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Weekly Horoscope for Sept 16-22, 2019

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I have just returned from an amazing business retreat that I had the opportunity to attend by circumstance and it has left me refreshed and ready to provide value and content to help you continue to learn spiritual and personal development principles to help you live your best life.

Expect some exciting things to unfold from now until the end of the year. The first thing being a class I created just for you. I’ve noticed a trend, especially in my FB group, that there are changes happening in your life that are causing you to feel lost or scared or disconnected. And because so much stuff is happening to you right now, internally and externally, you are finding it more difficult to find the time to connect with yourself.

Because of this, I have created a totally free 5 video class that will guide you step by step on how to connect with yourself if you are feeling lost or reconnect with yourself if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the day to day and forgetting to take some quiet time for yourself.

It is an easy to follow course and comes with a bonus workbook to help guide you through the course. You can get INSTANT access here https://yashica-crumpton.mykajabi.com/class

Now for this week’s horoscope.

Friday the 13th we had a powerful full moon and you will still be feeling the impact of that as we step into the new week. I believe that what may have been revealed with this moon is something that will push you to take action on something that you dream of having for yourself. Even if confusing or painful things were revealed, I believe you will still finally start to feel some motivation to move you forward in the right direction. This push forward doesn’t have to come from you fully, because you also have the universe on your side to help propel you towards a new truth for yourself. What you need to do now is not try to put the cart before the horse. You need to remember what the new moon in Virgo taught you. You need to develop a system of routines and habits that support the direction that you want your life to go. You may even have to learn new skills in order to continue to grow and move forward. You need a plan of inspired action.

You will definitely run into frustrations if you decide that you want to pursue your hopes and dreams spontaneously or if you expect that you will be able to make major lasting changes all at once.

Another opportunity that I see is that you may have to relinquish some control if you want to be successful going forward. Your growth and healing is connected to partnerships. As much as most of our life experiences are individual, there are important lessons and breakthroughs that come thru your connections with other people. Some of these partnerships are going to experience some awesome manifestation energy while some of them will challenge you on your boundaries.

Around Tuesday, I see some energy that will make you a bit lazy or will make you feel ungrounded because anything routine will either seem too constraining or boring. Be patient with yourself and try to keep your schedule loose because I see it being a weird day.

Saturn goes direct on September 18 but I will be coming on FB live to talk about it Wednesday night so make sure you go like my page and turn on notifications so you don’t miss me talk about this welcome change and how it will impact you.

At the same time that Saturn is going direct, there are so many positive things going on in the sky that I believe it will show us a glimpse of what we will expect going forward. It will start to show you how the hard work that you have been putting in, both inside your self and the stuff you have been doing…. I think it will finally start to pay off for you. While you may not see the full picture of what you have expected for yourself, you will start to see hope. This is not the time to give up, this is the time to dig in your heels even more and be even more disciplined about what it is that you want to manifest. This is a time to align your mind, body, and soul so that you can make gains on your goals, but at the same time feel better about doing so. This is so exciting because you may feel like you have been trying so damn hard and not making headway. Remember, I told you fall and winter was the kickoff. You are here! The 18th & 19th are very powerful for you to show up and put your mark on taking positive action on all that you have been through, what you have learned, and where you need to go from here.

Not only is the energy opening up for you to step into what you have finally been visioning for yourself, but you also have the time to learn new things or try new things that will help you. You will have to find the right balance of trying new things but also sticking to a plan. You can’t allow yourself to become anxious or all up in your head, you have to try to remain grounded and and focused but open. Visioning (visualization) and scripting is going to work amazingly for you this week.

Stepping into the weekend, I see a few challenges. Again, part of them stem from the fact that you may feel grounded or consumed with daydreams or feel mentally anxious because you are thinking so far in the future without having a balance of focus on what’s going on day to day. For some of you there are some things that still need to change that are negatively impacting you. It could be linked to something you are consuming that is making you disconnect from the world. Watch what you are consuming because it is impacting your health.

Another thing that I see is that in some ways you could be negative and hypercritical or consumed with your day to day but forgetting that you need to be connected to something much larger than what you experience on the day to day. When you get focused on your environment or other people, you sometimes fail to be connected or stay connected to something much bigger than that… something that is connected to your purpose. If you find that this is the case, I have a free course to help you connect with your inner self.

Another way that this course can help you is due to the fact that while you are going through the revelation that you may be stepping out of some powerful illusions that have held you back, once and for all, it still may make you feel sad or negative. I think this is because you may not have wanted to have some of the experiences that you have had to endure, even though in the long run they will be positive for you.

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