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Remember this Key to Manifesting the Life You Desire

yashica crumpton
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Your attention to your inner world and outer world and getting them aligned with one another is, I believe, one of the keys to manifesting a life that you desire. To understand what this means for you, I would like to break this down into more simple terms so that you can use this information to create your best life.

When you think of your inner world, I want you to think about the things that impact your life that people may be unable to have knowledge of unless you are willing to share them. These are things like your attitudes, ideas, beliefs, feelings and more. These are the things that are the essence of who we are and how we approach life… even if we try to hide them, they are a part of who we are. These are things that are shaped by our upbringing, our life experiences, and society. Even if we don’t understand the things that go on underneath the surface… in our inner world… they are the things that impact us the most.

Think about the lessons and stories you have picked up along your life. They shape how you show up. Are you a risk taker? Do you tend to talk to yourself negatively? Do you have certain values and ethics related to your personal life, your financial life, or your love life? These are all a product of the inner world that you have created for yourself based on your unique experiences.

Your outer world, on a simplistic level, is a manifestation of that inner world. If you grew up in a less than positive environment with values and beliefs that don’t facilitate self improvement and growth, you will start to notice that there are tensions and conflicts that may crop up in your life as an outward expression of the malaligned inner world that you have cultivated.

Maybe you don’t have the career you want or you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck. You may find that you see patterns in your relationships that you find repeat themselves no matter who you are in a relationship with. Or perhaps, you let your inner emotions and feelings get the better of you and find that you often regret the things you say and do.

Here is where I don’t want to confuse you. Although I said things start with your inner world and manifest for you to see in your outer world, to see if you need to recreate any area of life, the fastest way to do so is to look at your inner life. If you see areas of turmoil, sabotage, lack of growth/change, and other types of tension, it is showing you where you will need to recreate your inner world. 

What needs to change about your attitude? Your beliefs? Your thoughts? Your feelings? What can you change internally in order to create an optimal inner environment? Because, when you do that, you will find the outer world will shift.

Often people will do the opposite. They will see evidence of things they don’t like in their partners or their job, for instance, and try to manipulate things that are out of their control in order to gain what they want in order to have happiness. That is not how it works and will lead to frustration and other challenges usually… do you know why?

Because one of your goals in your lifetime is to continuously recreate your inner world based on the favorability of your outer world. Once you learn this and integrate this into your life, you will understand what it truly means to be a co-creator of your life...the ultimate form of creativity and self expression.