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Weekly Horoscope for April 22-28 2019

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Hey! I hope you are hanging in there with all the craziness that has been going on lately. We are definitely being challenged in some area of our life to be better and do better that’s for sure.

As we start of the week, you start off the week you step into an irritated and agitated energy. A counterpart to this could be exciting. Your mind is stimulated and that could be where this is all stemming from. It could have this propensity to cause a feeling of anxiety. You want to act based off of what is currently happening in your life. However, your soul is wanting you to slow down and look more at the bigger, broader picture. You could have a hard time channeling you thoughts into a bigger meaning or purpose and this can lend itself towards being prone to misunderstandings (internally and externally). You are being shown that there is a need for you to be flexible and to be wiling to mature. There is something more future oriented that is unfolding. Survey all this information coming in around you, but think about what it all means on a larger scale, not just in the here and now.

Expect the unexpected. The Sun and Uranus are conjoining. This transit could feel positive or negative, it just depends. There may be a shake up or an opportunity to break up something or open up a moment of freedom….. it will be a breath of fresh air for some. Things sometimes work in your favor and sometimes they seem like they don’t…. on the surface, that is. But, when you only look at the tip of the iceberg, you miss out on the larger things happening outside of your scope of vision. Sometimes life is like that and you don’t often see the things that are happening for your highest and best good. Trust yourself and trust what is unfolding.

Your instinct will be working well but you also must continue to be diligent about the fact that you must not act impulsively or dangerously. If something is not aligned with the truth of your life path, expect a shakeup and be open because there is also an opportunity for an unexpected surprise.

If you want to escape the crazy energy that is going on around you, it would be a good time to stay focused on safe projects, mind your business, and throw in some Netflix binges every now and then. The veil between the known and the unknown is thin and your job is to toe the line. Whatever you happen to be experiencing, ride the wave, because whether you see it or not, there is luck on your side. It is important now, more than ever, to see the beauty in yourself and your experiences. They are there for healing and growth. Some of the things happening can feel unsettling. You will really have to dig in and trust because life will feel awkward as you are evolving into this new you.

The pull to focus on your own needs comes to a head near midweek because there is this tension between your thoughts, needs, and desires vs. the serious energy and responsibilities that are constantly vying for your attention.

Pluto also goes retrograde around this time and the main theme with this transit is centered on letting go, restructuring, tearing things down, and rebuilding. Anything that does not have a place in your future in some area of your life…. it needs to go. Shit is about to get real. There is an opportunity to take divinely inspired information and channel it into something useful and beneficial. The way you are thinking and how you feel can work well together to help you move forward. This is a serious time and your self mastery is being tested so come from your higher self at all times. If you were the best version of yourself, how would you handle the things that you are going thru at the moment?

You want things to shake up and maybe shoot forward in some area of your life. You know that something has to change in your life to continue to expand but you know it’s not about wishing anymore. It’s about practical action and manifestation principles applied. These things need to be combined and can be used to create better for yourself and your future. It can be fairly easy to get yourself together to obtain your hopes and dreams if you are moving in flow with the cosmos. You must be at one with spirit. It will greatly decrease any difficulties you are experiencing.

I see a portal of opportunity opening up that could allow you to launch into a whole new world for yourself but it requires the right balance of innovation and practicality.

Coming into the weekend, I don’t see much stability. It still feels a little unsettled. You feel scattered and unfocused and like you need a change of pace. You are transforming in a big way but because it is spiritually, it can feel uncomfortable to try to ground this in your mind and understand what is truly occurring. You aren’t the only one feeling like this and there may be an opportunity around the weekend to share all your feels and how you have been thinking with other people and find that this interaction goes positively. This is also a good time to focus your energy on things that need to be done. You can apply your energy to learning about new things that can be used to support your hopes and dreams.

The good news…. saved the best for last…. is that we close out the week on some great energy so take advantage of it. Be fun, socialble, and adventerous. Grab life by the reigns today. Get out and about Sunday and try to have some fun. Try new things. Your soul and your sense of optimism can be activated positively by actually DOING something. You have an opportunity to feel fun and lively and upbeat. You activate an opportunity for some feel good moments as you close out the week and that makes me feel good.

Here is a brief video overview with a bonus tarot reading:

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