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Mars in Leo- Watch the Ego

yashica crumpton

There is a very powerful transit going on right now astrologically. Mars is transiting through the sign of Leo and will be there for about six weeks --til mid-August 2019. Mars is said to be a “masculine” planet that represents the outward expression of passion, power, desire, and creative, forceful intensity. Where it falls in the daily planetary chart and in your personal chart can be a clue as to where this almost animalistic drive will be expressed.

In astrology, Leo is fiery and sexy. Leo is passionate, bold, proud, regal, and brave on its best day. Leo is a self-oriented, egotistical astrological sign that loves to be the center of attention...to be a star on the stage. Leo plays well with Mars and magnifies the propensity that we will feel towards self promotion, putting passionate and focused energy towards our desires, and applying an unshakeable determination towards the things that matter most to us in our heart and soul no matter what.

But…..there is one caveat that I want you to be aware of. In life, there are seemingly positive and negative expressions of energy and this beautiful Mars in Leo energy is no different. This transit exudes ego for better or worse. While I have pointed out the lovely things that come along with having a healthy ego...an increased level of self-esteem,self-worth, and an opportunity to explore life from your own point of view and develop your own sense of identity in this crowded world, there are also negative traits that are associated with the ego that this transit can trigger.

You can find yourself, or the collective, becoming more arrogant, overbearing, and power hungry. It can create conflicts and wars. It can be an energy that is self-directed and so impatient that it forgets about the highest and best good of all and once this egoic energy gets going in a set upon direction, it can seem almost impossible to reign in.

So, as you see, your ego, the very thing that Mars in Leo triggers,  can be the driving force for some very beneficial things in your life regarding your self-esteem and self-awareness and should not be something that you should think is “bad” or something to fear but it is something that you should keep an eye on. It is one of the reasons that you came into this material world-- to experience life from your unique perspective and to bring your own light into this world. 

At the same time, however, you must remember that life is about balance and considering the collective. Ego protects you and preserves that bit of light that makes you who you are in this world and is nothing that you think that you need to get rid of. It is something to be embraced as you learn who you are as an individual and how you were meant to pour your passions and your creativity, and the things that you do best, into society for the highest benefit of all involved.

Think about how powerful this can be for the next six weeks. If you can align yourself with this potent boost that the universe is providing you, think about the things you are passionate about, your creative and divinely inspired projects, the things in your life that make you feel alive, and more. It can be a time to have fun, make love, focus on fertility and more. You can finally stop hiding in the spotlight and step into your true calling and your true power and be the leader in your life in some area. You are being called to step into your purpose and shine your own unique in this life. How awesome is that?

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