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Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading for the week of Feb 11-17 (2019) 🕉️ Personal Growth & Passion 🕉️

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Last week was a little weird. We just came off a very positive new moon in Aquarius, but the week was not without some weird energetic shifts. As you step into this week, you have this great energy available. It seems like Valentine’s Day is starting early and lasting all week. Love is in the air. The best in people come out with this energy. You are more attractive and can use that fact to your advantage if you need to lure someone into your energy and aura.

You still have a goal or a hope or dream lingering in your mind, but I feel like you will relax a little this week and not take yourself so seriously…. at least you have the opportunity to do this. While this may not be lasting…. I’ll talk more on this in a minute… you are more emotionally stable and your soul is craving sensuality, comfort, and security. At the same time, you are very headstrong and able to apply yourself, with ease, to the goals you want to accomplish. If you want it, you can have it but you can’t be pushy about it. You have to figure out how to shine your charisma and charm and attract what you want. You also must do it honestly and realistically. If you try to manipulate someone towards what you desire in a negative way, because everyone is in tune, you will be found out. Be inspired to create. Dig deep into your imagination. There is great energy available at the start of the week that is ripe for inner journeying and exploration because you are feeling all the feels in a good way.

If you have someone in your life you care deeply about, you may find that you are able to share some very sacred energy, however, if you are connected to someone you know is not for your highest and best, you may find want to break loose from that energy because it will have you yearning for a deeper connection that you just aren’t going to get from someone who is not on the same wavelength as you. Because things are feeling good, watch the tendency to be carried away and do things that you may regret, like overspending. Save yourself unnecessary stress and channel this energy more productively into things that matter and gel with the life you envision for yourself. I feel like if you get too carried away, you may experience moments of regret or burden yourself with guilt about where you may allowed yourself to loosen your boundaries or may have lost control of yourself.

Another way this could play out is that you may have felt like the great new moon that I keep hyping up may have left you feeling like I was lying to you but….. your luck may come in this week. There is this earthly energy that you can tap into that is prime for manifesting and embodying a sense of responsibility that will help you overcome any restrictions you feel are holding you back. Aquarian energy is tied to freedom. It is also tied to things unusual and you may be feeling pushed to try new ideas and it is a safe time to do so as long as you aren’t being impulsive at the detriment to positive health and growth. Your intuition can work in harmony with your practicality. Take advantage of that.

Because your instinctual urges can be triggered, as I stated before, you may be more apt to do things you wouldn’t normally do so pay attention. As you get to around mid-week, you may also feel like you may have decreased energy. It’s like your energy ebbs and flows. You also may need to note that because you are going thru feelings of hope mixed with feelings of doubt, you must trust yourself but also don’t forget to have trust in God. On a deeper level, you must understand how to find value in yourself and your ability and understand you are growing and evolving to move forward as the new person you are becoming.

Mars in Taurus (a very determined and fixated energy among other things) for the next few weeks increases your energetic potential to get things done and can also heighten sensuality. This is perfect for those of you that celebrate Valentine’s Day but…..Beware of overindulgence. February 14 is a good beautiful day with dreamy energy available that should help you be able to escape reality in a positive way. Emotional sensitivity is increased though, so that means that this day could draw up deeper emotions with a tendency to want to escape reality in not so good ways. Couple that with the tendency to not see things clearly and you can see why positively this is good to get carried away in good emotional feelings and sensuality but when not used positively, sad or depressing emotions could get the better of you, especially since this is a time that everyone hypes as a loving, feel good time.

Some opportunity for unexpected insights or information could come from unexpected sources or even dreams so be open to those possibilities. Pay attention as any unexpected info could prove to be very valuable for you. There may be some new ideas and insights that can help you further overcome restrictions in your life. One thing to watch is this possibility to be uncertain or obsessive with something that you are unhappy with. Luckily, the information that I am talking about that may be unexpected may help you overcome this. Spend some time quietly before the weekend working on quiet projects and getting stuff done.

The weekend may have you feeling a little off and may have you turn unto undesirable choices to feel better. On the weekend, I think you should pivot and spend time with people that you consider family for fun times and support but keep it light. You can work on creative projects. Keep your weekend clear for the things that you want to do, especially Saturday. Don’t obligate yourself too much or stretch yourself thin. Make Saturday about what makes you feel good. Chill and keep things simple. If possible, do what you want to do. You may feel torn about if you want to stay in your bubble and get out and about, but know that if you do leave the house, it will be good times. You also have this romantic energy that is still lingering that you can tap into.

As you close out the week, you will finally feel more in control of yourself but also feel again like you want to just shake things up a bit and break free. Maybe to get out and be social. Maybe to break free from deeply ingrained things that you feel hold you back. You are understanding more, healing more, growing more, and evolving more and know that you are moving towards your hopes and dreams if you live consciously. If not…. what this will feel like is another recipe for a good old fashioned pop off that you will regret later. Relax a little. Get over yourself. If you just ride this out and channel this energy into something fun and spontaneous, it will pass, but until it does, you can distract yourself from the crazy.

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As always, I wish you a great week and until next time.

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