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Full Moon in Cancer December 2018

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On December 22 at approx 1028am CST, there will be a full moon at 0 degrees Cancer


As I examined the astrology, I feel that we are all ready for a change. Especially with 2019 just around the corner. There are heightened chances for misunderstandings, emotional sensitivity, and moodiness. There is an opportunity for deep hurts to surface along with anger and pain. The positive is the ability to confront this head on so that the energy can dissipate quickly.

Some of you may say Fuck It and do your own thing. I look at this energy and I see that you could be ready for a change and that if you are willing to follow your instincts, you may find that it leads you to positive and unexpected delight. The positive surprise is due to an important Uranus aspect but the aspect means that you have to act on something. If you don’t you will miss out on a potential opportunity.

Cancer energy is connected to family, roots, maternal energies, femininity, home, instinct, and intuition among other things. This moon will be full at approx 0 degrees. I spoke about the importance of 0 degrees in this article relating to another powerful 0 degrees full moon we had in Gemini. I think it’s funny that our Full Moon in Gemini and this full moon in Cancer are both near the holidays. Holidays can be a time of fun and enjoyment with family or it can be a troubling time where things are drummed up that cause discontent and erratic feelings. Deep hurts that bruise egos may surface for you to have to deal with before you are allowed to move onto the next phase in life.

This could all feel positive or negative depending on what moods, emotions, or insights are drawn to the surface. This energy usually exposes the deeply hidden or the things you want to pretend aren’t happening but really are.

This is a great time to open up for change and I feel that the universe is supporting this. You may feel positive and excited or feel scared and overwhelmed. It will all depend on how this full moon reveals itself to you and how you choose to react.

For the most part, this energy will dissipate into a warm cozy energy that will actually make this holiday season one of the most jovial we have had in a while. It is a warm intimate energy, so if you don’t feel like doing it big, don’t feel guilty… tone it down. If holidays are a scary place, find your safe space and stay there. It’s perfectly ok to avoid the drama and cocoon yourself into your own personal safe space.

Women, mothers, or feminine energy is a potential focus so watch for those influences.

2018 is closing full circle. This is the 2nd full moon in Cancer for the year that we have had…. that’s rare. No matter what, it’s onward and upward in 2019 we go.


  • Follow your insights and sparks of genius. To harness the positivity of this energy you must act on them.

  • Think about how you have been refusing to acknowledge some of the things that you keep trying to ignore and push deep underneath the surface. They aren’t going anywhere. Deal with them! You have support.

  • Don’t be so quick to discount what your are going thru, how can you look for the blessings in disguise? Keep your mind and heart open… answers are still unfolding. The answers that I have continued to educate you on will continue to be revealed and exposed… stay open.

  • Have patience…. if you trust and believe, hold that image. This is the activation of something, not the culmination.

  • Get a reading. That one is just self explanatory. Even a short, sweet 10 minute reading is enough to gain some clarity, get unstuck, and have information to get you moving in the right direction.



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