Yashica's Intuition

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading for July 31-Aug 6, 2016 *Bonus written report*

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  • The main thing I highlighted was the fact that Venus will be in cancer so emotions could be heightened as well as the focus on nurturing and protecting boundaries of the self and the people you consider family. There might be an ease and flow to matters of the family. Home will feel like a sanctuary. It is a good time to nurture the self and those you care about


  • You will have access to the subconscious and deeper layers of the self which could leave you feeling vulnerable and emotional, but you have the support available from the universe to heal. Later in the day, the moon & mars join to give you the energy to expand creatively, to have fun, to experiment in matters of the heart, and to mature and grow. Watch out for overoptimism. it can have you ignoring details or skipping over facts that are necessary to expand and grow


  • Uranus Retrograde (10:31PST)- Uranus retrogrades in Aries and this transit will last till the beginning of 2018. It is all about getting real and facing the things that aren't changing so that you can step into the true you. We are being encouraged to shake up our life or our inner world. If you have been trying to push or force something, you may be shown the error in your ways, especially if it is not for the highest and best good of all involved. There will be change brewing under the surface. We will feel like we want to rebell if we feel trapped, confined, or in a rut. Autonomy and freedom will be themes during this period but watch for acting out. We need to get our lives and break free from old habits that don't serve us


  • Mercury Storm- treat this as the true Mercury Retrograde. I will put out a video soon so stay tuned


  • Capricorn energy has you in the hustle when you maybe only want to curl up in a ball and chill in your safe place. You need to get up though, because you can be really productive due to the fact that your mind and fortitude are on point. Watch out for bulldozing though, when interacting with others. Also, try to find balance in work vs play. I feel like using the fortitude and productivity to work in the inner self would be the best use of this energy. Also, watch your resources (time, money....)


  • You will still have access to some of Capricorn's energy from Friday but you need to also make sure that in the afternoon and evening, you make time for fun. Make sure that you don't let said fun get out of hand or you will regret it later.


  • There is a potential for disruption if you feel that family traditions or anything is confining or limiting who you are as an individual

All in all, while truth is uncomfortable, it is necessary for growth. I encourage you to really do some self reflection and examination on some of the big themes that I have highlighted. I, of course, would also encourage further enlightenment via the video that I will be sending out.

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If you ever want to see something that I am not covering, please let me know. I am very open to pleasing you and giving you what you need to be successful in life.