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Weekly Horoscope for July 8-14, 2019

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I hope you all enjoyed the energy of last week with all the powerful transits we had going on. I heard that while you may have felt drained or tired, that it felt surprisingly good for the most part. I tried to go live about the eclipse but social media had a diva moment. I decided rather than fight it, it would be best to just chill and not try to force the issue too much. After all the cosmic drama of last week (and weird weather that I warned you about already that would be around for 7yrs), let’s settle in and see how this week will be shall we….

You step into the week on Monday with some of that friction from last week still encouraging you to grow and stretch and break free from something that has been holding you back from a new future. You will still feel compelled to keep moving forward, and as I said before, even though this type of growth may not be easy, it will be supported so it won’t be as hard as it normally would if the universe wasn’t there to help meet you.

Some of these opportunities that you have supporting you are linked to you pouring your energy into something you care passionately about and it could be a project or a relationship. If you want to step up and take the lead in improving any of these areas, I think you will find some positive results of your actions. Bringing beauty, harmony, and balance into some area of your life are very positive possibilities now but this means that you are showing up in your life as a leader and not all up in your ego or refusing to brush past superficial layers to get to the real meat of things.

You may be feeling more social than usual when it comes to talking about the things that you are going thru or in your interactions with people that you think feel more like family. What seems like something that could be a little disrupting, due to the propensity for triggers, can actually create energy to bring something closer together.

The energy may feel a bit more positive than it has felt in a while. That bold Leo energy could be partly responsible for that. You still have that ever present energy that wants you to grow, stretch, and expand and leave something behind. There is a middle ground in all this. In relationships, this could look like you doing what you need to do to heal but at the same time trying to keep the peace… but at what costs? Some relationships are going to need some disruption, whether internal or external, if you want to see true and great potential materialize. You know what you want your inner and outer environment to look like and as some truths continue to be revealed to get you closer to your life path and purpose you can then take the steps that you need to take to get closer to a more positive alignment.

This is not a time to get all sad because stuff is serious or because you realize you still have some work to do. This is a time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Also, don’t try to bring others down or trigger them just because you are in your feels. Be mature in how you handle yourself during this time. These changes are changes that you need to make for yourself in your relationships with others and for your own betterment and if you find information that doesn’t sit well with what you want your life to look like in the future, you need to be brave enough to let it go.

Towards the middle of the week, Scorpio energy comes in further drawing our attention to things. Any manipulation, trust issues, or power struggles will be highlighted. You also will be fixed on what you want in life and hell bent on getting it so be aware. You could be feeling moody or pushy but this is something you really want to try and work out inside. I believe that even if you get triggered so much that you know what has to happen, sit with it until you have worked thru it. What you should not do is use your revelations to try to change someone and make them what something they aren’t just because you aren’t brave enough to do what’s right for you.

If you are in a secure place in life then you still may be feeling a little off internally, but you will find that you can easily process these emotions and you can find yourself growing closer to someone you intimately care about thru this process. It is also a good time to step back from life and do something fun and sexy for yourself like taking a nice bath or something self care related that makes you feel good.

Another good pocket of luck that I see around midweek is linked to the fact that you may be finally realizing the things that you want to change or need to change and manifest and have the power and the energy and the drive to actually do what you need to do. You also have the patience. As I keep stating, combining all these opportunities to elevate your life doesn’t necessarily feel good because it is all about pushing past limiting things in your life but you have so much support in doing so, so trust the process. This can feel like breaking free, reclaiming your freedom, picking a new direction in life, and doing it boldly and positively.

While I like how the energy picks up, the energy closer to Friday is great. You have these harmonious and supportive energies around yourself, love, creation and moving towards something optimistic and expansive. It may require you to take safe ,calculated risks, but it’s a cool day.

As we round out the week, take some time to get out and about if you can. Maybe visit somewhere familiar, your favorite restaurant, or hang out with family. Don’t overdo it but do let loose a little and enjoy some of the things that make you happy. If you have projects around the home to settle up, not new ones, this is a good time to do so.

You will feel a little more like finding moments for yourself around Sunday as I see the energy lean more towards family issues or being at home in your comfort zone. I see masculine/feminine issues which could play out in a multitude of ways in your life including something as simple as finding some rest instead of going, doing, and forcing all the time. Go ahead and plan for the upcoming week and get some chores done closer to the home you need to get done, but rest and get ready for the Full Moon Lunar ellipse that will soon be here.

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