blocked. Well guess what! I talked about Saturn here and he is sitting right next to this energy like your dad making any move that is not for your highest and best (even if you don't realize it) slow way down. You can't sidestep your chores! You can't half ass it! You can't push thru without taking the time to formulate a clear plan. If it is not in your best interest, guess what.... YOU WILL BE CHECKED! Can I get an amen if you feel this?


  • Where are you being called to redo, redefine, restructure, refine, or rework some areas of your life?
  • Because of how this retrograde started.... it was interacting closely with Venus... you should examine your life and your approach to love (others and self), money, and value. Look closely and be honest about the part that you play in these areas and how you are being called to tweak if necessary. How does love look like in your life? Do you love on yourself? Do you love yourself? Are you living in alignment with your true values? Are you respecting your resources (time/money)? Do you need to slow down and have more fun or treat yourself? Uranus starting to dip into Taurus will bring changes that could be "good" or "bad" and having a strong sense of self will be integral to the success of this transit.
  • If you find yourself in the middle of pain, heartache, or bad news, I would never want to minimize what you are feeling so this is an excellent time to surrender and pay attention to your well-being. Use the rest of this time (Till about April 22nd) to bring in your energy and center on the self.


I want to stress to you that we are going to have something to celebrate if we play the long game and focus on mastery in some area of life. Every day that you open your eyes and take a breath is an opportunity. We don't always feel that way, but we don't always have a good grasp on the bigger picture. You have a reason why you were put on this earth so don't let anyone or anything convince you otherwise (even yourself). 

There are people that need you and a gift that you were meant to share. If you haven't found them yet.... if you don't know your purpose.... don't give up. You reading this is a testament that you have a place in this world. Keep pushing.

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