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Weekly Horoscope for April 15-21, 2019

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Countless numbers of you have reached out letting me know about the difficult energy that you have been experiencing so I wanted to let you know, I feel you. It’s been berzerk. Part of it I blame on the retrograde season that started uncovering some junk, some of it I attribute to Aries season…. *side eye*.

Anyway, so now you step into this week, you may notice that there are still some pressures but before I continue, I want to let you know, that by the weekend, it will get better.

Coming into the week you may notice a small amount of tension between your heart and your mind. You may still be processing something and/or trying to keep your ego in check as you do so. Because there is a tendency to be self focused, you may have to slow down and make sure you’re processing things correctly…. especially since you are just now wrapping you mind around some of the things that have been going down over the past few weeks. This tug of war can also be felt as occurring between your mind and your intuition of instinct. With these energies, please be smart and make good decisions. I would, personally, be more inclined to say trust your heart and your intuition or instinct and be willing to try something new or unexpected.

This whole process could feel novel and uncomfortable which is why I feel like you would do best to handle these struggles internally. You may want to feel better or be willing to do anything to soothe this feeling or numb the pain. I am all for you being fun, flexible and exciting, but don’t compromise yourself or lower your standards. Watch for volatile moods or impulsive actions. As the tension builds, try to keep your frustrations in check. Keep this stuff inside and mull it over before acting to minimize any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Trying to share what you are going thru could be misunderstood and as you struggle with who you are and what you are going thru, this would only heighten the possibility of reckless behavior on a small or large scale.

Mercury moves into Aries early in the week and this is good for decisive, quick decisions, but again, while Mercury is here, you will really have to watch how you act because it can bring in an abrupt and disruptive energy. Couple this energy with the potential for anxiety this week and you could have a recipe for disaster. The positive side is if you’ve needed action to take place and shake you up, the energy is there.

The monkey mind (all in your head) could start to settle a little bit as the week progresses and the answers and the solace that you need will slowly start to unveil. TRUST THE PROCESS! The more you are able to healthily analyze what needs to change about you and your situation, the better you will feel but there is a fine line between discernment and purification vs monkey mind and worry. Stay on your middle path and connected to God to find hope and positivity.

There is an excitement in the in the air for some. For others of you, it will feel more like irritation. For some reason, I also see the possibility of weather disruptions or things unexpectedly happening to restore balance and order so make sure you are prepared! Passivity may give way to a more assertive energy, at least in your head, but it could feel a little clunky.

Take a break around Thursday to step away from the day to day of life. If you did cause any damage, make amends and take responsibility for the part you may have played in some drama that panned out. Apologize and try to move forward. Things are continuing to prepare you for change, balance, and growth…. that will feel unsettling. Some relationships won’t make it thru this crazy energy, but think positive, changes like these have to occur to release that which is unhealthy.

We have the 2nd Full Moon in Libra this month. Check back later this week for a reading and compare it to these readings I did on the first Full Moon in Libra. There is a part 1 and a part 2 video. It is rare to have 2 full moons in the same sign so pay attention. The different energy I spoke of thru the week will continue into the beginning of this new moon making me think that it won’t be particularly easy but it will be positive in that it will allow you an opportunity to grow, evolve, and let go. This is all focused on you, your healing, your growth, how you see yourself, and making the decision that needs to be made in order to open up a fresh chapter in your life so be willing to purify and detox that which is not in harmony with a positive future for yourself.

The Sun enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on Saturday. To me, this is hot, sexy and passionate. There is an increased opportunity for romance, creativity, and doing what feels good. There is some deep, intimate, and emotional energy but it forms a positive aspect, so I’m not too worried about it. You can use this time as an opportunity to connect with others on a deep level…. be that family, friends, or someone that is closely connected to your heart. Things seem to be receiving a rebirth. It’s a good day for cleaning. You may also find yourself involved in transforming things or situations and you will find that these transformations are connected to something that will last.

Relax and enjoy this weekend. You need this break. People are starting to feel better. You feel good and have an increased potential for optimism. You may even feel like getting out and about (although Saturday you may want things to be more intimate). I think that you will want to indulge and have fun and I don’t see that as a bad thing but be smart about it. Don’t throw all caution to the wind. Keep things easy, light, and not too serious. There is room for different perspectives to play well in the room together without causing a disruption…. just don’t try to go too deep. Keep it surface and light. You are feeling good and comfy in your own skin. Enjoy!

Here is a video overview of the week!

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