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Weekly Horoscope for May 6-12, 2019

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As you open up the week off the coattails of the New Moon in Taurus, you step in to an energy where you will need to be ready for new ideas that will benefit you in someway. I do believe that a lot of the messages and ideas will be divinely inspired so this is going to be a good week to make sure you don’t skimp on your prayer and meditation. Pay attention to your dreams because the new insights could come thru your dreams. There is this beautiful healing energy that can be tapped into quite easily and also a time where you may be able to gain access to deeper understanding of yourself and move in a more positive healthy direction.

Mercury will be moving into Taurus grounding several things in our life which, I feel, is positive because it is a very practical, intentional, and common sense energy. It is also very sensual. The downside of this energy is that it is very fixed and stubborn so as things such as communication and thinking finally slow down, be aware that they don’t slow down to the point of being inert because you have some valuable practical energy available to you to work on building something positive for yourself for most of the month! This is a time to focus on practical things that need practical attention. This is a time to get stuff done. A time to manifest!

How can you build something of longevity and increase your manifestation powers? What can you do this week to make shit happen? Go do that!

Now back to these messages I speak of…. when they are revealed you must sit with them for a bit and don’t act impractically or impulsively. Hold on to what you receive and consider it carefully before acting because there is a tendency not to see things very clearly or fully understand what is being unveiled.

Another interesting tendency I see for you this week is to not feel like your best. As you are working thru your own internal shit you will find that you may lean towards a more melancholy energy or feel a little drained. Life doesn’t stop though. You still need to show up so do what you need to do but in a state like this, try not to take permanent actions, especially while you are feeling like this, because this feeling will pass

You are working on some uncertainties surrounding something while at the same time grasping at anything you can to move forward in life in a more responsible way. You may be wondering what you can bring in to gain more stability… what you must change to have what you want. I don’t think this is a difficult process, especially given the past few weeks, but I know that it is a very serious one. Don’t feel alone in this because we are all going thru this in some area of life. If you don’t believe me, watch my random IG Live Replay I did when right when Saturn went Retrograde plus the IG Live replay specifically on Saturn Retrograde.

Another reason why you should not feel alone in this energy is because I see that there are opportunities for you to find the help that you need to assist you in some way but you must seek it out. It must be something or someone you can count on…… it must be safe. I say this because I also see this tendency for some of you to reach out to more destructive things/people when you are feeling uncomfortable. There is some Gemini energy that could make it harder for you to contain yourself, so again, I am asking you to channel your energy into more productive pursuits today.

Mercury conjunct Uranus midweek makes for something interesting. Your mind feels open, excited, and at the same time, distracted. Brace yourself for unexpected news and be over prepared for anything that is very important to you. If you do receive unexpected news please don’t act on it impulsively. Just leave space to be open and aware of other perspectives and different things because depending on how this energy hits your chart, it could result in some positive manifestations.

A good day to pour into your home, family, side hustle, or work on deep familial issues in a private setting would be around Wednesday. I see this energy of trying to break free of your roots in some way if you want to move to the next level. The good news is I think you are starting to feel more stable around this time as well.

This greater sense of stability has you feeling yourself and it is also possible that others could be feeling you too. Use this to your advantage. You may have this firmer sense of who you are in the world and this can give you confidence and inner security to feel more confident breaking free from things so if you know there is some bullshit in your life making you feel secure and undervalued, it will be exposed so that it can be changed or released. Don’t fight it. There may be some heavy and tough things going on but know that the reshaping and restructuring going on is for the best even if it feels heavy. Breaking free from patterns and stepping out of your comfort zone may feel uncomfortable but it is necessary. And remember…. other people could be triggering so please watch your mouth and make space for lots of alone time.

Because you are going thru an internal shift, you are very ego oriented (as well as everyone else). Your soul is dying to spread or reveal what’s in your heart in some way. You want to create something and I see this tension between your sense of value and your sense of self. You know deep down inside that you are of worth but one struggle could be trying to make others see this and that could be where you have blows to your self esteem. You are going thru some ups and downs in this area. The good news is that as you are trying to work thru this and create your little piece of value and establishment in this world, you are taking steps forward on a very deep level to become more of who you are regardless of anyone else or anything else. All the energy that I see is grounded in love, purpose, and the authentic self and is moving you, ultimately, in the right direction.

I love the weekend for you! You have a very productive burst of energy around Friday/Saturday and it will allow you to put a dent in some practical things you need to get done. It is also very sensual. You will want to work harder during the day hours but make sure you take frequent breaks. Don’t waste this energy. The nighttime is more about fun and letting loose. it’s about releasing some responsibilities and feeling fun and free. Have fun Saturday night!

Sunday looks good as well. It’s Mother’s Day in the US. There is fun energy available to share good energy with other people. Getting out and about will be fun. Maybe try something new!

If you aren’t celebrating Mother’s Day, I have good news for you too. It is still a good time to be out and about and social. It is also a good time to look at your master plan and work on some activities that align with these grand hopes and wishes that you have for yourself. It is a good time to focus on refinement and purification inside and out. There is a tiny opportunity to be neurotic but I want you to take this energy and channel it for good!

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