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Weekly Horoscope for April 8-14, 2019

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Welcome to part 2 of the 2019 retrograde season! Jupiter goes retrograde this week and I have a video all about it over on my facebook page exclusively so go over there after you are done here to get that information. Make sure you like my page while you are over there!

You have an interesting week ahead. As we spend time scrubbing over pour past and things that been more deeply hidden underneath the surface and it’s cool because you can use what has been uncovered to move forward. You can bring those discoveries out and bring out deeper thoughts and emotions and communicate those things or work with them more easily. You will be in your feels so be careful. You are deeply sensitive as the week opens so you must pay attention to your perceptions.

Because we are not quite in touch with reality, spirituality, creativity, and romantic pursuits are all favored. The beginning of the week an excellent time to take advantage of your morning routine. As a matter of fact, if you can muster the energy, it is important to have moments alone this whole week. The energy of this week will have some ups and downs so take advantage of the ups and spend the downs in quiet reflection if you can. Make sure you are incorporating things that make you feel good.

Be extra careful as we inch closer to the Jupiter Retrograde on Wednesday. There is this powerful energy that can be fun and exciting or it could be emotional and tempers could flare. People could be popping off. While the energy is a bit needy, trying to get your needs met could result in you acting uncharacteristically. Because of your sensitivities and vulnerabilities coupled with your altered perceptions, you will really have to try to keep it together and not be reactive at a time like this. Watch boundaries and escapist behaviors. Make a real effort to be discerning because it could be difficult to sort thru all the information coming to you this week.

I think you may immediately feel everything I spoke about in the Jupiter Retrograde video (here on my FaceBook as an exclusive). You must see that you are being tested to see if you are ready. You will want to abandon your plan and may find it easy to lose focus. Dont! This is a good opportunity to deal with issues you have faced, especially in relationships.

You are in your head because you are internalizing next steps. What do you need to keep? What do you need to change? Where do you have the opportunity to tweak your mindset and learn new things so that you don’t stunt your growth and progress?

Stay aware because I do see unexpected strokes of luck that can help you whether it be money, information, or encounters. I also just see some unexpected and shocking things, so stay on your toes. If you feel blocked and limited, that is natural, but you will be able to put the whole picture together soon and if you combine this information with my horoscopes and that Jupiter reading on my facebook, you will be fine.

Things may feel a little better closer to the weekend. You may feel less confused and more connected to God and your inner guidance. Energy is more favorable for individual pursuits so again make sure you are taking moments to put you first. You will have to try really hard to stay on task, especially Friday, because you just aren’t feeling anything too serious at this time. You do need to prioritize healing activities or projects that you may need to wrap up but you will just NOT be in the mood for new nor will you have the energy to initiate. It’s a “me” sort of time so check in with yourself frequently and honor yourself.

As the weekend gets closer, there is a need to slow your roll. There are these times where you (and others) could feel easily triggered. It could be related to something deep, such as fear-based items (I help you with this in my book). There are moments of feeling good and feeling like you have a fresh start or a rebirth and that is mixed with feeling emotional or ego driven and other unexpected, harsh energy. Try to relax as much as possible and tap into inner child activities to help you with relaxation and self healing. Find a creative outlet…. or romantic…. to channel everything that you are feeling because that will be very centering for you.

Focus on what you can control and what needs to be done. Do some work around the house…. chores…. or on yourself but also play and have fun. I think you will find that it will make for a very productive weekend.

Here is a quick video overview for the week if you are in a rush

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