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Weekly Horoscope for May 20-26, 2019

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Coming off the craziness of last week, this week seems a little more quiet.

Your dreams and subconscious is still popping so you will continue to need your notebook to record all that juicy, divine inspiration that will continue to pour in. I want you to write stuff down even if you don’t understand what it means now. You soon will.

The week opens up so awesomely! Anything that you want to grow into something positive or lucky, FOCUS ON THAT! This is a rare moment where you may be feeling good and positive.The energy of Sagittarius will influence you and infuse you with some positive energy to channel into the things that you want to prosper. Because spiritual and emotional growth are part of that expansion, you may notice the positivity in that area of your life.

The Sun and Mercury both enter Gemini and the Moon enters Capricorn near the beginning of the week. This can ramp up some things related to thinking and communication. There may also be a spotlight on your hood or people close to you that you would say are like family to you. I think this will align you with new insights and understanding. Your mood, emotions, and soul will continue to be sensitive (I think it’s cause of Mars and will last a while) and not feeling very comfortable for you. I would suggest you break free for a bit if you need to. Walk away. Put some space between you and others.

I see parental power struggles as well as mommy or daddy issues rearing their ugly head and causing triggers. There may be a tendency to act out of character and it could be good if you are doing something new, unusual, and exciting that is beneficial to your growth. Not so much if you are popping off and causing conflict. Seek out a place where you feel safe and where you feel free to be yourself and have fun in that place. You will also feel good spending most evenings in the comfort of your home or with the people that you love.

This energy of freedom and risk taking or following your instinct can continue to be beneficial for you moving into Wednesday. You can focus on security and building your legacy as long as you aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. Your passion projects can manifest behind the power of the full moon or they can have some positive payoffs for you. This wave of energy that comes in on Wednesday is a positive energy to focus on your wants and desires and make shit happen.

Thinking and conversation could turn back to the self and what you can learn for your own personal benefit to heal as Thursday rolls around. You may even be called to share yourself with others so that they can heal. Intellectual pursuits are heightened and sharing intellect with others is very positive. Some of those lingering uncomfortable energies that I spoke of can come back up and trigger you. While this seems negative because you may not be thinking or acting like yourself, it could have you do the unexpected to feel better. I feel like one way this benefits you is because you may finally seek out a place outside of your close circle of family or get out of your comfort zone and find a different and more comfortable place where you will feel more supported and stimulated than always doing the same old same old.

Friday is also a good day because you can use your desire and apply it to your hopes and desires. This is another gift given to you to get shit done and if you choose not to, I bet you will feel down on your self for not doing so.

Saturday builds on that luck and I feel like since time is fluid, from Friday thru the weekend is a time where you may end up in the right place at the right time. Use these days for growth, learning, and evolving. Use it to connect with your tribe. Use it to vision, on a grand level, about the things you need and want. It’s not too late to think about your goals, your dreams, and take action. If you feel stuck, here is your chance to realign.

Unexpected information could benefit you so make sure you are doing research or investigating the things you care about or that align with your dreams or prosperity. You will have to seek out this unexpected information, it won’t fall into your lap if you choose to be a bump on a log. It could come thru prayer, meditation, or literal research. You may feel a little scattered so keep the weekend fairly loose. You may find it impossible to be seriously rational when you are going back and forth in your feels so use this time as a time of curiosity and exploration that can benefit you regarding your personal growth and journey or just feed your need for intellectual stimulation. You can bond and reconnect with others in the evening. It is very positive energy!

I hope you use this message for your highest and best good!

Until Next Time,


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