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Full Moon in Virgo on March 1, 2018

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There is a Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st at 11 degrees in Virgo.

Virgo Energy

In order for us to know how this Full Moon in Virgo will effect us, let us take a look briefly at some of the energy associated with Virgo. Virgo is an analytical, practical, hardworking energy. Virgo is also linked with purity and modesty. It is an earth energy that feels very real and is very unsexy and can want us trying to escape reality with drugs, alcohol, sleep, food, whatever. It's organized and critically thinks. It can bring up our anxieties and our insecurities. Details into focus more easily in Virgo energy and I feel it helps us take visions, downloads, and abstract or elementary ideas... the inspirations that we receive, and use it to create heaven on earth.

Full Moon in Virgo Thoughts 

I feel like an analytical and practical understanding will finally start to unfold as we work to detoxify our lives in some way in order to be better and find the enlightenment that we need to move forward. This Virgo Full Moon is the reality check to all this Piscean fantasy land energy. This sounds negative but in taking the rose-colored blinders off, we can proceed in a more informed manner after having what this moon brings, lending itself to a more multi-dimensional understanding. I think no matter what, in hindsight, it will feel better and leave us more hopeful in the long run. This brings that practicality insight and discernment in contact with our gut feelings to see truth. This will then allow us to adjust accordingly.

How this Full Moon in Virgo could feel

This Full Moon is at 11 degrees and 11 is a master number which intensifies the need to fight to evolve based on what you have been thru and then help others. This is a process so be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

You know that you need to do some introspection, detoxify, and refine, but you can spend your energy not going deep and picking apart your outer environment in order to avoid going deep and working on your own stuff. Virgo is good for decluttering and stuff, but not at the expense of that bigger and better growth that needs to be done. 

The 2nd way that this may feel for some of you is that you may find that it doesn't work to direct this energy that I just mentioned externally all the time, so you then get into a phase where you are detoxifying, refining, and experimenting yourself in order to move into your higher calling.

Lastly, by refining your environment and yourself, you become a guru. As a guru, this moon may then be pushing you out into the world to be of service and of value to the world.

Suggestions on How to Capitalize on This Energy

  • Consider how you can be of true service vs being a doormat or martyr
  • Where do you need to have good boundaries or less boundaries?
  • What tangible activities can you be doing to perfect yourself and your craft?
  • What needs to be changed or tweaked to grow spiritually?
  • What negative habits need to be released?
  • Realize that criticism of others may be a projection of how you criticize your self or let yourself down or aren't aligned with your values?
  • How can you use critical energy constructively to create light in your life?
  • What needs to continue to happen to birth your new self?
  • Pay attention to how you direct your energy

I spoke a little more about the Full Moon in Virgo in this video --> Here.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information is helpful for you to feel empowered and work towards something big in your life. This is some big and very important energy in your life and I want you to go forth and be great. I know sometimes when everything is being turned upside down, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Never forget that by obtaining a reading from me, you will be given the information you need to sort thru all the fog and have some clear inslght into issues that hold you back and stop you from moving forward. You can learn more about purchasing a private reading here

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